Ortoreksi: proper diet can be dangerous to your health. Part 3
 Healthy Diet - worthy of praise and encouragement of anti-obesity, chronic and even fatal disease, slows the aging process and allows you to feel and look better. However, when healthy eating becomes an obsession, it can lead to painful consequences.

Ortoreksi   - Subclinical disorder characterized by obsession with healthy eating. Even if you invent that your well-balanced diet is good for you, your obsession with her could lead to negative consequences. Should your life be hostage to what you eat? We'll tell you about the consequences and treatments oortoreksii or how proper nutrition can bring to the extreme.

Bretman Steven (Steven Bratman), MD, became famous for the introduction of a new term "ortoreksi." He describes ortoreksi as a disease in which people see in their diet the way of spiritual and physical cleansing, even prosperity. The more a person limits himself, the purer and chaste he feels. In recent years, the diet became an obsession, they can have a debilitating effect on the intellectual health.

What imperfections like proper nutrition?
The main driving factor for women is overweight. For men, weight loss - a secondary reason is the general desire to "look good". The desire to conform to society's standards - a powerful driving force of such 'advanced' diets. Proper nutrition, in fact - not a bad thing, but to follow any diet regime too radical or for the wrong reasons can lead to negative consequences.

Paradoxical food

The inevitable result ortoreksi - deprivation intuitive power and might enjoy the food. Intuitive Eating - a simple realization, what kind of food you want, when you are hungry, what food you enjoy, and awareness of satiety. Restriction in products often requires willpower, but also means that you are going against the mind and the body's needs. The solution is never to consume "it" undoubtedly lead to loss of control.

Random errors or unexpected party will cause a person suffering ortoreksi, a sense of guilt. Many normal people feel bad when they eat too much or deviate from the diet, but they do recognize the importance of perfect. In contrast, a person sick ortoreksi guilt increases, and there is disgust. Spending huge amounts of energy to ignore intuition if you want to eat the "right" person comes to robotic, not pleasurable eating. Even worse - a man with ortoreksi never learn to eat normally, as it gives him a sense of the feeling of shame.

People with ortoreksi, considering the consumption of "bad" products such as the loss of self-control and lack of willpower. To compensate for the error in the discipline, some people limit themselves in power even more, beginning to excessive exercise as punishment. Now for many this is their way of life. Life is a cycle in which every day - a day of proper nutrition, the victory over the temptations and desires. When a person devotes so much time perfect diet and self-punishment, almost no time for a happy life.

Social isolation

Another negative outcome ortoreksi - social isolation. People are so fixated on its "proper nutrition" they plan their lives around and only for the diet. They can always be carried out in organic food stores. They may avoid restaurants because they do not believe that all the dishes are prepared from the appropriate products to them. They can avoid encounters with family and friends, because they are fed the usual food.


Ortoreksi practically not diagnosed because patients often hide their commitment to "nutrition". Also, since ortoreksi - no clinical diagnosis, many health professionals are not even aware of this problem.

Despite the fact that the treatment can be difficult, as people begin to realize that proper nutrition can be absolutely useful and even harmful, experts recommend look for the root of the problem. People are starting to get hung up on certain things (not just food) when experiencing deep emotional stress. Work on the cause of the disease can make the transition to proper nutrition less painful.

Average power

Eat properly - it means simply "listen to your stomach" and practice flexibility. It is the ability to eat when you're hungry and continue until you are full. It is the ability to choose the food that you like and enjoy it. The most important thing - is that a normal diet requires you flexibility in response to the food when your hungry, your surroundings and your senses. This means a deviation from the "one-sided" diets. Of course, easier said than done, but this is a key moment to return to the intuitive power.

Develop the ability to eat properly

• Eat as a child. Children follow their inherent desires and needs. They always eat only when hungry and they are completely satisfied with the choice of its products. Children stop when the gorge. Even if you do not have a specific model of power, we want to offer you a sample that you make friends with food, diet and introduced himself.

• An example of the power supply system

- Eat a juicy piece of chicken with his eyes closed and fully experience the taste, smell and feel her touch to his lips.

  - Pour potato chips in hand, they just feel the crunch, and enjoy the sensations. Then put one or two pieces in the mouth and inspired with their taste.

  - Squeeze the juice of mango hands and taste the nectar flowing from your fingertips.

- Eat your favorite ice cream while sitting on the beach and enjoying the sunset.

- Arrange breakfast in bed with his friend, a child or alone.

Key moment   - Eat what you like and experience the taste "in full" - eat with feeling. Associate food with a good thing, not just a source of energy - the obsession of the consumer. Of course, not every product can be admired, but do it whenever the opportunity arises.

There are only a few ways to overcome the obsession with healthy eating. Balanced diet - an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but it should not be its meaning. Leave time to care about yourself and enjoying life to the fullest.