Seven "for" over the summer sports in the open air
 Summer heat ... Happy ... find refuge in an air-conditioned office, and in the evening - the day in the heated walls of the apartment is not something that engaged in sports, to move once again after a shower would not be desirable, so as not to saturate the body of the hated then. But the fashion for slim elastic body stubbornly persists, and maintain the image of the sports girl seeks most ladies who care about their health and appearance.

Some people believe that in the heat of our body loses and so the extra calories that are successfully leaving him with sweat. In addition, the appetite is sharply reduced in the heat, and we tend to eat much less food and consume more useful to the body fluid. All this is a great base from which to retain and even weight loss. Physically load during high air temperatures have a negative effect on the heart muscle. Therefore, even doctors are advised not to be zealous with sporting pursuits in the summer heat. But with all this we should not forget about the muscle tone, which can only support the exercise to them. So how can that be? Throw the sport at the summer heat at all?

There is an exit! Moderate workout can be transferred to the fresh evening air.

We try? So cool in the metropolis falls after 20.00. At the same time, are gradually beginning to dusk. Yet dark and not so hot as in the afternoon. Clothed in shorts and knitted jersey. Shoes sneakers or shoes. To add vivacity to the player along with your favorite music with headphones. Light jogging off to the nearest stadium, playground, park or street simulators.

Depending on the style you are playing sports, you can grab a rope, mats, dumbbells.

Particularly shy as a site for sports can choose the places where it is possible to warm up to strangers associates (stadiums), or simply grab a sports minded girlfriend.

Arguments in favor of the outdoor sports in the summer are undeniable. Judge for yourself!

- Firstly, in the summer outside it is cooler and fresher much faster than in the building. And, then, the warm-up will take place outdoors in a comfortable environment.

- Secondly, the street is much more space. So, you do not have to push the furniture before you perform proper kicks and hands.

- Third, working out in the fresh air, you provide yourself with an extra walk, very useful for your body.

- Fourth, the same exercises with a rope, much nicer to carry out on the street, rather than shake your jumps ceiling downstairs neighbor.

- Fifth, with outdoor fitness area will provide you with an additional burden and will add comfort and good mood during class.

- Sixth, their sports activities in the open air, you can easily combine a walk with your child. While the child is worn provocatively with friends on the playground, you can safely perform a warm-up immediately next to the appropriate turnichka.

- Seventh, highly recommend sports lonely girl on the street. Young people like a magnet drawn to your work during the warm-up muscles, and they give birth once in his feverish mind a lot of ideas and an opportunity to meet with such a sporty girl.

Well, so what? Agreed? Today we meet at 20.00 at the stadium in the sports attire for a stylish summer warm-up in the open air?

Photo by the author
Author: Natalia Hryshko