We start to run!
 You have so much time to spend it on a trip to the fitness club to and fro? You have enough money to spend them on a subscription to the prestigious fitness club, classes with a coach or a DVD with the new classes? Is not it better to start running? It does not require you to no extra time, no special training, no money ... And my advice, I hope, help you get started!

Of course, to start the run - is not only a solid motivation and a good pair of sneakers. If you want to start running - first of all, talk about this with your doctor. Especially if you are over 45 years old. And if you have heart problems or other diseases, the consultation with a doctor is needed at any age. You should start cautiously, if you are overweight and you are, in principle, lead inactive lifestyles. First recommendation:

- Begin with a walk at a fast pace.   It is better to stick to the following intervals: 30 minutes, 3-4 times a week. After half a month or host (4-6 weeks), it is possible to alternate start walking and running, because the body has acquire the necessary endurance. Alternation is done in the following order: Run - 2 minutes walk - 4 minutes. And so the whole exercise. Each week, add 1 minute to run and subtract 1 minute by walk. Thus, within a month you'll be completely on the run, and it will not be painful for the body. And the most important rule in the initial stage - listen to your body and do not force events .

 We start to run!
 - Drink enough water.   Consumption of water - one of the conditions of your success in jogging. Not enough to drink water before exercise, should monitor the consumption of water throughout the day, especially before and after exercise. Dehydration will not allow you to get the desired effect on the run. Do not wait until you start to feel thirsty, just get in the habit to drink water throughout the day. This is especially true summer. What to drink? Other coaches are advised to different calculating the amount of the desired liquid. But to summarize, you can: You should drink at least 8 glasses a day .

- Do not overdo it.   To love is easy lessons, they give cheerfulness, good mood. But this is some danger. Because you can start doing too much and "burn." Stick to the rules of 10 percent. Never increase your workout time or distance by more than 10 percent per week. For example, if you do 30 minutes, three times a week, but next week you should not do in 33 minutes a day longer. Do not try to enter immediately into a very tight schedule lessons. If you feel that you want a break - take a day off from running. Do not feel guilty if I had to miss a day of work or children. It should also rest, if there was a pain in the muscles. Lessons need to be overcome with some myself, but they should not become torture .

How to stay motivated

- Vary the route.   As long as the interest in lessons - there are chances of achieving maximum results. You get bored if you run on the same route. In the end, the weather does not change so often that every time to contemplate the different landscapes. In addition, be sure to change the terrain on which to run. When running through the hills and flat road work different muscle groups, and this is also another reason why you should not run on the same route.

- Place the new targets.   Try to put before the training every time a new goal. From banal "to see whether the leaves turned yellow on the big oak tree", to "try today


- The gradual onset and gradual end.   Running - training of high intensity, and it can not be performed immediately at a high rate and voltage. Otherwise, do not avoid injuries. Always start with warm-up exercises. This can be a normal walking at a brisk pace for 5-10 minutes before class and after. Just a few minutes of brisk walking and you are ready to run!

 We start to run!
 - Stretching.   This is the best thing you can do to avoid these injuries like sprains, sprains, fractures. Once you're a little warmed up and went over, do stretching exercises, pay attention to the hamstrings, calves and breech. You can use elements of yoga, which strengthen muscles and improve posture. Then continue running.

- Buy good running shoes.   Shoes are not designed to run may cause injury. A good shoe will help increase the effectiveness of training, to create comfort and protection from injury. The sports shop prompt you which models are right for shoes for running.

- Strengthen muscles.   It is also very important. I do not think that running solves all the problems with physical activity. Running - it's not all your activity, if you get involved. You definitely need at least a few minutes to give power exercises: lunges, squats, working with dumbbells. Especially pay attention to the shoulder girdle and upper body, strengthen your arms and shoulders. Then your figure will be harmonious, and you will avoid injuries while running. Give yourself the power load from the start of the course, even with the first period, when you're just doing walking.

I wish you success!
Author: Vasilisa Cousin