25 reasons to start doing yoga
 A friend once again invites you to yoga? But then you're not too slow to follow her example? Even the presence of an instructor and pretty interesting company does not inspire enthusiasm? Well, it's time to learn a little more about yoga and buy a DVD course for beginners.

1. You'll sleep better. Lack of good sleep - a direct path to premature aging is not only skin, but also the whole organism. Doing yoga several times a week, you get rid of insomnia.

2. Your posture will improve. Yoga strengthens muscles and bones. Just a few weeks and everyone around you will notice that your posture has improved, you will begin to walk with a laid back shoulders and head held high. A good posture - it is not only the attractiveness of and confidence, but also your health!

3. Stress - less! One of the key benefits of yoga is to get rid of stress if you practice yoga regularly. Yoga helps to learn to relax: the brain is released, attention is focused on the body and the breath. These skills help to fend for themselves stress, and not just in the classroom. If you can find a coach who will teach meditation classes, this will save the exact skill and stress and its consequences.

4. Great weight loss. Have you seen these yogis? At least in the picture? Among them are full? Here is the answer. Regshulyarnye yoga in conjunction with a healthy diet can help get rid of the extra kilos.

5. Plus muscle tone. In addition to losing weight, you need to think about that silhouette has acquired good shape and sexy shape. This will load on the muscles, which provides yoga. Classes will help you not only lose weight, but also to build a kind of muscular system, resulting in muscle tone of the existing and new worked.

6. You can do at any age. It is important. Loads at employment are such that a person of any age and any physical training will be able to control the load and not to force the body. The same can be said for beginners. They never feel the discomfort that sometimes stops to continue employment.

7. You do not need to interrupt your life. Believe it - no, but you do not have to stop yoga during his illness, and even during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

8. Classes give us a healthy old age. It is proved that regular exercise helps to restore memory, improve concentration, and even predostvraschayut Alzheimer's disease.

 25 reasons to start doing yoga
 9. Yoga can become a part of your fitness. For those who can not imagine my life without intensive training, to get acquainted with yoga is also helpful. After intensive cardio exercise and strength training stretching exercises will not hurt, and gradually complete the lessons and build on the success.

10. Yoga helps to give up bad habits. I do not know how it works, but the coaches yoga notice that after a few lessons of their patients forever say goodbye to smoking. Healthy habits come and nutrition, and psychological state of man. Do you want to pull all aspects of her life - enjoy a yoga class.

11. Yoga can be practiced in the company of friends. You're so rarely Think! Instead of going to drink beer with friends or attending endless shoe shops, enjoy socializing and good mood after spending the evening in the gym in the community yoga instructor. And then you can go to the cafe and a chat over a cup of green tea.

12. Yoga can become a family hobby. What to do with children if you have the fitness? - The issue of concern to many. But yoga can walk to all the family.

13. Pain in the back and joints will go. Medical studies show that regular yoga as effective in the treatment of back pain, as pharmaceuticals. If back pain and back pain, and stiffness - your problems - more on yoga.

 25 reasons to start doing yoga
 14. Yoga can be practiced almost anywhere. You do not have to stop exercising if you are traveling on a business trip or vacation. A small rug you can always put in a travel bag and do the exercises in the hotel, in the park, on the beach, etc.

15. Yoga - a great way to meet like-minded people. It is difficult to find new friends in adulthood when there is work, family, a certain social circle. But yoga can help you (and your husband and children) to be open to new and interesting meetings.

16. Yoga trains the heart.   It is a misconception that a good cardio workout - a beating heart and streams of perspiration. Yoga can be a great cardio workout, though.

 25 reasons to start doing yoga
 17. The progress fast enough. Doing yoga is great because every lesson you'll see how progressing. With each lesson, you'll feel a stretch. If you start with the fact that barely pull out a hand fingers the floor is tilted, then a week later will be able to touch the floor easily. And so in all.

18. Yoga is suitable even for those who are in pain.   Most people do not start classes because exercises in the gym cause them pain. Exercises in yoga are not here, you'll just get rid of the pain.

19. You will have more energy. It is not a drug and does not energy drinks, but the amount of energy you will always remain. In the dreary autumn and winter days, it is especially important.

20. Breathing problems go away. Asthmatics it will be interesting, they always limit myself to stress, while yoga classes do not need. Since yoga a lot of attention is paid to breathing, such training is necessary for those who have problems with the respiratory tract. But, of course, best to consult a doctor.

21. Digestive problems will go away. You have frequent constipation, or vice versa disorders of the gastrointestinal tract? Maybe a weak metabolism? Yoga helps. Tiresomely just a couple of lessons per week.

22. In yoga, there is no competition. If you do not like a class where you want to be someone, someone to compete, and so on, then there is no competition in yoga. Everyone is doing the exercises on their own, at their own pace and not have to take any sporting heights.

23. Immunity increases. Excellent working immune system or the flu? Surprisingly, but yoga really boosts the immune system, probably because it strengthens the entire body completely. At least, I'm more flu shots to anything!

 25 reasons to start doing yoga
 24. Prevention of osteoporosis. Most women are prone to the disease. And the inclusion of a calcium in the diet of the problem will not solve brittle bones. Let's even strengthen bones. Yoga helps in this.

25. You will get rid of a headache. Migraines and headaches - female ailments. As soon as will feel that they have come, is to make a couple of stretching exercises of the back and neck, and the pain recedes.

Yoga and the truth sometimes does wonders! List the benefits of training can be infinite. But just try it, you can say, yoga can help you or not. Take the time to say "no." Try it!
Author: Julia Shestakova