Weight Loss Myths
 Today we tell about the popular methods and tools for weight loss, which unfortunately does not help ....

Helpful - not to promote weight loss

Green coffee today is positioned as a product that promotes weight loss, but nutritionists say that it is just a commercial trick promote sales of a new market for our goods. The latter, incidentally, has a rather high price. But is it worth spending money on green coffee, regular coffee if only slightly inferior to him in properties? .. And to green coffee weight loss has nothing to do. It actually contains more than 300 biologically active substances (including antioxidants), but this only proves that coffee is helpful, but does not help get rid of the extra kilos.

Any coffee is good in limited quantities. Experts at Harvard and Stanford universities have proven his favor, but be careful with the dose. An overdose of caffeine worsen your health.

 Weight Loss Myths

Scientists describe the blood group diet useless

Canadian scientists have shown that this popular diet, as the blood group diet, completely useless. And if you're looking to lose weight with its help, you better give up the empty hope and resort to more effective method - do fitness and reduce caloric intake.

Scientists from the University involved in his study of 1455 people who adhered to the diet for blood group. It turned out that the objectives of this type of food devotees could not be reached, but there were problems with the metabolism and cardiovascular system.

Note that the blood group diet has become increasingly popular after the world saw the book by Peter D'Adamo "Eat right - by blood." The author believes that, depending on the blood group of different people metabolize food. On this basis, and to develop recommendations for the compilation of the daily menu.

 Weight Loss Myths

Freezing, but not losing weight

Previously, it was believed that the low temperature promotes weight loss. They say that when a man freezes, it starts to move more, and go the extra kilos. However, British scientists have found that for most people, this pattern is not working.

For example, 100 thousand Britons revealed that less of obese people whose homes and apartments high temperature - plus 25 degrees Celsius and above. Among participants with overweight almost all live in the cool atmosphere - below 20 degrees.

Everyone knows that the Europeans are trying to save on heating. In addition, it is believed that to live and sleep in the cool of the health benefits. On the one hand it is true - the cold is driving people out of the house in gyms, at parties and other kinds of activity. And, indeed, the body spends a lot of energy to heat the body, if it is cold. However, even these losses are not comparable to how much they eat and drink people who are constantly trying to keep warm. The cold drives them to the kitchen, where they consume high-calorie food and drink constantly drink hot tea with sugar and sweets, etc. So the benefits of cold figure completely overlaps the desire to stay warm with the help of food. Nutritionists recommend not to save money on heating. This will reduce your appetite and prevent weight loss.
Author: Marina Tumovskaya