Dancing - direction of fitness and the path to perfection of body and soul!
 Dancing can, and must, be very interesting, fun and most importantly, the efficiency is part of your individual program for improving the figure. They will help get rid of excess weight, and along with the complexes associated with this problem.

Dancing is one of the best options for the active physical activity, and at the same time fascinating pastime and pleasant experience. Dance can be a house, you can do in a team under the guidance of an experienced instructor, you can dance with a friend, a loved one, children, etc. A dance style, you can choose to your liking - incendiary latino, expressive Indian dance, body-ballet, strip of plastic, etc.

Dance all ...!
So, you're young and healthy, you want to lose weight, and at the same time acquire stamina, tone up the body and is good fun - then you ideal zumba.

Zumba - a relatively new dance fitness program, a combination of dance and aerobics, basic movements drawn from merengue, salsa, samba, flamenco, and they are organically combined with exercise for weight loss, plus - all the fiery rhythms of drums. This type of training has appeared for the first time in Colombia and the triumphant march around the world, attracting more and more supporters. What good zumba?

 Dancing - direction of fitness and the path to perfection of body and soul!
 - Firstly, the Zumba - it's easy!   Each lesson is based on a fairly simple, rhythmically repetitive movements, a lot of energetic hip rotation.

- Secondly, zumba - is effective!   Despite this apparent simplicity, the dance involves the implementation of a specific set of exercises specifically designed for different muscle groups. Repeated repetition of movements for different rhythms, muscles get very high quality load trains respiratory and cardiovascular system.

- Third, the Zumba - it's fun!   All movements of the dance are studied one by one, and then performed the music, and it makes the lessons varied and fun. Razuchivaya movement and Zumba dancing, disco into the atmosphere, and at a sufficiently developed imagination, you can imagine yourself a party to the ritual dances of African tribes.

- Fourth, zumba actively promotes weight loss It helps to simulate the body, resulting in muscle and whole body in tone, trains heart and blood vessels, well developed sense of rhythm, flexibility and agility. We can assume that Zumba - this is the most exciting program for weight loss of all that has ever existed, which has a positive effect on the body, mind and soul. One lesson zumba 45 minutes burns 400-500 calories, depending on the intensity of your workout.

 Dancing - direction of fitness and the path to perfection of body and soul!
 Zumba dance can begin at any level of physical fitness, of course, if there are no contraindications, and that:

- Bone and joint diseases,
- The period of rehabilitation after injury
- Heart disease,
- High blood pressure
- Diseases of the nervous system in the active stage

If you do not complain about health, you can start their studies (in any case after consulting a doctor). Even if your city does not yet have fitness classes such areas Zumbe lessons can be easily found on the Internet.

 Dancing - direction of fitness and the path to perfection of body and soul!
 Do you have problems with motor coordination, lack flexibility, posture is far from perfect, or slightly elevated blood pressure? Or maybe you have everything in order, but you just like and congenial culture exotic India? Then your choice - Indian Kathak Or a fitness option!

This dance is characterized by graceful natural movement, the freedom and the ability to improvise .  The abundance of pan, tilt, soft, plastic movements of the arms and legs on the wound yarn of hundreds of Indian wind chimes, their rhythmic chime brings more harmony in Indian music, and at the same time, they serve as a weighting for the feet .  The slopes of the body are forced to work the abs, and, beating rhythms with weighting feet (200-300 grams on each foot), you are giving the load on the thighs and buttocks .  A sense of balance, harmony and precision of gestures and movements, and even a whirlwind movements, pirouettes, rhythmic quick shot barefoot .  These fractions so reminiscent of the fiery dance of Spanish Gypsies - flamenco! Small vibrations that create quick kicks, has beneficial effects on the entire body, especially the spine, and the slopes and half-turn develop its cervical and lumbar .  Kathak movements are developing hand and wrist, shoulder and hip joints, strengthen the vestibular system and the cardiovascular system .

Suitable this style and suffering from hypertension, through sport can be returned to normal pressure, and useful lessons to those who suffer violations of motor coordination or arthritis. Specially designed for small movements of body parts such as fingers, toes, neck, eyes, eyebrows, activates the related areas of the brain, resulting in its wake new creativity, the study of complex rhythms develop concentration, attention and mental abilities.

In India, Kathak classes, and other Indian dances, use, including, and as a kind of dance therapy in a number of serious diseases. Her technique even approved by the Ministry of Health and the Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology of India.

Catching Kathak regularly, you will not notice how your thighs and buttocks will gradually become slender and elastic, perfect posture and graceful, and many ailments are gone, as if they had never existed.

 Dancing - direction of fitness and the path to perfection of body and soul!
 Another interesting and relatively new area of ​​fitness - body-ballet ! The name speaks for itself - ballet exercises developing body.

Body-ballet grace helps develop, acquire beautiful "ballet" posture, remove extra inches from the waist and hips, improve the shape of the feet due to the purposeful development of certain muscles. Exercises in the body to perform the ballet is simple, yet it is not a real ballet, and ballet movements somewhat alleviated.

The course includes ballet body adapted choreographic "pas" at the bench, the elements of ballet exercises, stretching exercises, light jump and some power of movement and dance combinations and studies on the development of artistry and plasticity. But, in addition, performing beautiful movements for excellent classical music, you just get a huge emotional and aesthetic pleasure.

Course training system body-ballet is designed for people of any age, physique and training, and its purpose - health, beauty, good mood, but not the performance on stage. So do not be afraid, you will surely these exercises on the shoulder! If you are contraindicated high-intensity load, but I want to improve the physical, body-ballet - a great way out. Body ballet even recommended as recovery training after injuries, especially those who have had fractures, sprains, joint damage, that is, in cases where other more intensive forms of dance are considered undesirable. The only obstacle to the start of classes can be serious problems with the spine, but in this case the decision of the physician specialist.

 Dancing - direction of fitness and the path to perfection of body and soul!
 If you have problems with self-esteem, you do not have enough confidence in their female attractiveness, - try to do Strip plastic .

Strip plastic assumes the amplitude, beautiful movement, a lot of ups and sit-ups. Exercises are performed both sitting and standing, moreover, to move from one position to another should be smooth, plastic and beautiful, but it is not so simple.

Achieving perfection in the form of dance fitness, you not only say goodbye to excess fat, but also with many complexes, learn not to be afraid of their sexuality, change the attitude towards one's own body. To get started and learn how to dance beautifully strip of plastic, it is not necessary to have a perfect body, the main thing - do not be ashamed of that body, which is now well under such loads, which provide training, weight will go very quickly, the body will acquire elasticity, movement will be liberated and graceful. But strip of plastic is not only beautiful, sexy movement, it is a full workout, which gives a very real burden on the cardiovascular system, hence the name of the second direction - kardiostriptiz so that lessons strip of plastic and have a significant tonic effect.

All dances are unique and interesting, and any one of them is a benefit to the figure and health and pleasure and joy to the soul!
Author: Olga Travleeva