How to help yourself not to get fat?
 How to make a little help your body not to gain kilos? There is a very simple and even entertaining the principles that will not take much of your time, but gradually let down to the fact that it will be easier to keep the weight. Read it, and if there is something you feel unacceptable, just skip this step. Follow figure and weight should be in the joy and pleasure. Carry out at least the first rules that you are interested in, and then increase the number of new habits.

1. Drink enough water.   Sorry, but again, we recall this rule. The only question is: How much is "enough"? Generally, 8-10 cups of water throughout the day. The main condition - during the day, do not force the body, and do not force him to drink when you do not want. Do not replace the juice, the more tea! It should be a simple drinking water. Your body needs to constantly be filled with water. In addition, your kidneys will thank you for it. Get enough water, your body is able to metabolize more efficiently. And if you drink a glass of water 10-15 minutes before a meal, you will feel quite intense during the beginning of a meal, so do not eat too much. Also, did you know that you lose 62 calories when drink very cold water? But it is better to do it during the meal or before a meal, as the food is digested properly.

2. There are five times a day.   This does not mean that you need five full meals. Suffice it to three, and let there be two very small low-calorie snacks. Listen carefully yourself and your body, it does not ask for food, more than that, what it needs.

3. Do not be afraid of what weight is on site or typed.   This happens when you are in the gym. First, the fat actually goes, the metabolism improves. But after going on muscle building, on the site of fat begin to grow muscle. Therefore, be careful with the power load. It is best to start with in order to gradually increase their physical activity.

 How to help yourself not to get fat?

4. Buy smaller plates in dark colors.   Well, on this good habit many times spoken. Just repeat that this approach allows you to almost double reduce the size of servings eaten. If you set a goal: to have less - that use this advice! Best choice - blue ware, it is more likely reduces appetite and better avoid red, orange and yellow (by the way, McDonald's logo in these colors), these shades are most conducive to the emergence of appetite. But, the truth, for the guests, probably should leave this set, still visit without appetite - it's sad.

5. Learn to be skeptical of marketing tricks.   When the market there is a new product, it and want to try: advertising, attractive price, interesting stocks. This is the first thing that makes us move away from their food preferences. Second, learn how to read labels, accustom themselves to it. Look at the calorie and fat content of foods. Third, choose the best routes are in the supermarket, where you will meet on the way are not candy, cookies, pizza or ice cream. Sometimes, to pass such counters is very difficult.

6. Keep a journal.   And though at first fix everything that you eat. It is best to write back and indications of weights or just a personal feeling. It's amazing, but when you start such a blog, then immediately see how to respond to failure of waist dinner, for example. Or how to reduce weight when you have switched to fish instead of meat. These online diaries and blogs on the Internet are many slimming girls can see how it helps to understand how to gain weight and how to reset.

 How to help yourself not to get fat?

7. Do not reproach yourself for having eaten too much.   This is a very unpleasant feeling, and yet take care of yourself - it should be nice. So sometimes give yourself relief without remorse. It is better to love their diet, their principles lessons that you have selected, so you will be a joy to perform all this.

8. Correct shopping - half the battle.   Why is that? Yes, because it is the "wrong" foods we often interfere. And the best way - is generally not to buy them. For example, you decide to give up the foods with high fat content. If you do not have anything fat in the refrigerator - you do not eat - it's a fact! So seriously consider buying products. Need a snack - you should not be on hand no cookies and chocolates, then you do not eat. Apple - that should be on the mind!

 How to help yourself not to get fat?

9. A total of 10 minutes of every hour just to stand up.   This advice is for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. It is better to look like, or even dance. Just 10 minutes every hour will significantly improve metabolism, allows food to digest. Besides, it is very useful for the eyes - hourly exercises for the eyes. Try to stick to it, do not save time for this, even if it is very loaded work after a short warm-up, you do everything much faster.

10. Observe the regime in power.   Listen to your body, it will tell you when he wants to eat. Fix the clock. And then follow this rhythm. Be sure to eat when you're hungry, do not snack. It should be no cookies with tea, but at least a cup of soup or salad.

11. Buy a pedometer.   10,000 steps a day - that's the ideal motor load! If you see that pass walking distance of the lack of day, next time go one stop on foot instead of the elevator or climb on foot. This is such an interesting game - very entertaining, and not at all tiring! Eventually the habit will move much in your life and do not need a pedometer.

12. Try not to do anything during the meal.   When you watch TV and sit at the table, you can eat much more. Suppose that while eating the body and you focus only on food. You will feel satiety, will really know how much you want to eat.

13. Sleep enough.   Lack of sleep leads to weight gain! At least 7-8 hours every day you have to sleep, if you do not want to get fat.

14. Look for a good company.   What is meant? Sometimes self-motivation is not always enough, there are different days, different situations at work and at home. But if you have friends who are trying just as you do, keep in shape - it's a great makeup ideas and a good attitude on the result. It's great if you find a site or a social network, where the girls are constantly sharing their results, their plans, diet and so on. All of this will enable you not to fall into melancholy, and quickly recover even after serious emotional experiences, and begin again to keep your weight is normal.

Good luck and support in your quest to be what you want to be! It's possible!
Author: Julia Gnedina