Waist thinner - lives longer!
 Yes, it seems, it is true! A growing number of studies carried out in various parts of the world, confirms - the duration and quality of life depend largely on the volume of the waist.

This volume is less than (for women it should not exceed 80-82 cm), the more chance you have never run into such diseases as stroke, heart attack, asthma, diabetes, liver disease, cancer. Most large-scale studies in this area were carried out in America. Surveyed nearly 80,000 people, American doctors came to the conclusion that the development of heart failure, a significant role played by fat around the waist, but the deviation from the norm of total body weight, although it affects heart health, but relatively unimportant.

Other studies (UK, Australia, Japan) convincingly demonstrate the link between abdominal (in the abdomen and waist) fat reserves with the risk of type II diabetes buy, colon cancer and some other serious illnesses.

So what's so fatal in the oil, how it differs from fat, for example, on the thighs?

Fat fat strife!
Fat, which spoils the outlines of our waist, is of two types: subcutaneous abdominal and visceral.

Subcutaneous abdominal fat may not add us to harmony, but almost no threat to health. Another thing is visceral (from the Latin. Viscera - internal ) Abdominal fat, which accumulates in the abdomen, surrounds vital organs and can produce chemicals (including about 30 hormones). These surfactants have the ability to damage the walls of the arteries of the heart and brain, thereby causing strokes and heart attacks, their activity increases the risk of malignant tumors, causing inflammation. Metabolically active cells of visceral fat causes the liver to work in emergency mode, with which she can not cope, which is fraught with violations of the internal organs and the development of type II diabetes. The complex of symptoms that often accompany the visceral fat obesity, metabolic syndrome called.

Recent research on the distribution of adipose tissues showed that the internal abdominal fat special and it belongs to the endocrine system. When a person gains weight, there is an increase in abdominal fat cell size, while increasing the number of the hips of the cells themselves. In principle, a reasonable amount of fat on the thighs and buttocks of women, not only does not harm them, but has always been considered an indicator of good health and beauty. And a slight increase in body fat in those parts of the body may even have a protective effect against the development of metabolic syndrome.

Fortunately for women, at a young age they very rarely develops visceral obesity. But with age, when estrogen levels fall in the body, in the stomach and waist in women is also beginning to accumulate harmful visceral fat.

 Waist thinner - lives longer!
   To discover at the body of excess unhealthy fat, you need to be screened for magnetic resonance scanner. But you can just measure your own waist. If the volume of a waist more than 80-82 cm, it indirectly indicates the presence of excess fat hidden. Panic, in this case should not, but it certainly is actively engaged with their lifestyle and diet is worth it.

Not all good
Of course, excess fat around the waist is ugly and is fraught with harmful consequences for the health, but you should not flog a fever and to seek, at any cost, as soon as possible to get rid of these deposits.

Famine, extreme diets, diet pills, strenuous physical exercise - all this is the wrong way to address the problem, which can only exacerbate the situation.

 Waist thinner - lives longer!
 On the dangers of dieting it is hard to say the process of weight loss results of many studies. The more often sit on a diet, the more likely it is not to lose weight, but rather to buy eventually extra kilos. Diet is usually accompanied by a feeling of hunger and discomfort in the body there is an alarm in response to a kind of defense mechanism is triggered, the essence of which is to reduce energy consumption. Reduces the activity of metabolism, calories are burned more slowly! But the diet is over, the diet has become commonplace, and the body has not had time to readjust and still slow burns calories. If you are over 30, such a time lag is quite high, and frequent change of diet slows the metabolic processes more and more. In such circumstances, to get rid of excess fat rather difficult, if not impossible.

 Waist thinner - lives longer!
 Do not exit and liposuction! Brazilian scientists (University of Sao Paulo) led Fabiana Benatti has recently conducted a special study, published in the «Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism». It turns out that a few months after liposuction in the abdominal area may compensatory increase in visceral fat surrounding the abdominal organs. However, to correct the situation and prevent an increase in visceral fat can regular exercise after liposuction. But why liposuction is not so harmless operation if a change in diet and physical activity, and so can achieve excellent results?

How to keep the abdominal fat is normal
Solve the problem with excess visceral fat help all known methods: exercise (aerobic species), healthy eating and stress management.

If subcutaneous fat we can affect to some extent by such methods as massages, body wraps and other, at the visceral fat no outward beauty effects will not affect. But this kind of fat is very sensitive to changes in diet, including calorie and respect, and to aerobic physical exercise (aerobics, jogging, dancing, skiing, swimming).

If you reduce your caloric diet and begin to engage in sports, the first thing it will go away visceral fat is more metabolically active. Here are just dramatically reduce the portions not to be. If you want to reduce your portions, do not do it rapidly, reduce the calorie content of no more than 250 calories a day, so that the body did not take such changes as stress and did not include protective mechanisms.

 Waist thinner - lives longer!
 Include in your diet foods from whole grains, vegetables, low-fat milk and milk products, lean meat, fish, eggs and poultry. This diet allows you to get all the necessary materials and at the same time reduce the size of the waist. From drinks is extremely useful in this regard as well as in other green tea. Five cups of green tea a day significantly increases your metabolic rate, allowing you to burn fat better.

Be sure to exercise 40 to 80 minutes a day on a regular basis. To get rid of visceral fat recommend aerobic types of load, and power exercises that develop muscles, allowing the muscles to maintain, and will come in handy. After all, we know that muscular dystrophy (muscle tissue wilting) in many women begins in 35-40 years. So to combat visceral fat, and do not forget about other problems that beset us.

We should also mention the special physical exercises, acting on a specific muscle group, such as the abdominal muscles and abdominals - a squat, rocking the press, bending and other exercises. Undoubtedly, they are useful, strengthen core abdominal muscles, back muscles and limbs. However, a significant impact is in the subcutaneous fat and visceral fat, these exercises do not have. But that is no reason to abandon them.

For example, a great exercise - "Vacuum"   - Intended for the abdominal muscles:
  • take a deep breath, bend, pulling the fingers to the ground, trying to squeeze all the muscles of the stomach to back.

  • hold your breath, at the expense of 10-straight, and breathe out.

  • This exercise trains the muscles, which are difficult to exploring, normalizes function of internal organs and, in general, among other activities, promotes the formation of the beautiful shape of the abdomen and waist.

    Of great importance for getting rid of excess weight is a struggle with stress. Of course, exclude them from your life, we can not, but do not let them control us and our life is possible.

     Waist thinner - lives longer!
 One last tip: do not sleep less than 8 hours a day. Scientists have discovered a direct dependence of the efficiency of burning fat from sleep.

    Thus, a moderate, nutrition and physical activity, adequate sleep - these simple measures will help you get rid of excess weight, and from harmful visceral fat gain shapely, toned figure, though not very fast, but safely and without harm to your health!
    Author: Olga Travleeva