Preparing for the beach season and losing weight!
 I do not have time to look back as the summer knocked on your door. And you, as a good housewife, just have to be prepared for the arrival of guests. Summer always starts with a change of clothes, new hairstyles, sunbathing and a suitcase mood. Already 1-2 months before you storm holiday travel agencies, looked at photos on the Internet resorts and happy faces of tourists.

Only here in the balance figures are still "refuse to be friends" with you to indicate dialed excess weight during the winter. And brag about it as a gift you do not want. But desperate situations do not happen. Check?

Rule one. Do not get discouraged, and customizable!
Positive attitude - "golden key" to the solution of any problem. Take a look at the past few days - where they usually began. If in the morning you could barely climb, mutters under his breath, swearing at the alarm clock and the falling out of the hands of a thing, a positive attitude is not exactly look in to visit you. Convince yourself that because things are not done, and start every day with a clean slate. Get a morning boost of energy and positive emotions is simple: exercise, jogging in the park, a cool shower, fruit smoothies, catchy music, and most importantly - the smile on his face.

Then follows three important points. First, you have to believe in themselves and in their abilities - "I want to, I can, I will! "Secondly, to analyze the motivation. Third, begin to act.

 Preparing for the beach season and losing weight!
 Second Rule. Eat right!
"Again, the diet" - you sigh. It's time to wean call mode proper nutrition diet. Just revise your diet, do not overload yourself with unnecessary calories and, of course, move more.

What does it mean to eat properly?   Maximum useful to the body, at least harmful. To the utility will credit the fresh fruit and vegetables, plenty of water, steamed meat and fish, grains and cereals, dried fruits and nuts. Harmful call meats, pastries, colored soft drinks and other products containing preservatives. Gradually abandon fatty and fried foods, disordered eating and eating in suhomyatku. There wean front of the TV and reading books.

How and how much we eat?   Proper nutrition provides that you will distribute the food throughout the day by the number of calories, and the composition of the food and take into account the time of their admission. Most nutritionists agreed that the most correct choice is a 4-course meal that best favors the mental and physical work of our body.

Of course, you can not eat after six, that would be an indisputable advantage in the mode of your nutrition. In fact, the last meal should be no later than 2 hours before bedtime, and it does not constitute more than 10% of the total daily caloric.

In the first half of the day it is recommended to eat foods with more protein content, enriching the body with energy and vivacity. For dinner, do not overload the stomach, so a good option would be fruits and vegetables as well as dairy products. Every meal is best to start with salads, to strengthen the stomach.

 Preparing for the beach season and losing weight!
 If you decide that you are ready to sit on a diet, pick it, after weighing all the "pros" and "cons", taking into account the characteristics of your body, diseases of internal organs and, of course, a daily exercise.

Rule three. Charging is on!
Perfect body - is the most pressing problem for any modern woman. Here come to the aid of morning exercises, self-employment activities, fitness centers and swimming pools. Choose a comfortable and interesting option for you.

 Preparing for the beach season and losing weight!
 Start your morning with a charge! It does not require strong physical load, quite a few simple exercises because charging - this workout for your muscles after a night's rest and a stimulator of good mood. To the usual exercise can add short-lived training with dumbbells, fitball, or hoop. Complete all water treatments: a shower or a rubdown.

Start your morning with a short jog! Jogging is recommended to make an empty stomach. Before you start you need to spend a little workout: do a few stretching exercises legs, jump on the spot poprisedayte, walk briskly. While running, follow the breathing technique: inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. Upon completion of the hardening process is beneficial.

Buy a subscription to a gym, fitness center or pool! What are you waiting for? Many trainers, aerobics, Pilates, yoga, shaping, water aerobics and, of course, the highly anticipated effect of the loss of extra kilos and a lot of fun.

And remember that man is not made for a sedentary lifestyle! Walk as often as possible, and more.

 Preparing for the beach season and losing weight!
 Rule Four. Remembering about the beauty treatments!
Here you can become a master of yourself or to give into the hands of a professional in the SPA-center.

In the fight against cellulite to help massage and anti-cellulite cream, and the procedure must be regular. With the use of yellow, blue and black clay can be made anti-cellulite body wraps and baths. In the salons offers psammotherapy service, or treatment of hot sand. In this procedure, during active sweating weight loss in a single session can be up to 400-600 grams. An effective method today considered and shower, through which leveled parts of the body affected by cellulite and significantly lost weight.

No less important will be the procedure of hair removal. It is necessary to take care of this nuance, not to worry about during the holidays. In urban SPA-center offers options from wax to laser hair removal.

Well, it is nice to pick a swimsuit for the new body. The sea is calling you!
Author: Alesya Marchenko