The right attitude ...
 Often romantically-minded male figure of a beautiful woman compared with a guitar ... But the soul of a woman, her inner world, probably arranged much more difficult any musical instrument. And each woman requires its own tuner. As a child, our inner world is set up parents, educators, teachers, alas, not always successfully ... Virtuoso tuners male attitude which is good for a woman, there are even rarer ...

Therefore, every woman for his own benefit itself must learn to adjust themselves. By mastering this skill can significantly ease your life and make it more comfortable.

What every woman decides to configure itself. For example, on a slim figure ...

We often hear women who were dissatisfied with their appearance, sad laugh off: "A good man should be a lot." But probably few women in the world who would not have dreamed to lose a couple, and even dozen kilograms. What prevents the dream a reality? Not only the weak will, but abnormal eating behavior .

 The right attitude ...
   Lose weight psychologists and nutritionists advise wisely without delay losing weight tomorrow, but without becoming a fan of violent, hate gazed at the fridge and ready to defeat all the supermarkets.

Weight loss should be gradual, not causing harm to health and beauty. First of all, every time a hand reaching for a pie, cake, candy, you need to ask yourself - what you eat at this time? Are you hungry? Bored? Seize the stress and loneliness, or fatigue from excessive stress at home and at work? When you answer these questions yourself, you will realize that chew up everything not worth it. If hunger bothers, it is possible to do an apple, carrots, oranges or tangerines couple.

It should accustom ourselves to eat at the same time, and the breakfast must be dense and hearty, for example, a plate of porridge, scrambled eggs.

You must set yourself on a healthy and essential food, such as chicken, turkey meat without skin, cereals, vegetables, fruits, legumes, and milk products.

There should be little and often. For example, to start to share a portion of the food that you are used to eat at a time, in half and eat it in two stages with an interval of 1-2 hours.

Never eat to satiety. Thoroughly chew each bite.

Do not keep a lot of food in the refrigerator. If you have a family and give up the reserves is not possible, write letters large red poster "Welcome to overfed hippos! ". Or come up with something of their own, no less frightening. And hang a warning on your refrigerator, attaching it with tape.

The amount of fat eaten in the form of cream, butter and cream must be reduced by half. Also do not forget that the oil contains vegetable oil, cheese. By limiting the fat people lose weight even when eating pasta and bread rolls.

Tea and coffee is recommended to drink without sugar. A small amount of honey is acceptable.

 The right attitude ...
   It will be just great if a woman once or twice a week to arrange a fasting days.

Helps to lose weight foods that contain large amounts of fiber - fruits, vegetables, bread and bran. They not only normalize intestinal function, but also cleanse the body of toxins, preventing fat deposited on his favorite place - the abdomen, hips, waist, back ...

Do not eat, sitting at the computer or TV. Put next to a vase with no biscuits and chocolates and a glass of mineral water without gas with the addition of lemon, grapefruit and orange juice. Whenever you want to put something in your mouth, take a sip of this magical drink, burn fat.

It is recommended to limit itself to salt and spices, and drink as much as you want, but at least 2 liters a day.

In the morning at the same time is weighed on the same balance. Remember: 100 gr. lost weight - is progress. And for the success you are entitled to compensation. But it is not edible. And, for example, some thing that you always dreamed of, or walk with friends, giddy sex with a loved one or a trip to the theater. From edible rewards permissible small tiles of dark chocolate.

No wonder folk wisdom says that each of us smith own happiness. So, learn to properly configure itself and reap the rewards of success.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva