"What's new? "Fitness or heels
 "Knickers, coat, vest -
all of these words in Russian there. "

(Alexander Pushkin's "Eugene Onegin")

Earlier there was physical education, physiotherapy, gymnastics and morning exercises. Now - fitness, pilates, water aerobics and callanetics. And sometimes even something more complex. With Latin abbreviations such as ABS, we have more or less learned to understand. In a sense, we understand that this is not about locking the brakes in your car. But life is always changing, and each season are released to the market new inventions fitness industry. This is largely due to the fact that the main consumer group fitness services - women (men still prefer the traditional rocking chair). A woman quickly becomes boring. That has always generate something that was fun and useful.

We offer an overview of the fitness areas, not so long ago crossed the borders of our country.

Freestyle interpretation abbreviations NIA - «neuromuscular interaction" .  NIA as a fitness movement emerged in the US in the late 80s, but only now got to Russia .  This trend can be called a synthesis of aerobics and psychotherapy .  From the latter - the emphasis on the removal of psychological clips, getting rid of stress and relaxation skills .  Externally, the program is a kind of aerobic mix: it includes elements of Pilates, aerobics, yoga, tai chi, folk dance and jazz .  Task NIA - learn to relax and listen to your body .  The easiest way to do it in a measured and smooth movement .  To do this during a workout sounds relaxed, but at the same time meditative music .  From the chaotic activity resembles Brownian motion, but in this movement - the essence .  NIA is excellent trains the nervous system, relieves stress and gives plus the classic load on all muscle groups .  The only drawback NIA is that the direction is new for us, and a good instructor is very little .  Not all fitness clubs can afford a specialist with a foreign diploma and amateur here is not welcome: in the best case from such a practice would not be good, at worst - can be harmed . 

Girokinezis was invented by Romanian dancer Jules Croatia in the 70s of the twentieth century. Having a serious spinal injury during a speech, Jules Horvath refused medical intervention and treatment rather unusual way - sports. He invented exercises that contribute to rapid recovery of the spine and joints. Later, he combined these exercises in and called it girokinezisom. Some time later, it was invented by a simulator that creates additional resistance during training, - Gyrotonic. Its operating principle is based on the motion of the body in all planes. Girokinezis now actively used in the fitness industry, and in the rehabilitation medicine - to bring the body into the mold after trauma, particularly sports.

Girokinezis trains primarily the joints. All the movements are carried out in a circular or spiral and gives a soft and uniform load, which at the same time not peretruzhdaetsya joints. Particular attention is paid to the spine and mainly thoracic. Therefore girokinezis highly recommended stooped men. These exercises help to correct posture. If girokinezis pure phenomenon quite rare for the Russian fitness industry, the Gyrotonic often found in fitness clubs.

Hot Yoga
 "What's new? "Fitness or heels

On the one hand, it is absolutely new direction of fitness, on the other - has long been a popular and fashionable yoga, only slightly modified. Hot yoga is fundamentally different from classical yoga that activity takes place in a room where the air is heated to 40 degrees Celsius. At this temperature the body of any person becomes more flexible and elastic, so the benefits of exercise increases many times. In addition, it increases perspiration, which helps cleanse the body of toxins coming out with sweat.

Hot yoga is composed of twenty-six postures and two breathing exercises. Lesson lasts half an hour, and, in contrast to the classical forms of yoga, there is no separation in terms of people. All are engaged in the same group and are able to monitor their progress all the time, comparing himself with the more advanced participants and beginners. Those first hard work in its more sparing mode. But in any case the exercise lasts for at least ninety minutes, as yoga is necessary to focus on your breathing, on the body, occurring within a process that can not be achieved thirty or forty minutes.

Hot Yoga great results in the form of body and soul and mind. The body becomes more flexible and elastic. After three months of regular (at least twice a week) training you will see that is capable of, and what is not suspected. At the same time you will become more balanced, calm, less prone to stress. After yoga - it's not exercise, and a whole philosophy aimed at achieving harmony.

Jukari Fit to Fly
 "What's new? "Fitness or heels

In principle, a new trend of fitness, which is only now gaining global fitness community. In a basis of training aerial acrobats under the big top - in a highly simplified form, of course. For this purpose we developed special equipment Fly Set, which is a rope with several loops, which is attached to the ceiling on the hinge that allows it to rotate 360 ​​degrees. Between any two loops at different levels of the rope is fixed crossbeam, on which all the elements. Rope length is adjustable for your height. The result - a toned body and a unique sense of flight. If you fly a wind tunnel for two to five minutes, there is - for an hour, so even with the huge health benefits.

Body Ballet
 "What's new? "Fitness or heels

Body ballet - the direction is not new, but, nevertheless, a little-known in Russia .  Body ballet grew out of classical ballet, and borrowed from the latter all the good .  But perhaps the reason for the low popularity is the origin .  We have many shy away from the classics like fire .  But in doing so themselves and deprive .  After all, you must first try .  Most likely, you enjoy .  Training includes working at the bench, and in the middle of the room, stretching and, in contrast to the classical version, the elements of Pilates and yoga .  Body ballet gives a moderate, but the intensity of the load on all muscle groups, beautifully tightens the problem areas and correct posture, giving her haughtiness .  If ballerina forced six hours a day to dance on pointe, the fitness version of you one of these exploits will not be required .  Body ballet absorbed only what is useful, what makes the body beautiful, but it does not deform .  The expensive fitness clubs and dance schools classes are live music, which in itself is much nicer than any record .  The elements of yoga and Pilates train those muscles that we normally do not use, because they can be involved only in static poses and asanas that we hardly take in everyday life . 

 "What's new? "Fitness or heels

«Bosu balance trainer» - is a simulator whose name stands for «Both Sides Use», that is, "It is used on both sides." Externally it looks like a half of the ball, while in use and mild exercise hemisphere and flat and rigid reverse surface. When you exercise on this simulator to work actively involved not only the major muscle groups, and small muscles, stabilizers, responsible for the preservation of balance. Bosu gives even loading on the muscles, in this case, unlike the conventional fitness, practically without burdening the joints.

 "What's new? "Fitness or heels

This trend is not yet in Russia, but it is already actively conquering Europe. Italian fitness instructor realized that convince women to change high heels on the shoes comfortable and friendly impossible. Women will still wear studs, whatever the consequences are not threatened. The yield was found: the new direction of fitness designed specifically for women. Trainings are held in the most inappropriate for this purpose shoes - shoes with heels. Stiletto is a special set of exercises that are performed in high heels, and are designed to strengthen certain muscles, ligaments and joints of the feet, in order to minimize the damage from everyday wear heels. In addition, these exercises perfectly tighten leg muscles, especially the thighs and buttocks, strengthen the spine and improve posture. And also make a graceful gait and seductive.

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