Bad advice visitors to the water park
 Indoor water park ... What you hear this phrase? The noise of the falling waterfalls? Almost rustle of sea wave pool? Yelp flying on waterslide visitors? Enthusiastic cheers frolicking in basseyne- "paddling pool" kids?

If you lie down in a recreation area water park on the lounger and close your eyes, you can afford to be deceived and feel at this resort. A kind of a warm day in the midst of the sea of ​​urban asphalt winter. And even if it is only an illusion: palm trees and grass under the feet of plastic, and chlorinated water in the pool. But still, you see, damn nice to buy a one day almost summer and almost no resort fees tedious things and crossings-flight. For full extended vacation can not always afford. And for the price one day in the water park with the whole family with meals will cost you two times cheaper than the cost of living in the Egyptian hotel all inclusive.

Wait a minute, you say. Without tedious fees? But what about the hassle of collecting all the family members in a planned long-awaited one and a half years ago, a hike to the water park? No joke to say: do not forget the flip flops, towels, bathing suits, swimming trunks, bath accessories BATH AND? And plenty of little things that are not useful, such as: a couple of apples, cheese child drink? So what that the latest still not be allowed in the water park? Well, what if asked to leave everything in the locker room? We still take, and suddenly ...

 Bad advice visitors to the water park

Hmm, yes, I confess, with the absence of a hassle to pack, preparing for akvadnyu course, I went too far. Our man without it anywhere! What's the use in slow nesuetlivy collection compact sports bag with the most necessary, if you can pull yourself loved so much nerves and family members under the slogan "The fees to the water park - is paramount." But if you think negative emotions "is not enough" and pulls further spoil the mood of someone, then you will be very useful in this article bad advice.

At first , Try to opt for a visit to the water park fine day. And what's the point of spending it on a walk in the fresh air? For it would be more appropriate rainy or windy weather is frosty.

Secondly Clothed in a water park on the principle of "the best straight away." Especially in this sense it would be beneficial to look massive jewelry. So what that necklace and long earrings will hinder you in the pool? So what that the decorations will create a major risk with the rapid descent on the water slides? But how profitable you will look at high-speed photography! And how much you will spend unforgettable moments in the area of ​​descent from the hills in search of your dumps a heavy earrings! The more that these searches will take place under the whistle-coming trainer, strictly and peremptorily invite you to leave the place of the descent into the water to other water attractions visitors.

Third Remember that a woman should always be a woman. Especially in such a public place like a water park. In this sense, Subic on thin high heels favorably distinguish you from the crowd. Well, what if they all go in plastic slates? It's so pathetic! You will shine on the more familiar you stud! And if it is slippery and uncomfortable to travel between the pools and water slides, then you will not go to them, and just spend time at the bar or glamorous on a lounger.

Fourthly , Going to the water park - not a reason to abandon the eye lenses. After all, all you need to see, but to look aesthetically pleasing, which in turn is in no way does not imply the presence of your nose dreary points. So what, that at the first descent of water rides your lens float away forever at your sudden immersion in water? But before you feel comfortable, and you look very attractive.

Fifthly For a hike to the water park is certainly more appropriate separate swimsuit. After all, you get lucky, and the downhill with water slide and then he will be off, baring his chest profitable. In response to the curious glances of men and angry - their companions - you will be able to correct itself coyly part of his bathing suit. And what else to spend time in the water park, but on putting in order his toilet? And anyway, what's the use in these boring One Piece Swimsuits? After all, they sit as a cast in the figure, are not deformed and do not slip while swimming and participating in dynamic water attractions.

Sixthly Bravely and generously drink alcohol-based cocktails. How else? After all, something is in the water park built near all the bars, offering tempting drinks elite? Yes, and "tipsy" more fun to take part in water attractions. It is one thing to receive a shot of adrenaline with the steep descent in a sober state, and most other emotions you experience when you completely lose landmark in space, kuvyrknuvshis exit from a hill, head squab on the concrete wall of the pool.

 Bad advice visitors to the water park

Seventhly Boldly pester photographers working in the water park. Let it just takes you in all the possible and unimaginable perspectives and backgrounds. And then the pictures are not necessarily buying. Let it be rightly administration for what is not allowed to carry with them their own camera!

Eighth , Not really follow the advice of instructors who, like the guards at the jewelry exhibition, dotted with water park. They listen, so nothing at all is impossible: with a children's slides for heating is forbidden to descend from the bridge to jump into the pool is prohibited in the zone of descent from the hills to linger smoking, their products and carry the drinks is forbidden! Bored to rest in the sights of so many taboos! Do not hesitate to enter into polemics with the instructors, invite her and the administration of the water park, defend the right to their desires. After all, in the end, you pay the money, and thus do not have to follow someone's ridiculous rules. And if as a result of bickering you'll be asked to leave the institution, so even more fun. It will be something to remember!

 Bad advice visitors to the water park

In short, the water park is really nothing more than not so different from the other a nervous habitual pastime. Do not make a cult of his visit, waiting for something special. Relax and just have fun - this is not our method. We will try and find a good way to mess it up yourself and loved ones. It is still all unnatural! Here we wait for this release, and the rest was then really ...

 Bad advice visitors to the water park

Author: Natalia Hryshko