On the way to harmony, or the saga of how it was in my life ...
 Part One. "A few words about the principles of proper nutrition ..."

Anyone who has a problem of excess weight is known not by hearsay knows how difficult it is: get together and "go on a diet", then firmly, not torn, and without going the distance, withstand all tests from the beginning to the end, and then, after the torment - again not gain so rapidly or so slowly thawed kilos? But know this person, why is this happening?

Not so long ago, I got acquainted with the two well-known techniques, one of which was developed by Russian doctors, while the second - foreign experts, but she and others argue that the problem of excess weight lies in our head. It's hard to be graceful and remained so if you are mentally not ready for this. It turns out that throughout our subconscious guilty, which introduces us to the matter and makes into temptation again and again go for sweets or fast food meal. But this seems to be a vicious circle can be broken: we just have to imagine yourself slim!

I've been able to do this and has reached amazing results! Now I would like to share once received experience and knowledge with you, so that you - still doubted his own irresistible and beauty - able, finally, to join me on the path to harmony for so long desired!

The followers of this technique, there are three main factors responsible for the appearance of our excess weight. We'll talk in detail about each of them.

The first factor is related to the fact, as often many of us do not even suspect: eating habits and proper nutrition. I must say that sometimes we bought food habits are not conducive to weight loss, but on the contrary it provokes a slow or fast motion "up", and now we can not see these hateful scales, showing us the real course of events. Wrong eating habits are formed in childhood, and can be projected into adulthood in such phenomena as the constant rush from kitchen - fridge - sofa, and as a consequence: Frequent snacking at the TV and the computer; or, for example, food for the future (which is reflected in the absence of breakfast and dinner too busy at this time of night). The list goes on and on, but I do not want to do that. I prefer to talk about how to unlock this vicious circle and to get rid of, finally, from addictions.

On the psychological component of this process will be discussed later, but now I draw your attention to it in the scheme of proper nutrition, which (it should be noted) today quite a lot.

But we must understand that before you apply this or that way of good nutrition to yourself, you need to examine your body and consult a physician.

Important: eat not only the right, but without damage to health.

 On the way to harmony, or the saga of how it was in my life ...

If we talk about something specific, then I, for example, is very close to the method of Michel Montignac and separate meals. At one time I used it quite successfully. Recently, a method often referred to reusable food (in small portions), moreover, not only balanced by the number of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, but also applies count calorie meals.

In fact, it's pretty simple: this is many years ago told our Soviet specialists, endocrinologists .  Now, based on this (long-invented, but forgotten scheme) is not built a modern system of proper nutrition .  The essence of almost each of them lies in the fact that (according to the weight and other important factors, which we will talk separately, because each of them is more than worthy of our closest attention) is calculated threshold of maximum and minimum stored energy required for life .  Between the rapids formed a corridor allowable caloric, which, in turn, distributed evenly between meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner .  Moreover, most techniques offers recall concepts such as lunch (three hours after the first one), snack (or three hours after lunch) and, if necessary, "night" reception light foods (e.g. yogurt) per hour - a half before bedtime .  It is proved that frequent meals allows you to restart the metabolic processes and customize them for burning fat .

In conclusion, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that schemes of proper nutrition is quite a lot, and in the format of the first article series, I conceived I could tell only about those that have been used by me personally once or apply today. You can choose a technique suitable only to you, and it is working on your body. It may be a method described by me, and maybe something new. You decide!

The main thing in any case, do not forget: attitude should be exactly the correct food, and not on a diet, when during the week you do not know what morish himself to death and then dumped the unfortunate three - five kilograms recruited twice more.

I wish you only the best of luck in your journey to the Land of harmony, which is already so well, I'm going. Join us: to go together much more fun! And see you in the next article in this series.

To be continued…
Author: Stella Allates