What is the effectiveness of your training in the gym
 So everyone knows that a diet will get you nowhere. Almost every slimming girl is now chooses not only nutrition, but also enough exercise. It is with great excitement calculate the number of calories eaten, and let us also calculate how much we can lose calories by performing various physical exercises.

This small alignment will help you choose the activities that suit you the most.

1. Step Aerobics.
Burns:   800 calories per hour.

These lessons are most effective for those who have significant problems with their feet, hips - that is, those parts of the body, where women always want to improve themselves. You can see the results of activities in 2 weeks, if you adhere to the following rhythm: every day you need an hour of training, which is better to divide into two half-day approach. If the load on the lower part of the body are not enough, you can include in the lessons and exercises power in his arms and shoulders. For example, exercises for strength training equipment such as bench press. Just be sure to consult a specialist, how to do an exercise that was a result of the occupation. Otherwise, the result can be zero!

 What is the effectiveness of your training in the gym

2. Bike.
Burns:   500 - 1000 kcal / hr.

I must say that these lessons are most effective on the number of calories lost. Of course, the best - it's riding in the fresh air. But if you have the means, a good exercise bike at home - an excellent investment. Work on it when the series or watch the news. One of the best calorie burners!

 What is the effectiveness of your training in the gym

3. Swimming.
Burns:   800 cal / hour

Total school hours and you are deprived of 800 calories! Plus, this kind of stress that works the whole body, almost all the muscle groups. Select Sports Pool, where there is a massage service, and the best hot tub. Sometimes you can pamper yourself half-hour session Jacuzzi after a swim, it will give even more effective your efforts - because muscles are already warmed up, and they do not hurt a little more and massage.

 What is the effectiveness of your training in the gym

4. Tennis.
Burns:   800 cal / hour

Moreover, it's a great cardio workout and a decent load for the legs and thighs, these studies provide more and chat. After all, you need a partner. But you can play the so-called racquetball courts - just to knock a ball against the wall.

5. Walking.
Burns:   360 cal / hour

Perhaps the most accessible and the most basic training. Brisk walking is a good cardio workout, as well as great acts on the legs, stomach and thighs. Just a brisk walk in the morning you may awaken great, but if you want more efficiency, the need to increase the load. To do this, add a walk in the woods or the park (best where there is elevation), sprint (at least some areas is very fast), well, daily walking can fit perfectly into the daily schedule of even the busiest women.

 What is the effectiveness of your training in the gym

6. Dancing.
Burns:   600-800 cal / hour

Dance classes great influence on the whole body, healthy model figure, making it feminine and plastic. In addition, to prove that dancing can reduce the influence of stress on the body. It is best to begin to engage with the expert. But if you decide that you can dance and at home, you should make sure that it is not just wiggle your hips to your favorite tune. Classes must be sufficiently intense and last for at least an hour, then you will be able to achieve not only the effectiveness of anti-stress, and weight loss.

 What is the effectiveness of your training in the gym

7. Exercise video tutorials
Burns:   300-500 cal / hour

While video tutorials have been many of the above classes, but their effectiveness is often slightly lower than the class in the hall. And often video tutorials help a little bit to lose weight and then keep the body in good shape, which is also necessary for each of us. The only negative - it's often lack the motivation to class, making it very difficult to keep the rhythm of the necessary exercises - namely, every day for an hour.

8. Riding
Burns:   200-600 cal / hour

Daily classes is extremely difficult to organize. Often there is an opportunity to engage only once a week, but it's one of the best ways to stay in shape, stay healthy and enjoy the contact with animals and nature. The efficiency for the figure, too, is, among other things. You will almost immediately notice that your hips and buttocks come in the form also burns calories.
Author: Julia Gnedina