With the new figure in the New Year!
 As a rule, the thought of losing weight is particularly frequented by a woman face any more holidays when they want to show itself in all its glory in a new dress and hit the surrounding stunning figure. But what if another failed diet and thoughts of any restrictions to cause acute rejection? One answer - is, while thin.

Especially this kind of weight loss for those who like to snack, but reproaches himself for each eaten a piece at an inopportune time. Now the concept of "bite" you need to replace the concept of "small portion". The result is the most efficient mode of eating the food - split meals .

Mode fractional power is inherent to man since ancient times, when food had to produce hard, and people have a bite that came to hand, whether it be on the bush berries, juicy fruit hanging on the tree or the edible roots. Gradually, the food is readily available, and the man turned to food large portions three times a day. However, modern experts believe that it is a food and is a direct path to obesity. Another harmful effects on metabolism, if a person is fed once or twice a day, significantly delaying thereby metabolism. Fractional power, which is a one-time mode 4-6 meals in small portions, is more physiological and allows you to keep your metabolism at a high level.

Fractional power not only helps to lose weight, but is a form of clinical nutrition, as establishes the gastrointestinal tract and is the prevention of overeating. Not without reason, doctors recommend a fractional power to adhere to the presence in humans of diseases of internal organs, especially the stomach and intestines.

As it does not sound paradoxical, but the frequent use of food prevents seizures uncontrolled food intake, because it does not allow a strong sense of hunger. Due to the frequent use of small amounts of food, your metabolism speeds up, and the intake of large doses of blood glucose stops, avoiding the attacks of uncontrollable hunger.

Of course, the basic concept of fractional power is not only the frequency, but also the size of servings. But do not fear that, instead of the effect of weight loss will only weight gain. And even if in the early days of serving sizes are not much different from the usual, do not despair and blame themselves for the food. Literally within the first week it will be obvious that the saturation comes much faster, and much of the portions and will remain intact.

At the beginning getting used to split meals need to afford to have the slightest feeling of hunger, and only what you want. The basic rule of this period is complete mutual understanding with the body, which you need to listen to yourself after each eaten a piece. If the feeling of hunger disappears after the first three or four pieces, then you need to stop immediately. The next time you eat at least 20 minutes after the first meal, but this time it will have one or two pieces.

Gradually portion will decrease by themselves, by reducing the volume of the stomach and the absence of emission of high doses of sugar in the blood. A month later, many are surprised to find that you can eat just one or a few sips of apple yogurt. And even if you want to eat a piece of cake or a little fried potatoes - no need to deny yourself. Only one such meal should consist only of the saucer potatoes or just a small piece of cake, and the interval between meals at the same time is not less than two hours.

 With the new figure in the New Year!

A prerequisite is the normal metabolism of a full breakfast, which should consist of boiled porridge. To slimming process was more active, better in every meal there is any one dish. Thus obtained compound and the separation of a fractional power.

For the process of cleansing the body and weight loss was a complex, preferably daily use products containing polyunsaturated fatty acids or take fish oil capsules. To activate biochemical processes in the body, and will be useful vitamin complexes containing a balanced composition of vitamins and minerals.
Author: Natalia Biatova