Flexibility and stretching. All we need to know
 You have decided to tighten muscles and improve your figure reliefs, but do not know where to start? Try to master the first exercise to improve flexibility and improve stretch marks. Correctly compiled program for the development of flexibility will help you avoid accidental injury during exercise and improve your health.

Flexibility is the ability of a joint to move to the full amplitude. This ability is important for the normal functioning of the joints, prevent damage to muscles, ligaments and bones, providing a variety of movements of the torso and extremities. For example, the flexibility of joints back and legs helps us keep good posture and prevents from pain in the back. If you regularly perform the necessary exercise in middle age you will have no problems with joints. In addition, flexible, well-tensile cords will help you master the most complex exercise fitness and bodybuilding.

For the development of flexible specialists recommend to carry out full-range of motion with each joint. Stretching should be harmonious. Some sports involve the development of certain areas of the body, while other areas like behind. So, gymnasts there is increased flexibility of the spine, from professional tennis players - developed of the shoulder joint.

Prolonged lack of exercise (if no free time, the treatment of injuries, etc.) reduces the flexibility of joints, reduce their functionality. This problem can become chronic if you do not go back in a timely manner to the regular physical education.

In some cases, achieving full flexibility may be difficult. For example, obesity (especially in the localization of adipose tissue in certain areas of the body), a sharp increase in the volume of the muscles due to the reception of protein supplements or certain medications, some hereditary diseases, so even regular exercise does not lead to the desired result. This problem can be solved gradually, if using diet to reduce weight to a normal level, and to give up chemicals and pay more attention to training on simulators.

To ensure full flexibility of joints need to be addressed stretching muscles. As is known, consist of a muscle cell, assembled in elastic fibers. They are able to increase in length when stretched regular dosing. Training should be gradual, with strict control of the daily load, otherwise the fiber will not have time to adapt and injured. The length of the muscle is controlled by special receptors. When conscious tensile fibers are received, signals in the brain, which in turn signals the need for muscle contraction. Regular exercise improves the conductivity of nerve impulses, persistent form conditioned reflexes provide a full supply of all the cells of oxygen and nutrients due to increased blood flow.

Sudden, powerful movements (especially with weights), lead to a rapid reflex contraction of the muscles involved in the work. Such training can be recommended only trained people with substantial experience in training in the gym. This technique is called "ballistic stretching" perform it only under supervision of an experienced coach. If just before the muscle contraction was overly stretched, sudden movement may cause it injury. That is why it is recommended novice athletes to start with static stretching - once the muscle has reached its maximum length, you must stay in this position, then slowly return to the original position.

The receptors responsible for the maximum amplitude of the stretch marks, can and should be trained. If repeat for each training session, special stretching movements, you can gradually increase the length and elasticity of the muscles. After a while you will already be able to perform more complex exercise without fear of injury.

 Flexibility and stretching. All we need to know

The technique of stretching the muscles will help you choose an experienced coach. Selection of a complex of exercises depends on many individual factors trainee's - features of a constitution, tissue elasticity, joint elaboration, body weight, the presence of certain diseases, etc. The correct version of the stretch will be effective and less traumatic.

The most popular option is static stretching . It does not require considerable effort, does not cause fatigue. Slowly drag the trained muscles, stay in this position for half a minute, then take an initial position. This stretch receptors will respond to the traffic is very weak, muscle contraction will occur gradually, reducing the chance of injury. Typically, the use of static stretching is recommended for beginners to athletes, as it is effective and safe. Stretch joints and muscles until you feel light tension, but not pain. Pain indicates that you overdo and you need to reduce the intensity of your workouts.

A very common mistake is to conduct stretching immediately before exercise, especially during the sessions to be used exercises with weights or sports trainers . Stretching temporarily weakens the muscle, so it is advisable to hold it after exercise, and as a first step to use the warm-up techniques.

Ballistic stretching - dynamic option to increase muscle elasticity . It involves active movements in which muscles are stretched very rapidly and fully. For example, a very popular exercise, during which a person must quickly touch the toes of socks legs when bending forward. These movements help to get rid of excess calories and increase blood flow to the muscles. But at the same time it increases the risk of injury.

Passive stretching requires the participation in training assistant . Similar exercises are recommended for people who for some reason can not control your own body, or desire as quickly as possible to increase the range of motion of the joints. This method is effective, but its use requires some care. Your partner should be sufficiently trained to monitor every movement and prevent errors.

 Flexibility and stretching. All we need to know

Why do we seek to achieve maximum flexibility? The first - in order to avoid injury during exercise, to increase range of motion in the joints. If you do the exercises correctly, very soon you will have the ease of movement, you feel much better.

Flexibility helps to keep joints healthy . As you know, each joint is surrounded by muscles, ligaments and soft tissue. During training, they experience a significant stress. For example, in forming the bulk of the biceps and quadriceps foot sharply increases the load on the knee joints, which may cause pain in the patella. Overdeveloped muscles of the shoulder girdle are often squeezed sensory nerve fibers, causing pain in the shoulder joints, and certain restrictions on their mobility. The lack of flexibility leads to a complete reduction of the volume of the synovial fluid inside the joint and necessary to lubricate moving intra-articular surfaces. Accordingly, the friction of cartilage leads to increased pain and may even trigger a joint diseases.

Also, flexibility is an important factor in ensuring the proper functioning of the spinal column. As you know, back pain is very common among professional athletes, especially bodybuilders. The cause of this disease can be a smoothing or enhancing the natural curves of the spine. This increases the pressure on the spinal nerves, worsening their conductivity. If you have a sedentary knee and hip joints, you should pay close attention to stretching the muscles in these areas.

Developed muscles and joints will allow you to further develop new, more sophisticated systems of gymnastic exercises. Your joints will move in a wide amplitude, providing a complete muscle training.
Author: Svetlana Dubrovskaja
Source: This article is provided by Diets.ru