Fitball: chair, cushion or trainer?
 Anya excitedly informed me on ICQ, which acquired itself fitball and is going to engage in their own home with him. I did not understand her delight, and because quite frankly asked what prompted her to such purchase.

"Well, then - inspired my girlfriend education - from the first time I met fitball in fitness club. For me, as a man with overweight proved difficult to engage in the steppe, too heavy loads. During these sessions there is shortness of breath due to the additional load sore ankle. In addition, I realized that I no longer love the class dynamic loading. Swimming and exercises with fitball - ideal in this sense. The last - can be combined with watching TV or even working at the computer, using a stool. It is very well-developed spin. And on fitball easily and efficiently download your abdominals. And, anyway, I just convenient to rely on fitball, placing it between me and the wall instead of a pillow. "

It seemed delighted by Anin fitball inexhaustible. She continued to scribble me by e-messenger on the benefits of buying their miracle with such enthusiasm that I perforce imbued with the desire to commit identity. But first, let's see together what fitball, what is its use as it correctly to do, where and how much can be bought.

Fitball   (fitball) in English the word refers to the ball for the recovery (" fit "- Recreation" ball "- The ball). He represents a large inflatable ball made of soft vinyl diameter of 45-85 cm. It can have a handle, can be produced without them, may have pupyrchatuyu surface (good for a massage!), And can be quite smooth. In the classic version if damaged surface of the ball, it does not burst, and slowly deflates. deflate the way the ball can not necessarily because of the holes. Therefore, deciding on fitball purchase, be sure to take care of the acquisition of the pump for it.

Often also called fitball Swiss ball . This is because the first time it has been used with success the Swiss doctor.

Strictly speaking, fitball - it's easy and very affordable home exerciser. But its scope is of course not limited to the domestic space. Many sports clubs offer their customers training with a Swiss ball. And the most advanced companies (for example, office information portal of Google in California) replaced the chairs in their offices on fitball.

 Fitball: chair, cushion or trainer?

Most modern maternity hospitals stocked their delivery rooms vinyl balls. In addition, pediatricians all over the world with the birth of a child to engage in recommended on fitball.

So after all, what is so attractive Swiss ball? Back in the mid-20th century, doctors have found that training on fitball isolated spine of the load. This unique property of the ball was successfully used for the rehabilitation of people injured musculoskeletal system, for the treatment of cerebral palsy, spinal diseases, health training of people, limited in his movements. After training on fitball let you build a muscular corset, straighten your posture, with virtually no reporting burden spine.

But it's not the only advantages of regular training on the Swiss ball .  In fact, our heroine Anna is absolutely right: it's really helpful to use a chair instead of sitting in any lesson from watching television programs and telephone conversations with a friend to the continuous operation of the home PC .  The fact is that while you're sitting on fitball, which, unlike the classic chair has no back, you will in any case have to sit up straight, otherwise you simply fall off the ball .  In a typical same chair you are more tempted to sit hunched back, relax, take a word wrong and harmful for back position .  Thus, fitball has proven himself in the prevention and fight against spinal pain, so characteristic of the people leading a sedentary lifestyle .  Through regular exercises with fitball muscles and tissues become more elastic, improves blood circulation, lymph circulation and metabolism in the intervertebral discs . 

In addition, exercises on the ball ensure the strengthening of the abdominal muscles and the heart muscle workout without telling load legs. Last - it is really very important for overweight people, like our heroine, and with varicose veins, low back pain or arthritis.

And finally, among other things, training on fitball, perfectly formed sense of balance, develop the flexibility of the whole body and strengthens the vestibular apparatus.

So, no more doubts. Fitball be in our lives! Where, then you can buy it and how much it is useful invention? Fortunately today buy fitball - not a problem. Balls of soft vinyl from a wide variety of manufacturers are available in the sports sections of large supermarkets, in specialized sports stores and online portals. Price fitball ranges from 1200-1400 rubles.

Fitball diameter is chosen according to your height. Accordingly, the more your height, the greater the diameter of the Swiss ball you need to class it brought the most benefit. There is also a very simple test with which you are right in the store can make sure that the chosen fitball suits you. To do this, sit on the ball, feet positioned shoulder-width apart and straighten your back. Fitball If you choose correctly, in such a situation your thighs are parallel to the floor and between the hip and thigh, torso and thigh, lower leg or foot will be formed right angles. If the corners are sharp pi this, then your knee joints will be every time you use fitball reported excessive load!

If you have not previously engaged fitball, it is best to select the ball with handles. Also, Swiss ball with handles is recommended for children and pregnant women.

There are a number of complexes of various kinds of training with fitball. Some of them develop balance, flexibility movements Others are or for the formation of posture correction , And others - to strengthen various muscle groups   etc. Proposed below a set of exercises with fitball most simple, versatile and can easily be mastered at home.

The main thing, remember that you must deal with at least 2 times a week. The number of repetitions as the development of complex should be increased from 15 to 25. It is important to remember that the power of the exercise is to fall on the exhale and return to the starting position - on the breath. This will increase the effectiveness of training and make it easier for you.

So we try.

Exercise №1
We sit on fitball, feet on the floor, back straight, hands on his knees. We move the ball under the buttocks in different directions.

 Fitball: chair, cushion or trainer?

Exercise number 2
In the same starting position lift one foot and move it in the air. At the same time stop the other foot is on the floor. Then change legs.
Both exercise great train balance, strengthen muscles of the back and feet.

 Fitball: chair, cushion or trainer?

Exercise number 3
Standing. Fitball presses back against the wall. We hold the ball back and perform slowly as possible deep squats. We try to stay in the squat a couple of seconds. Then, just as slowly rise to its original position. This exercise effectively pumping buttocks and combats cellulite on them.

 Fitball: chair, cushion or trainer?

Exercise number 4
Lie on fitball loin. While we cross our hands over his chest. Feet on the floor. Raise the body up to an angle 45º. We linger in that position for a few seconds. Then return to the starting position.

 Fitball: chair, cushion or trainer?

Exercise number 5
Lie on your back, feet put on fitball. Arms still crossed on his chest. Raise your shoulders up and pulled his chin to his chest. We linger in that position for a few seconds. Then return to the starting position.

 Fitball: chair, cushion or trainer?

4 and 5 provide effective pumping exercise abdominal muscles.

Uppazhnenie №6
Starting position unchanged. But this time the upper housing remains stationary. Kata fitball right and left, keeping his feet on the ball. This exercise burns fat at the waist.

 Fitball: chair, cushion or trainer?

Exercise number 7
Fitball have under your hips, hands up against the floor. Perform push-ups. At the same time we try to keep your back straight. This exercise trains the muscles of both hands and press.

 Fitball: chair, cushion or trainer?

Exercise №8
Lie on the floor, feet stifle fitball and raise the legs perpendicular to the floor. Raise the hips up so that the ball was in front of the face. Slowly return to starting position. Exercise great coaches tone abdominal muscles and muscles of the inner thighs.

If you have doubts about the suitability of the proposed exercise you personally for health reasons, it is best to consult with your doctor. In any case, if the exercise causes you pain or other discomfort, it is better to abandon it.

 Fitball: chair, cushion or trainer?

So, what will fitball: pillow, chair, or an effective simulator - each, of course, has the right to decide for themselves. In any case, without the use of the vinyl ball in your house will not stay! Successful experiments all!

 Fitball: chair, cushion or trainer?

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