Why am I not losing weight?
 That was the question put by many. But really - "Why? ". What are we doing wrong, where and what we sometimes do not have enough in the struggle for harmony? Maybe put a more realistic goal?

Unrealistic expectations.   Yes, if you decide to lose 20 kilos once, it is impossible not only for a month to do. Even after six months may not be possible. You gained extra weight for years, so we must also be prepared for a long time at weight loss. Do not listen to advertising touts: "lose weight in 10 days, a week, three days." It's not for those who really know the value of every centimeter of reconquered. Only realistic goals lead to a result. That is, the dream of 20 kilos and lost, of course, necessary, but the plan can only be for a week or a month in advance. And in these times, you can only operate grams or one or two kilos.

And you really ready?   It is also an important issue. The fact that a real commitment to the fight against obesity is determined by the reality of their steps. Hang a picture on the refrigerator and dream - this is not enough. How exactly did you decide to lose weight? This question was answered only your business. Namely - even small daily restrictions and discipline. Therefore, if you still feel sorry for yourself and lay concrete steps for later, and you are not approaching the most treasured photos.

Friends and family members - an important part of any diet.   They support you? Answer honestly. Or maybe they do not know about your plans to lose weight? It's like finding a job. So far, the greatest number of people can not tell about it - that rarely moves. Everyone should be aware that you will lose weight. Then they will be a real help. Or at least do not interfere. I am also a long time did everything alone. I thought, hurt her husband, if I say that our gatherings and chips after six in the evening will now be one-sided. But no! He only helped me because he is not upset, on the contrary, he often tries these same high-calorie dinner eat itself, and we drink tea together. And each time he asks me: "Do you eat it now? "Than each time a reminder to me that I - on a diet.

 Why am I not losing weight?
 You consume more than use.   It is a simple answer to the question: "Why am I not losing weight? ". Mathematics is very simple here. Do not be lazy, count how many calories you consume during the day. And how to move? Here is the answer: a calorie less or exercise more.

You're doing it for someone else.   This is also a big mistake: do not start losing weight on their own opinion, and for the company or because someone told you that you need to lose weight. Results in this weight loss do not wait. To really want to lose weight, you need as much as possible to believe that this is really necessary. You personally. Not your environment without my husband, without a friend, without colleagues and children, and only you.

Weight loss slows.   After the first quick results you can suddenly be disappointed, because the weight of the "rose". It happens, it's normal, it should signal to you that you need to stop everything. Just be prepared for the fact that the weight can sometimes "stand still."

Untreated disease.   Sometimes the extra weight is not just overeating and lack of physical activity. For example, often overweight is the result of problems with the thyroid gland. Therefore, if you do not lose weight, you should check with a doctor. Perhaps the extra weight - a consequence of a chronic disease, which you do not know.

You see too often on the scales.   And it seems that nothing changes. For weight loss does not become a mania, weigh yourself once a week. The fact is that during the day our weight changes frequently during the second half of the menstrual cycle as a few weight dialed. Therefore, do not turn into neurosis their desire to lose weight and get up on the scales not as often as you want.

 Why am I not losing weight?
 You can not start losing weight without changing lifestyle.   This must admit once and for all. Why did you decide that the dinners at restaurants, chat with friends, and later the rise can be left in your diet? You will have to begin to change. To acquire new habits. Maximum lot of walking, moving, do not often think about eating, snacking on unfamiliar foods - all this requires willpower and courage. So, change is necessary.

And now the little tips. Because everyone wants to lose weight, and to begin to solve the sometimes difficult. That plan of action for the next month: first - reducing caloric second - refuse unnecessary. And it is quite realistic plans.

The minimum program for a month. Step one. Reducing calorie

 Why am I not losing weight?
   - Sandwich in the morning. It is difficult to go directly to the oatmeal. But to give up your favorite sandwich with butter and cheese is not necessary. Simply replace the delicious crisp French bread in the bread. We win - 100 calories!

- Omelette. Love is a wonderful meal in the morning? Continue to cook it, just discard proteins. Make an omelet on the yolks. We get all the same 100 calories!

- If you as a condiment used mustard instead of mayonnaise, then win as many as 150 calories!

- Salad with sour cream is very tasty, but high in calories. Fill with oil, adding a few drops of vinegar for a better taste.

- What can replace the ice cream? What about frozen nonfat yogurt? Taste superb, and the harm is much less!

- If nuts - it was only natural. All of these packages of salted nuts or a mixture that is fed in bars - is too rich in calories: there is also a salt, sugar and flavor enhancers and preservatives. No, the only living nuts will benefit!

- We went with friends to McDonald's? Or have led to the child to a children's holiday? If you can not give up the hamburger - separate the contents of the bread and eat the filling, will save 100 calories! And do not order a cheeseburger better without cheese, it also will not gain weight.

- Potatoes - just baked without additives and lubricants. Then it - diet and tasty product.

- Do not eat food decoration. So, you better keep a balanced diet.

The minimum program for a month. Step Two. Renounces unnecessary

 Why am I not losing weight?
 1. Salad with potatoes.   This, by the way, 460 calories. Even Olivier try to do without potatoes - see how easy it would be an appetizer. And your stomach feels.

2. The cheese sauce.   Furthermore, it is about 400 calories cheese filling lead to constipation. Therefore, the meat in French, we limit, but if you want cheese, then just cut small slices of cheddar and eat, preferably in the morning.

3. Ice Cream   - It is 400 calories, who do not know. It is about butter. And if you can not live without ice cream - go to frozen fruit and juices.

4. Chips.   150 calories, and it's terrible. A child asks, and sometimes you want to pamper yourself ... Buy only small upakovochki, do not eat right, finish as soon as you feel that ate. And it will happen quickly, because a lot of them and perfume additives.

5. Pie.   The audio portion may be from 300 to 700 calories! Think about whether you need it? Maybe try to give up, and berries to eat alone?

6. Roast chicken.   625 calories. If you can not give up at all, then at least eat without skin and choose a piece of boneless, this will reduce the calorie content.

7. Egg mayonnaise.   From this it is necessary to give accurate. If you want eggs, hard boiled and the cook does not seize. This dish is enough to feel satiety.

8. Bread.   Well, try to give it up. At least for a month.
Author: Olga Larsen