After parting with overweight comfortable!
 "Lose weight for three days! "" In a week - Thumbelina "- that is advertised ways to lose weight cause irreparable harm. It does not happen: to hoard fat for months, years, and to get rid of in a few days. Strategy and tactics of weight loss should be verified and justified. And to choose the optimal method, you must first answer the question: "Where it all began? What was the impetus to gain weight? "

Of course, the popular expression "You have to eat less" is true, but why increased appetite, why the usual food, suddenly became a source of inventory on our sides? Consider the reasons for the sharp increase in weight.

Hormonal changes

This reason occurs during periods of sharp reorganization of the sexual sphere: the beginning of an active sexual life, pregnancy, menopause, gynecological diseases.

These factors are temporary, but may give rise to a rapid increase in weight. In this case it is necessary to rethink their eating habits, diet change downward calories. If the result appeared kilograms was gynecological disease, you should seek treatment.

The emergence of various diseases

If the body is a disturbance in the liver, pancreas, thyroid, other possible abnormalities, the stop growth kg diet alone is almost impossible. It requires a thorough medical examination, diagnosis and treatment of disease. Otherwise, any unthinking biases in power may be further provocation of the disease, which is not desirable at all. With the worsening of the disease are overweight also increase.

Psychological problems

 After parting with overweight comfortable!
   Very often, overweight becomes the result of psychological imbalance. This stress, family discord, sexual dissatisfaction, professional problems, depression. In such cases strict diet can become an additional irritant and only trigger the development of an increased appetite. The man simply gets into a vicious circle: the food is a natural antidepressant, food intake is increased, weight is growing, increasing the imbalance. This can lead to the development of bulimia. In this case, you need to identify the underlying causes of overeating can be a psychologist.

The presence in the body of infections and parasites

Imagine this too can cause excess weight. This reason is rarely voiced, but to draw his attention to it is worth. And if so, then the diet is extremely painful, and sometimes impossible.

So if weight change occurs very rapidly, more than ten kilograms a year, you need to look for the causes with the help of medicine. Accurate diagnosis will help to begin the struggle for harmony, without causing harm to the body, in this case to achieve real results.

The struggle for harmony: choose methods

 After parting with overweight comfortable!
   If the problem of excess weight does not have such a scale, and you realize that weight, I want to get rid of them, just the result of laziness and excess supply, hold the a favorite with both hands. But do not try to solve the problem in a matter of days. Lose weight - not to torture yourself. Slim may not be a punishment.

Before you choose a diet, consider goals and strategies to achieve them. Take a piece of paper and write down the answers to the following questions:

  1. How much weight you have now?
  2. To what weight will you go?
  3. How much you need to lose a kilo, for what period?
  4. How can you increase physical activity?
  5. From what foods it's easier just to give up?
  6. What can you do to lose weight, to give pleasure?

The answers to the first three questions can help to make the schedule of weight loss. Let's say you decided to get rid of the twelve kilograms. Losing five hundred grams a week, six months later, without any abuse of them, you come to the end. Having made such a schedule, you can go to the goal gradually, with no metabolic disorders, without harm to health and without the threat of the return of lost kilos. Simple, stable and stress-free. Even if you decide to shorten the period in half, it would not be contrary to the recommendations of nutritionists, because weight loss is 3-5 kg ​​per month does not lead to the return of the initial weight.

In response to the fourth question, determine what physical activity you can add to the usual day for themselves: the refusal of the elevator, trekking to work, passive gymnastics (queued muscle strain), training on simulators, morning gymnastics. Choose something that you really can accomplish.

Having defined in the fifth paragraph of your food likes and dislikes, you will be able to choose a diet that will best suit your tastes, so - will be easy to carry.

In the sixth paragraph, store what you can do to achieve the goal to give pleasure (optional). It can be dance, breathing exercises, sex, shopping trip, a visit to the sauna. Think what fun can add points to the treasury of the lost weight.

This method will help you lose weight psychologically comfortable. Try it, you certainly will!
Author: Tamara Rozinsky