Dancing as a basis for women's health and beauty
 In historical sources there are indications that the dance in ancient times was used not only as a ceremonial ritual, but also as a healing agent, and as a way of relaxation.

Ancient wisdom was the basis of modern health and psychotherapeutic techniques. And in the early twentieth century, in the era of Art Nouveau in all areas of art, highlighting a particular direction - Dance Therapy .

But, even without referring to the dance therapists, we feel a special burst of energy, improved mood, and forget for a few minutes about their problems when we dance in a disco or a party with your favorite music. Thus one music can cheer and cheer us, the other - to awaken the hidden feelings and emotions.

Arrange a small session of dance therapy can be just at home (alone or in the company of friends). Rhythmic movements to the music can help each of us to throw out negative emotions and look at the difficulties of life with an optimistic point of view. Therefore, the most important thing during this session - just relax and not think about that during the dance correctly and that - no. After all, during the dance therapy involves a departure from the classic stereotypes studied repetition of movements and expression of individual characteristics.

And some kinds of dancing are not only for the restoration of spiritual harmony, but also for the recovery of the body, to work on the figure.

 Dancing as a basis for women's health and beauty
   For example, Eastern dance   help develop harmonious proportions of the body and make a woman more attractive better than any exercise. Perhaps the secret of such a universal impact that all the eastern wellness techniques involve a complex effect on all body systems, and the development of dance movements for the women of the East lies a special wisdom.

 Dancing as a basis for women's health and beauty
 Be that as it may, those who study the techniques of oriental dance, they say that after each session they feel the improvement of health. In addition, regular smooth movements stomach and thighs help to make attractive and perfect figure.

Incidentally, belly dance   as a kind of oriental dance therapy is recommended even for pregnant women, because it is, according to experienced women, facilitates the process of childbirth.

Modern club dances   very diverse and energetic. Due to the special complex movements, they can have the same effect as the properly chosen physical activity (ie, help to lose weight), give a sense of lightness and freedom. In addition, new varieties of dance - a kind way of expression for young people, which makes it possible to improve the natural talents and raise their image in the eyes of their peers. A possession of modern skills, unique and graceful dance movements for the girl is very prestigious.

 Dancing as a basis for women's health and beauty
 Classic ballroom dancing   (in particular, the slow waltz) are cool. Therefore, they can resume the natural harmony and balance allow mentally "dip" in the special world of medieval restraint. Because these dances were popular in the days of our forefathers, on a subconscious level, they cause us pleasant emotions and memories. Sure, they can greatly help those who are tired of modern life rhythm. A smooth movements to the rhythm of quiet music favorable effect on the entire body.

 Dancing as a basis for women's health and beauty
 But now there is a great variety of modern ballroom dance art direction, which, in fact, represent a modernized variety of partner dance entered into vogue during the Middle Ages. But in the preparation of such dances counted classic sophistication and learning of new movements of the pair allows women to develop a flexible and plastic, stay slim and graceful.

Thus, among the great variety of dance techniques every modern woman can choose the one that will enable it to express themselves, to eliminate negative emotions and make yourself inwardly smile and enjoy life.
Author: Alla Pilipenko