Walking as an easy way to rejuvenate
 "Gymnastics, exercise, walking should enter strongly in the everyday life of everyone who wants to keep the performance, health, full and joyful life" (Hippocrates).
And yet the ancients said that "the movement is life", but, alas, every year people are moving less and less.

In the morning we go on transport to work, at work, most of us are sitting back to work on transport, at home once again the seat in front of TV or computer monitor.

Over the weekend, or chat with friends in a cafe, in the best case - theaters, or again all the same two - the TV and computer. As a result of physical inactivity and its consequences.

In fashionable fitness walking, but most lack the willpower or resources.

The way out is simple - brisk walking.

It is well known that good walkers live longer and have a good figure. Walking burns more calories than, for example, jogging.

Scientists from the University of Alberta in Canada have invited 128 volunteers leading a sedentary lifestyle, divided them into two groups. The first group began to train in the gym. A second group took up walking. All participants in the experiment were given pedometers. The intensity of the training was adjusted so that the amount spent energy was the same in both groups.

Groups involved in walking, offered to increase the number of steps passed, bringing them gradually up to 10 thousand a day. And by the end of the study participants in the experiment were up to 9221 steps a day.

As a result of six months of walking involved health has improved significantly and it was much better than that of the group that is engaged in fitness.

 Walking as an easy way to rejuvenate

I must say that the study of the impact of distance on the human body and scientists involved in other countries. They all came to the conclusion that walking is better for the heart than a workout in the gym, to the same people quickly drawn into the activity of walking and do not throw it as easy as fitness.

Start walking exercises are best in spring, summer, early fall, when a man accustomed to the motion, and winter does not become an obstacle for hiking.

In order to maintain the health to old age, to lose weight and not lose the good posture, youthfulness should walk at a good pace every day and not less than 30-40 minutes.

When walking the muscles, including the heart and at least trenirovannosti twice increased number of open capillaries, which means, following the path is reduced by half to cells of oxygen and nutrients.

People involved in walking, almost never suffer from multiple sclerosis.

For Nordic Walking experts advise to take 40-45 minutes 3 days a week. It is known that the effect of the training load on the body lasts 48 hours. If after two days not to renew the load, enhances the effect disappears.

You can walk in the morning or in the evening 1 hour before dinner or a half - two hours after it.

On weekends, when there is no heat, can walk day 2 hours before dinner, or 2 hours after it.

 Walking as an easy way to rejuvenate

Busy and we all inherent laziness to walk, you can use any suitable occasion. For example, going to work, part of the way you can walk, get off the bus, trolley, subway stop ahead 1-2 and go through them fast pace.

Doctors are advised to coordinate movements with breathing rhythm - 4 step - a breath, step 4 - an exhalation.

To walk you can use the stairs, ignoring the elevator. Initially, you need to climb the stairs slowly, gradually speeding up the rise, alternating passage of one spans a fast pace, others slow.

Brisk walking is not only trains the heart, lungs, and strengthens the nervous system and the immune system.

Those who have a lot of long walks skin remains soft, smooth and blooming.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva