On the way to harmony or saga of how it was in my life ...
 Part of the fifth and final.
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So, behind the four were part of the "Saga of my journey to the Land of harmony", and I humbly hope that you still go with me. Our movements are synchronous, like swimmers Olympic team, and we reached the absolute understanding with you. We became close friends. I hope so!

Therefore, the fifth and final part of this series, I would like to dedicate the third and no less important factor that causes weight accumulate in our body. Most likely, you have already guessed what I mean negative thoughts : This may be, for example, resentment, undercurrent thee to any person and cherished for years.

If you think you do not feel resentment towards the people, just to delve into himself and, honestly looking into the eyes of your fears, find the feeling that pulls you down and hinder your weight to soar in the clouds. Found? Now is the time to get rid of this burden and, otherwise, the process of weight loss will not be as effective. Attack?

 On the way to harmony or saga of how it was in my life ...
 Anger only adds kilos
You can easily get rid of the negative thoughts, feelings of resentment and anger has proven method of meditation and exercise. Personally, I recently came across the network on interesting technology called "Crystal World or the mechanisms of forgiveness." I can say that passed the course has helped and worked for one person using the suggested meditation techniques, I was able to get rid of their old feelings of resentment at him.

According to the authors of this method of weight loss, anger, resentment, and any negative feelings destroy man and cause harm only to himself, but not the object of these feelings. This happens because at the time of thee as a master negative emotions, you inadvertently leave the state of happiness and peace of mind, which in turn, as we have seen, is reflected on your figure. You swallow insult, at the same time adding extra weight itself. That is why in the framework of the psychological diet is so important to learn to forgive and to get rid of other negative feelings. If you're just convinced that there is such a person that you need to forgive, just make the process of forgiveness one of your daily relaxation exercises, along with the methods described above.

During meditation, using the already learned in the earlier parts of the cycle technology, after you imagine your perfect body, draw in the imagination the image of the person offended or angered you, and say the following phrases:
"I (your name) forgive you (name of offender) from the heart. I'll excuse and forget about everything that is connected with it. I am free, you are also available (s). I feel just fine. "

This may seem strange, but the focus on reprogramming the subconscious mind works, even if, if you feel that you never, not for anything in life can not forgive this person. A few days later you will think about it quite differently, you will become more calm, relaxed and confident. Letting go of negative thoughts, feelings and sensations, you become stronger.

Well, we did it and we were able to leave behind all the negative feelings. Now, you and I need to learn another (and last) tricks. Having gained a good attitude, a state of euphoria and a pleasant feeling of lightness, it is important not to lose it all on the way to the Land of harmony!

 On the way to harmony or saga of how it was in my life ...
 Exercises for good mood
To never leave the state of happiness, which you now abide, we must, among other things, to move a lot. Remember: "On the move - life! " . Therefore, the last ten minutes of the program devoted to the description of the active exercises that can charge you with energy and vivacity for the entire rest of the day, it is better than such familiar to you a cup of coffee. It is important to do them every day, and to ensure that a good mood will not leave you.

Exercise first "jumping rope" . Jump rope barefoot. At the same time you have to count the number of jumps made, and every day to increase their numbers gradually leading to two hundred times a day.

Exercise the second "Voltage abdominal muscles" . Strain the abdominal muscles struggled for a minute. Retracts it to himself, imagining that you're trying to get the navel to the spine. Or lie down on the floor and imagine that you put on your stomach is very big dumbbell and press it it is so that almost reach the spine. This simple but very effective exercise significantly tighten your abs and make it more striking and beautiful, and the stomach flatter and almost imperceptible.

Exercise third "towels" . Hang a small towel around his neck and Grasp the ends with both hands. Push it forward as hard as you can, itself at this time, resisting tension, flex back as far as it allows you to do your body and flexibility. Keep doing this exercise for exactly one minute, and you will see that your posture every day becomes perfectly flat, which in turn will make you slimmer.

Summarizing all the narrative set out by me in the five-part saga, I would like to say that successfully coped with before me the task (remember that cherished piece of paper from the second part?), I not only was able to achieve stable results, but also managed to restructure their the subconscious to the wave of preservation of the body slim. In addition, I was able to get rid of the familiar effect of "back and forth" disappeared out of my life once and for all. This method has helped me to present myself so slim that I now plan to gradually get rid of all the extra kilos with it.

And, besides, I really hope that my experience will help you, because this cycle it was written by me for that purpose. I would like to share my knowledge with you, give you strength, confidence and energize giving a particle of my soul!

Stretching out my hand to you, I say hopefully: "See you in the land of harmony! Are you coming with me? "
Author: Stella Allates