Spring Awakening - 1: start moving
 Spring - a wonderful time, when everything comes to life around. In addition, with the warm rays of spring sun, we are new dreams, desire for change. But for new achievements need a surge of fresh forces. After the beginning of the first thaw - a great reason to begin to change something in yourself. And, above all, care should be taken about the figure because it is not far off during the holiday season and the holiday novels. And right now it should begin to move actively. This will help transform both physically and mentally after a long cold.

So bulky winter coats and sweaters insulated already tucked away in a corner, so it's time to recall the daily morning exercises. How could it be otherwise, because in the light spring clothes need to look in a special slim and elegant. Total 20-30 minutes of simple exercises every day, even for a short period should give the desired effect, if you treat yourself demanding.

We select options for spring gymnastics
An excellent and effective supplement can be a regular workout at the gym or fitness center. For example, my favorite kind of training is aerobics to music companies (of course, you can deal with on its own, at home, but, enrolling in a course of employment, it is easier to accustom themselves to the discipline). In addition, the company of any exercise program is quick and easy.

 Spring Awakening - 1: start moving
 I would add that the rhythmic shaping a positive effect on the condition of the body in general, and women's health, relieves stress, and normalize the nervous system. So what is the time to incorporate these lessons into your daily routine.

By the way, some prefer water aerobics. It is noted that the exercise in the water is doubly useful, since they provide an opportunity not only to lose weight, but also enjoy swimming. A swimming - it is also an excellent workout that can give real pleasure in the early spring. After all, during the winter cold swimming pool was out of place.

Good exposure has also, for example, dance gymnastics. It is important that in the process of learning any kind of dance manners of women are becoming more sophisticated, graceful. Naturally, there is a change in the nature, perception of the world. It's no wonder the wise men said that art ennobles. Regularly engaging in dance, we begin to smile more often, it is easier to endure hardship.

 Spring Awakening - 1: start moving
 But if dance training at the moment not included in your plans, reduce stress, and to spend time on the move, you can at the disco. The main thing - time to relax and move to the rhythm of your favorite songs.

When the earth warms up enough, you can proceed to active workout outdoors. For example, one of the most effective and proven tools is considered a morning jog. However, jogging can be transferred to the evening. The main thing is that they cause a pleasant fatigue, but do not overwork. And it is better, of course, to start with friends - so interesting and fun.

No less benefit have cycling. Riding well to stretch their muscles and prepare for more intense exercises. But do not hold the race. As if to drive moderately and safely, it is possible to concentrate on their internal state, to think about something important, to dream.

 Spring Awakening - 1: start moving
   In cool weather cycling can replace training on simulators.

Movement and life
Thus, among a wide variety of motor exercises you always might behoove the most suitable options that will help to prepare the figure by the summer, keep the muscles toned and adjust to drastic changes.

The main thing - remember that you can not afford to be lazy. Physical exercise give a fresh surge of strength, energy, prolong life, cause good feelings and adjust to the positive.

Please note - women who lead an active lifestyle can be optimistic approach to solving personal problems. Positive energy helps them to move forward to new achievements. And vice versa - those of us who prefer to relax, lying on the couch, unable to express themselves, and harder to survive setbacks and losses.
Author: Alla Pilipenko