Where are we going to do waist ....?
 For starters, let's see where we rise, and how not to lose it. For most of the world's waist - a part of the body located above the lumbar region and below the ribs. By definition, it should be smaller in volume than the shoulders, chest and thigh, but really, if the definition of its location having problems - the measures must be taken immediately!

As it is provided by nature - if you do not watch your diet and little exercise, then this part of our body is gradually becoming a repository of unused energy as fat. But all is not lost - a lost waist can be returned, though just a few weeks, if the process is not too run.

"Everything I sit on a diet tomorrow! '- We exclaim, one morning when he saw himself in the mirror and" suddenly "found that waist that was" yesterday ", today suddenly disappeared.

Of course, the revision of the menu to the side to reduce its calorie content will help us in the struggle for harmony, especially in combination with special physical exercises. To begin with we shall understand: what is it that is useful to eat, so as not to "lose" the waist!

Most experts recommend a diet low in saturated fat, including fresh fruits, vegetables and foods rich in starch, such as brown rice, seafood, whole grain breads and pasta .  Yes, yes, I am not mistaken - that the pasta! The information that the fattening of pasta, are hopelessly outdated .  Italian nutritionists say that the secret of thin waists Signor and Signorina lies in predilection for favorite pasta (as the Italians call pasta) .  They eat bread, pasta, cooked dough zameshennogo on wholemeal flour from durum wheat .  It turns out that due to the high concentration of complex carbohydrates, fiber and thiamin (vitamin B1), pasta help maintain optimal weight .  So, eat health, of course, in reasonable quantities .  But to get rid of excess fat around the waist, stomach and thighs, diet alone is often not enough .  If you do not perform special exercises for the abdominal muscles, they weaken, including, and "lateral", responsible for the state of the internal organs in the abdominal cavity, and this leads to a shift of the front wall of the abdomen forward - and ... goodbye slim figure . 

And, in fact, a small waist - is not just a fad, but a pledge of good health. For example, in modern insurance company when you make health insurance more likely to pay attention to the amount of your waist and abdomen.

Doctors found a link between fat deposits around the waist and above, and heart disease as well as diabetes, hypertension, stroke and other dangerous diseases.

  Exercises for the waist and hips

• One of the most useful exercises because it activates the most different areas of your body, especially the abdomen and thighs - "Cat".

Becoming on "all fours". Arms and back straight and look straight ahead. Exhale, inhale, then exhale and take a strong basic position: tilt the head, and at the same time bend the back, raising it as high as possible. Count to 10, holding the breath. Release your breath, take the starting position. Repeat 3 times.

• Stretch the lateral surface of the body   perfectly removes unnecessary excess from the waist.

Starting position - standing, feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent, rest your palms feet just above the knees. Exhale the air through your mouth and inhale through your nose vigorously. Exhale, pull the right leg straight to the side and reach for the elbow bent, right hand to left knee bent leg. The left arm is straight and extended above the head (we assume to 5), then leaned even lower forearm area Reach your right hand to the ankle of the left foot (count to 5). Relax. Breathe. Repeat 3 times in one direction, then the other.

• Exercise "Bicycle"

Running lying on the mat, arms at your sides. Raise the straightened legs to a height of 10-15 cm from the floor and alternately bend and straighten them like movements when cycling. The higher the lift the legs, the easier it is to do an exercise, but we are not looking for easy ways! Movement is performed for half a minute, then turn on the abdominal muscles stretch: bend your knees and bends their right hands pull at chest level, and take them for a counterweight to the left, stretch, and now - in the opposite direction. Then repeat the "bicycle" and then stretch.

• Exercise for the side "parts" waist , Copes with flabby muscles on the sides.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width of 30-35 centimeters, hands rest palms on hips above the knees. In poluprisede inhale, exhale, hold your breath, pull your stomach. Lower left arm so that the elbow was bent on his left knee. Extend your right leg to the side, pulling the sock.

Try not to take your foot off the floor. The emphasis falls on his left knee. Raise your right hand and pull it over your head, pull it as much as possible, continue. Hold on to this position for a count of 8. Breathe. Perform 3 times in each direction.

Fingers straight legs should be well extended, the foot does not come off the floor, severely stretch sideways, not leaning forward.

• Exercise "energetic movements stomach"

It is very useful to strengthen, reducing the volume of the waist and abdomen vigorous retraction of the abdomen - to inhale and exhale. The main rack - feet shoulder width apart, arms at your sides. Look straight ahead. All the attention - on a stomach and breathing. At the same time with a sharp exhalation through the nose retract as you can, abdomen, then simultaneously with a sharp breath through his nose puffed out its maximum advance. Is performed at a fast pace of 10 to 25 times.

Oh, and do not forget about such an effective waist, abdomen and bedёr sports equipment as Hula Hup.   Hula-hoop, or hoop, appeared in the United States back in 1957, was very popular at one time, then interest in it declined, but less useful it from that did not. The most effective weighted hoops with massing elements, although a workout should start with a conventional hollow hoop. By the way, it can easily be heavier by making holes in it and falls asleep inside the rump or peas, seal the hole with tape.

Technique training with hoop is very simple. Stand with your legs straight or slightly bent at the knees at shoulder width or slightly wider. Body weight is evenly distributed on the foot, toes slightly outward directed. Take hoop in hand. Tighten your abdominal muscles and lower back, and try to keep them in this position throughout the exercise. Now you can release the hoop, asking him at the same rotation. The motions of the body, legs and neck compel the hoop spinning around the waist and hips. That's all. 10-15 minutes a day - and only through a hula-hoop for a couple of weeks, you can reduce the waist by 2 centimeters, say enthusiasts.

There is a saying: "Do every day something for yourself, and then your future - in your hands! "If you wish, dream, aspire to have a flat stomach, tightened muscles and slender waist - rise from a chair and join in yourself! Nothing is impossible!
Author: Olga Travleeva