Yoga and Pilates: what to choose
 Now these two areas at the peak of popularity. In fact, it is difficult to decide what to do. And then, and more useful for our body. It's one thing to try and do both and then leave just one thing. For those who do not have to try for those who want to know more, we propose to compare these two types of sessions.


Yoga.   Its roots go back to the East. Followers are called yoga journey into their inner world. Here spiritual component predominates over the physical. She learns to relax and meditate. What is particularly important in our crazy life. During the training you learn to breathe and remain calm, to reject self-doubt and overcome obstacles. The load is considered as a part of meditation. It's a great way to relieve stress, learn to control. And as a bonus you get a flexible and toned body.

Pilates.   This practice, on the contrary, largely concentrated on the body. However, this does not mean that consciousness is not given attention. All movements are slow. It is necessary to focus on the exercise.

Conclusion:   Both practices associated body and mind. Yoga focuses on meditation. A Pilates on how to use the mind to make your body flexible and fit.

Dynamic exercises

Yoga.   Most poses are static, that is, you arrive at them for a while. Length is measured not in seconds, but the number of breaths.

Pilates.   In this direction, there are 2 types of exercises. First, all exercises are performed on the ground using a tape or disc. They aim to develop strength, flexibility and endurance. The second type uses the exercise equipment called the Reformer and the Cadillac, whose systems allow you to add a complication to develop strength. They are united by the fact that all training consists of a certain number of sets and repetitions.

Conclusion:   People who do not like the dynamic movement often prefer yoga, considering it the easiest option. So do not take the path of least resistance. Choose what you like. From experience I can say that power yoga is not easier Pilates.


 Yoga and Pilates: what to choose

  It helps to keep the flexibility of the body. During training involved a large number of different muscle groups. The load is given to them so that they perform the same functions as in everyday life. In addition, it helps to create a balance between the different parts of the body.

Pilates.   Each exercise of the Pilates system develops flexibility and strength. He pays special attention to the muscles of the back and abdomen. They can be combined with other sports or dancing, as Pilates develops endurance.

Conclusion:   Yoga - the best option for those seeking to develop flexibility and find peace of mind. If you have a weak back or want to tighten the abs and thighs, then give preference to Pilates.

The main purpose of occupation

  It tends to make a person look at yourself, know your inner world. The result - finding peace of mind with the help of exercise. Therefore, the main purpose of yoga - Stress Reliever.

 Yoga and Pilates: what to choose

Pilates.   This system is aimed at correcting deficiencies. After all, Joseph Pilates developed it in the early 1900s to help wounded soldiers during the war will be restored. In the West, most clinics offer Pilates for people who were injured during exercise or after a car accident. These classes are suitable for people suffering from chronic back pain and neck.

Conclusion:   Yoga focused more on dealing with stress, although we should not plead its merits in the fight against pain in the back and neck. While Pilates rather seeks to give an opportunity to make yourself healthier and recover.


To determine what you closer in spirit, I advise you to be like 5 sessions of yoga and Pilates. Do not take these kinds of loads, as the only panacea in the fight against excess weight. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, no cardio extra weight will evaporate very slowly. Since the purpose of these activities is not to help you get rid of Zhirkov. So do not forget about running, skating, skiing or cycling, dancing, etc.

If you like, and had to do both, then you can safely combine them. They complement each other perfectly. Sooner or later, you will notice that the exercises in something similar. So why limit yourself? 2 times a week, attend a yoga class and 2 times go to Pilates classes. Or engage in the house with them in turn.
Author: Vera Karabutova