Sleep and hudey
 It may seem surprising, but the human body is able to burn calories even during deep sleep. Overnight can be combined with weight loss, if we follow some rules bedtime. It turns out that all we need - is to increase metabolism during sleep and provide the right sound sleep.

Weight loss during sleep, of course, is not as effective as from exercise, but if you use this technique, it is possible to successfully maintain their weight, compensate for the lack of time to visit the gym and even lose extra weight. Use these tips when you have no way to give your body enough time to rest or when your favorite fitness room is located a thousand kilometers away from you.

Green tea before bedtime
Also good for health and beauty, green tea plays an important role in our project called "Sleep and grow thin." Green tea - a natural remedy for improving metabolism and burning calories, prevents the accumulation of fat. Include in your diet green tea, and most importantly - drink a cup before going to bed. During the night, drunk green tea will start the process of detoxification, which will get rid of the extra kilos that were formed due to the presence of free radicals in the body.

Sleep at least 8 hours
Many of us say that sleeping less than 8 hours, but feel fine, so do not really understand this rule. But in reality, this law works not only for health but also for weight loss. According to experts, the lack of proper relaxation (even if you sleep only an hour less than the put) can have irreversible consequences for our body. Those who sleep 5-6 hours a day, can not lose the same amount of calories as those who sleep full 8 hours. The more you sleep at night, the more active your metabolism will have during the day.

Carbohydrates bedtime - banned
Nutrition is extremely important for those who want to combine sleep and weight loss. Nutritionists are not so strict, recently allowed a light dinner even after 18-00 and 19-00. But it is important, what is in your dinner. You can not include a snack rich in carbohydrates. They can block the metabolism because the body offer sufficient energy, keep the body warm. Fat-burning process does not occur. Carbohydrates should be banned in our country, at least 6 hours before bedtime. Remember, carbohydrates - a morning meal.

 Sleep and hudey
 We sleep in the cool
Of course, there are hardened, which sleep in the cold. But first we recommend coolness. Many vain Kuta night, covered with a quilt, even in summer. There is also a common misconception that you need a good night sweat, then excess weight is gone. On the contrary, our body will burn more calories when it will be a little cool. Turn off the heater at night, get rid of duvets - and then calories will do their job, warming you, and do not go into fat storage and metabolism will be at a high level.

If the exercise ...
Most give up physical activity, we never advise, so the following advice for most of us, that load a fitness least 30-40 minutes, 2 times a week. Experts say that this is the minimum load for the average person. So. If you do in the gym, then include more exercises to develop muscle. Muscles need more calories to maintain them, so in a dream, and when you are awake, the body will burn more calories, your metabolism will be more active, and all this will lead to weight loss.

 Sleep and hudey
 Relax before bedtime
This is also one of the prerequisites for weight loss dream. When we are relaxed, the body decreases the level of cortisol, which helps the body burn more calories. Cortisol inhibits the metabolic processes in the body, respectively, the process of burning calories suspended. Also, when a person experiences negative feelings in his blood intensely stress hormone cortisol is produced. Therefore, any negative emotions before sleeping, no horror, crime news, quarrels and clarify the relationship! Good master the techniques of meditation, they will help to quickly relax and get rid of cortisol.

Scientists estimate that during sleep we spend 50-60 calories per hour. It depends on age, sex and body weight. With age, your metabolism slows down and we need less energy, with a large weight of the body requires more calories for all the processes, and also know that men burn more calories. But on average, it turns out that for eight hours of sleep, we can burn about 420 calories. We these calories required for respiration, the circulation, the functioning of internal organs, cell growth and so on. But if you follow our advice, then this number can be increased, and then while you sleep you will spend the calories not only to the usual needs of the body at rest, but also on the metabolism, warming, muscle power, etc. Good luck!
Author: Vasilisa Cousin