Now only the lazy does not find for themselves resembling training. For those who do not like quick movements, there is yoga, pilates and their variations. For dynamic people - all kinds of aerobic exercise, weight training, martial arts. Moreover, there is a plurality of fitness programs that allow train home.

And this is absolutely not necessary to have special equipment at home (although they provide an opportunity to diversify their training). Many experts agree that excellent results can be achieved by using your own body weight.

A variation of this exercise can be plyometric exercises . The fact that it is, we'll continue.

The essence of plyometric training
It is based on rapid movements. These movements improve the condition of the nervous system and coordination, which is very important for sports. The exercises activated the full potential of the muscle: strength, flexibility and communication with the muscles and tissues of the nervous system. As a result, you develop your endurance, agility, speed. Plyometrics is useful for those involved in football, basketball, athletics, parkour and martial arts.

Some argue that this type of training - one of the most effective in the fight against calories and Zhirkov, who is in no hurry to leave. So, regularly performing these exercises, you can greatly speed up the process of your weight loss.

Here are a few exercises you can do, or as an independent complex, or add to your workout.

"Skater" . Bend your left leg slightly at the knee, put the right rear diagonal, so that legs were crosswise. The left hand, lift the side, the right position diagonally in front of him. How do skaters. Jump up to the right and adjust the position of the feet and hands. This will be one time. Do 10 repetitions.


"Seal" . Feet shoulder width apart, arms straight and raised sides to shoulder level, palms facing forward. Jump up and bring feet together, while making the cotton ourselves. Then jump up and return to starting position. It is time. Make necessary 20 times, while you can not pause during this exercise. It is important to remember that the rate should be such that you will carry out qualitatively every move. And nothing, if the first will turn slowly, over time, you increase the speed.


"Touching" . Take the emphasis lying, feet hip-width apart arrange for greater stability. Hands put a little wider than shoulder width. The body is elongated in a line. On the inhale lift your right hand from the floor and touch the top of her left hand, then put, and repeat to the left. At the same time it is necessary to perform at a pace without stops and pauses.


"Clock" . Again take the emphasis lying down, and start doing first step with your right hand to the side, then left in the same direction. Then return to the starting position and take steps arms in the opposite direction. You can walk way at the hands of a circle, first one way and then the other.


It would seem a simple movement, the lack of dumbbells, and works! Try these exercises and you will not regret. By the way, performing them in the morning, you will help your body to wake up.
Author: Vera Karabutova