Get rid of cellulite? Quite possible!
 Yes, just the right time and the right strategy. And do not expect instant results. The main thing here - to adhere to certain (not difficult, among other things) the rules and do not give yourself any indulgences. Attack?

One of the misconceptions - is to assume that slender girls cellulite is not threatened. Even thin women are not immune from the appearance of orange peel. The fact is that cellulite is not specific overweight, while obesity may aggravate the situation. Therefore, keep your weight is normal - it can greatly help in the fight against cellulite. And that generally causes cellulite in women?

1. Changes in estrogen . Female hormones are affected by chemicals that are contained in the Food and Drug Administration. Under the influence of the fat cells change their structure, which leads to the "orange-peel". Female body begins to accumulate in the fat cells of the connective tissue, and because they are perpendicular to the skin, and the unevenness created in the surface of the skin that we see how the external signs of cellulite.

2. The consumption of the wrong fats . The metabolism of the female body is disrupted due to the consumption of trans fats and recycled vegetable oils.

3. Lack of essential fatty acids in the diet . These acids are found in fish, and tropical vegetable oils. Traditionally, it so happened that we consume these products, as a rule, very little.

4. Use body lotions containing mineral oil . Some products for body care products contain oil - derived from petrochemicals, they block the absorption of healthy nutrients skin.

 Get rid of cellulite? Quite possible!

Based on the foregoing, let us develop the most effective solutions in the fight against cellulite. So Our strategy :

1. There is only the "right" fats.

- Never use cheap oil, and any other products containing them. When cooking, you can use olive oil, unprocessed coconut oil, organic, natural cream.

- But it will not solve the fat problem. You need a tissue, and fibrous. The fibers act on our hips like a good body scrub. They tone up blood circulation, improve the appearance of the skin from within.

- Say "no" salty and fatty foods.

- Turn the menu duck and oysters. These components of French cuisine have a smoothing effect for the skin.

 Get rid of cellulite? Quite possible!

2. Avoid anything unfamiliar food.   Stay away from any foods that contain substances that are unfamiliar to you. The fact that the anti-cellulite diet is important complete exclusion of any toxins from the diet. After all, cellulite is caused by numerous factors, including calories and harmful toxins.

Toxins and calories immediately restock the fat cells, and this - a direct source of cellulite. By removing toxins from the body, you will be able to avoid the possibility of the appearance of cellulite.

3. Pamper yourself ...   But not food, and a weekly professional massage with a focus on problem areas. If you can not constantly be in the cabin, it is not a reason to give up. Buy a good massage mitten and at least once a week to do an intensive massage thighs.

 Get rid of cellulite? Quite possible!

4. Use only natural, organic and high-quality products for skin care . Many of us have carefully read food labels, but neglect this when choosing a normal daily hygiene and body care. In creams, lotions and gels, synthetic ingredients are also harmful, as in our food. And the best - that's what gives you the nature. Those healthy fats - only the body. And olive oil, and coconut oil well "will be engaged in" your "orange peel". They lead not only to equalize the skin, but also to reduce the amount! A great opportunity to not only get rid of irregularities, but also on the extra centimeters.

 Get rid of cellulite? Quite possible!

5. Proper exercise   will not accumulate fat cells and "drive" the ones that already exist. And even if there is no time, you will help some simple secrets:

- Buy special shoes. It is not only the special shoes, even elegant shoes can "work" on your muscles. For example, here are tonewalker sandals, toning while walking. Any shoe that uses resistance to help disperse the fat - building material cellulite. When walking, the muscles will tighten, blood circulation - to improve, in general, the body will be constantly on our toes. If you can not buy such shoes - you can just stretch the leg muscles when walking.

 Get rid of cellulite? Quite possible!

- Jump Rope - a great way to combat cellulite. You do not need exercise equipment, fitness do not need tickets, you need only 2-3 minutes a day!

 Get rid of cellulite? Quite possible!

- Special leggings impregnated with shea butter and caffeine, say, can work wonders. They can be worn when you exercise, or simply busy with homework. Or you can just do wraps warm oils, ordinary wear leggings and the effect will be no worse!

 Get rid of cellulite? Quite possible!

6. Drink enough and correctly.   Green tea, green tea extract, contains a substance called theobromine, which penetrates the skin and helps to remove fat deposits. This prevents the formation of cellulite, and disperses existing cellulite. Just do not go to the green tea rapidly, replacing them all their tea. Drink only when you want. But it is necessary to drink enough water. Because the water - a great tool in the fight against cellulite. Drinking 2 liters a day, you cleanse the body of any toxins, improves circulation and all life processes.

 Get rid of cellulite? Quite possible!

Author: Olga Larsen