Keep your back!
 Naked female back - an exciting spectacle, of course, provided that the bearing and flawless skin. But how many of us can boast of such perfection? Hardly. But many blame the "spin" the problems ourselves.

Stoop, drooping shoulders helplessly, Curved spine line, ugly folds of fat - all evidence of our care attitude to their appearance and health, where the "legs" of many problems grow from childhood, from school. And now there are numerous facilities - we hesitate to wear open dresses, preferring shapeless robes, at the beach wrapped in sarongs. But, good posture - this is not the only guarantee of the attractiveness, self-confidence, but also health. Headaches, neck pain and lower back - the cause of this suffering could be that bad posture.

Not all the shortcomings of the figures lend themselves to quick and easy adjustment, but if you start today regularly special exercises for the muscles of the back, you can have this beach season to strengthen muscles, to remove the fat folds and make outlines of the figures more elegant and attractive. Well, if you want to be really beautiful, flawless back, then you need to take care of it as well and constantly, like a face.

Correct defects

Postural problems can be largely solved if the move more and do regular special exercises that strengthen the whole muscular system, trains the back muscles and abdominals. Choose a suitable complex is not difficult. I can recommend a few simple and effective exercises.

• Pose bar.   It strengthens the muscles of the back, trains the muscles of the arms, develops mobility and strength of the wrist; but also beneficial to the abdominal organs.
Get up to stop "lying." We try to maintain a straight line from head to toe: head, neck, back, legs - everything is stretched to attention, gaze directed downward, the shoulders - just above the wrists.

This position must be held for a start, 30 seconds, and then every day to add a little time, until it reaches 5 minutes. Great importance played by the muscles of the lower press, which are also "corset", supporting the lower part of the spine. Therefore, each exercise is carried out with a strain of muscles of the lower abdomen.

• Struggling with a stoop.   Lift your head up, craning his neck, while the shoulders are not deleted. Straightens his shoulders, first lift each arm to the ear, then make circular motions with his shoulders back and forth.

 Keep your back!
 • Yoga for the back.   Very useful for correcting posture practice yoga. Many yoga postures are designed to strengthen and stretch the spine and shoulder girdle. For example, when the posture "cow head" or Gomukhasana automatically straightens the back, developing the mobility of the shoulder joints.

Perform this pose can be sitting cross-legged or kneeling. Keep your body upright, take the left hand behind his back, turning her palm outward, and bend at the elbow. Brush is located between the shoulder blades. Right hand pull up, bend at the elbow and lower the brush down his back. Join hands behind his back. Stay in the pose for 30 seconds, then repeat the exercise, changing hands.

Skin care

 Keep your back!
 Monitor the condition of the skin of the back must also be careful how and skin care. Stages care basically the same: cleaning, hydration, nutrition. A daily shower with special massage brush or massage glove - a mandatory procedure.
Starting from the waist, back massage soft circular motions, gradually moving to the neck.

In the absence of lesions on his back and shoulders regularly spend peeling.

- Body scrub   It can be done at home - it's grounds from brewed coffee, oatmeal, diluted in a little water or milk, fine salt and sour cream.

- For the skin of the back and shoulders helpful a mask of white clay .

- After water procedures apply to the skin body lotion Preferably with plant extracts.

- For dry skin, chamomile helpful baths . 1 cup dried chamomile flowers pour 1 liter of boiling water, let stand 30 minutes, then strain and add to the bath. If skin is oily do the infusion of a mixture of nettles, mother and stepmother, oregano and lime color. Take 1 tablespoon of each herb, the mixture pour 1 liter of boiling water, leave for 1 hour, then strain and pour into the tub.

Good habits

The main rule maintain the correct posture - is the right habits: the ability to sit, stand and walk. If not, it's time to do their running time!

- Need to stand and walk upright, squared his shoulders and plunging stomach. During the day - standing and sitting - keep upright neck. In the sitting position necessary to rely on the back, correct sitting position in itself is a good exercise for the back muscles. And here the choice easy chair or chair to work, helps to relax the body, plays a very important role.

- If you have to sit for a long time, take a break every hour, try dvigaytsya longer, change your position, do not sit deep, it can lead to stooped posture.
From time to time, rotate and shrugs, it will help to reduce muscle tension in the shoulders and back.

- Place on a table or attach to a computer leaf reminder - a simple motto: "Keep back! "Will remind you of the need to monitor the bearing.
At the same time, to sit permanently on "like an arrow" is not worth it, it's tough, and according to the latest science is harmful, maintain a straight posture while sitting is unnecessary load on the spine and can cause chronic back pain due to a pinched nerve at displacement intervertebral disc. The main thing is not to stoop or bend the spine

Diet for back

 Keep your back!
 Beautiful spin without a healthy, strong and flexible spine is possible. What you need in addition to our spine exercise? Of course, proper nutrition!

This is primarily natural minerals Calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and manganese.

- Calcium   - This is the main structural component of bone. It therefore is 90% of the calcium in the bone. Natural sources of calcium are varied, it is not only dairy products. It is found in almost any food. Foods high in calcium - a liver, kidney, heart, eggs, corn meal coarse, oats, nuts and seeds; beet leaves, dandelion, mustard; cabbage, lettuce, carrots and cucumbers; fruit - oranges, figs, raisins, dates, dried in the sun.

- To form a healthy and balanced bone metabolic needs phosphorus . Its main sources - fish and fish oil; natural cheese; soybean pods, raw spinach, cucumber, cabbage, peas, lettuce, wheat bran.

- It is very important for building bones and preventing osteoporosis magnesium . The best sources of magnesium - pods of beans, beans, cucumbers, peas, raw spinach, avocado, bran, nuts, whole grains, sunflower seeds; honey, raisins and prunes.

- Also can not do without manganese That carries oxygen from the blood to the cells. This is important for nutrition of the intervertebral discs, without circulation. Sources of manganese - seaweed, potatoes, especially the peel (the furnace jacket is entirely), lettuce, celery, onions, peas, beans of all kinds; bran and natural corn flour, almonds, chestnuts, walnuts, fruit - bananas.

Besides minerals needed spine vitamins Especially A, C, D.

- Vitamins A and D, the body needs them for full utilization of calcium and phosphorus, as well as for the normal functioning of the nervous system.

- Vitamin C - promotes the synthesis of collagen, which firmly connects the cells in the bones, skin and other body tissues.

- To build and upgrade the intervertebral disc tissue is important and vitamins B1, B6 and B12.

So, more variety in the diet - it is like the spine, and the skin will improve for sure.
Author: Olga Travleeva