10 "no" on the way to a slim figure
 Whims "do not want to, I will not! "Can serve you well, especially if you want to lose weight. It turns out that "nehochuha" - is not always a bad thing. In the struggle for a beautiful slender body is still as good. Especially if you say the following 10 "no" boldly and categorically. The secret is that "no" should be prepared strongly and continuously. This will help you achieve truly outstanding results.

1. Say "no" to his "destiny"

Many ladies have convinced themselves that they have porn "is written on the race." This belief is reinforced by the tendency to be overweight mothers, grandmothers or other relatives. "I have a metabolism" - we are justified, gobbling up both cheeks their second dinner (20.00-21.00) or eating the last piece of candy in a box, the rest from corporate gatherings.

Soothing we ourselves in other ways. For example, that "a good man should be a lot" or "Men do not like thin women - this walking soup sets, because men do not rush to the bone." We also very much like to give an example of "chubby" movie stars who "achieved a great deal in life."

In any case, accept their so-called fate, we just do not leave yourself a chance at being slim. But unbelief and despondency - one of the worst sins. And from the perspective of the church, and from the point of view of psychology. In addition, they largely cover ordinary human laziness. Do not indulge yourself. Take care of yourself, and you become such what you want!

 10 "no" on the way to a slim figure

2. Say "No" diets and starvation

It is sad to admit it, but diet - a temporary measure. You can not stick to a diet for the rest of life, and therefore, its effect will be as brief as you will be on it to "sit."

In addition, the diet does not make us happier. And joy and happiness - these are the conditions that make us eat less - though without much effort.

It is important to understand the following:
  • should not abandon the majority of products, you can have them, but cut portions;

  • a healthy diet the main thing - not to deprive yourself of nutrients, and a balanced power supply system to the presence of all the necessary elements for normal body function;

  • fast does not make sense, but try to eat less - only 1-2 tablespoons. The stomach gradually get used to the new portion, and you'll be eating fewer gorge.

3. Say "no" immoderate appetite

Gluttony - is not only a terrible sin, and it's just a terrible thing. First Overeating disrupts the normal process of digestion. Then stretch the stomach requires more and more food for saturation.

I knew a woman who is at once ate a big plate of borscht, bread polbatona few meatballs, a huge portion of mashed potatoes, salad bowl, and then washed down with all it's a great cup of tea with a couple of biscuits or a packet of biscuits. I think you can guess what she looked like. Of course, this happens infrequently, but each of our overeating - it's a step toward obesity and the "breaking" of the stomach.

It is very important to do the following:
  • increase the volume of fruit and vegetables in the diet;

  • Do not make the meal "hodgepodge" - try to eat separately;

  • Eat slowly, chewing thoroughly, and go from the table with a slight feeling of hunger;

  • 15 minutes before a meal to drink a glass of water. On the one hand, a "launch" the gastrointestinal tract. On the other, it creates a feeling of fullness of the stomach and died appetite.

4. Say "no" to the community clean plates!

The habit to eat up everything that is on the plate, we brought up as a child - including by means of exemplary Bonch-story "Society of clean plates." Stereotypes of childhood have to leave! As if it was a pity not to leave any on the plate yummy, think better about their waist, on their hips, on their feet.

Use different tricks:
  • Buy square instead of round plate. Scientists have shown that a portion of them seem larger than usual "kruglyashi."

  • better prepare less than more. So the food in the house is always fresh, and "eat up to be lost" is not necessary.

  • learn to get pleasure from eating - eat slowly, savoring every bite.

 10 "no" on the way to a slim figure
 5. Say "no" to malnutrition in the morning and evening overeating

In no case can not be neglected a full breakfast or even lunch. Morning and afternoon food quickly "go away" in energy, but be sure to stay a full dinner at the waist and hips.

So be sure to eat breakfast in the morning, go to a cafe or dining room in the afternoon. In the evening, eat, too, but do not put off till dinner. Eat as soon as you get home after work - 6-7 pm that evening activity is not allowed to be deposited fats.

6. Say "no" to the habit of always something to chew on

- The habit of always something to drink or eat there in my new job, - says Anya. - And, for the reason that we're all all day something chew and treat each other. Do not have time to eat apples, Anya drags cookies. Just ate cookies, Maria Ivanovna carries a home-made cake. And so the whole day.

By the way, this problem is particularly acute for office workers, which now and then say to each other: "Take a break! ".

The worst thing is that this "something" - high-energy biscuits, sweets, waffles, nuts, biscuits and so on. Carbohydrates are burned quickly, and the "sweet race" going again.

Another problem - the vigil in front of the TV, and when you want something to chew on.
So, my dear, it is useful to remind ourselves: "Do not chew, you're not a cow." Although the cow in this case - not a bad example, because the grass is low in calories. Then: "If you chew, you do as a cow - only grass (in the sense, fruit)." And always cut them into many small pieces - so you'll absorb them more slowly.

7. Say "no" to the temptation to try all the dishes

With such a temptation we face everywhere - and at a party where the hostess and tries to grab a compliment about each dish. And even more so at the banquet, where a variety of snacks.

How can this be avoided?
  • When you look at a huge table, choose 2-3 dishes that want to try the most. In order not to make the wrong choice, ask a question of what this or that salad. Your interest will appeal to the hostess, who will forgive you for burgers left unattended.

  • Remind yourself that you come to visit or to a banquet, not for food, and pleasant to talk with you people. The food you can afford every day, but having a good time - much less.

  • Enjoy socializing. As with the dishes at once to find in a crowd of a couple of people communicate with whom you will take the most pleasure, and do!

8. Say "no" harmful and unhealthy food

Curiously, the food is causing obesity, is always harmful. Perhaps this is the way in nature shows us that such products should be avoided.

Remember this need and organizing shopping, because extra weight begins with the store and hence the struggle for slim figure should be started as early as hyper- or super-market.

Among several types of sour cream always choose less fat - less than the figure of the threat, and cheaper by almost half. Do not buy large packages, it does not take a lot of different kinds of products. Variety in the refrigerator will provoke you have again and again. You do not need it, so be restrained.

 10 "no" on the way to a slim figure
 9. Say "no" excessive physical activity

Fitness should bring you pleasure, and therefore does not exhaust itself with heavy exercise. If the sport does not bring happiness, there is a risk that you leave class, and thus return to the old sedentary and overweight.

It is better to "get into the groove" gradually. Less stress - less weight.

 10 "no" on the way to a slim figure
 10. Say "no" to anything that interferes with regular sexual life

During the struggle for slim figure, do not forget about a full sexual life. Firstly, it is also exercise, which helps to burn calories. Second, a full sex life makes us happier. Happy people eat less, because in life they have other sources of joy and pleasure. So I am happy and grow thin!
Author: Masha Medvedev