9 "green" steps to weight loss
 Easy and useful tips to help you burn extra calories.

How can you help the environment by going to his goal - weight loss? Next useful activity reduces waste landfill, reduces carbon allocation - all while burning a huge number of calories! For example, a grass cutting mower with a hand not only reduces pollution, but also allows the double burn more calories than when using electric or gas mower. (Plus, many say that it is best for your lawn). Here are some ways to make it easier not only to life, but also the weight.

Replace your sports equipment

Remove your old trainer or sports equipment and changing with your friends on video aerobics or aerobic ball. It will encourage you to try new activities that will rapidly increase your metabolism.

 9 "green" steps to weight loss

Use of the environment: you can prevent pollution from non-degradable equipment and air - from exhaust gases during transport.

Buy sports equipment in the shops

 9 "green" steps to weight loss

Recent studies have shown that the game of football burns more calories than jogging, which has always been considered ideal for weight loss. Practice footwork using a soccer ball made of polyurethane instead of PVC plastic, which releases harmful chemicals into the air, water and soil.

Practice jogging outdoors

45-minute run or walk in the fresh air pmozhet improve blood circulation, keep the brain active and burn more calories than doing the same work in a stuffy gym. Plus, sunlight increases serotonin levels and vitamin D in the body, which helps to keep the weight stability.

 9 "green" steps to weight loss

Use of the environment: the refusal of treadmills, elliptical trainers and stationary bicycles reduce national energy consumption levels. This equipment, even when not working, the power consumption.

Dispose of garbage

 9 "green" steps to weight loss

Work out the search and destruction of waste around your home weekly family mission. You will actively train the arms and legs, constantly bending down and dragging bags of garbage in the open air.

Use of the environment: waste collection not only gives the grass, trees, bushes and flowers to breathe, but it also allows you and your children to appreciate all the charm of a green environment.

Eat less meat

Vegetarians tend to be slimmer than those who eat meat, and have less chance of getting heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes. Some evidence suggests that people who go on a vegetarian diet will automatically burn more calories, since plant foods are consumed the body more efficiently than the meat, which is often deposited in the fat.

 9 "green" steps to weight loss

Use of the environment: meat production uses more water, energy and fuel than vegetable; Surface runoff pollutes the rivers and the air.

Limit yourself to a pre-packaged packaged snacks

 9 "green" steps to weight loss

Avoid low-fat packaged foods because they often do not satisfy our appetite and can cause overeating later. Instead snack handful of nuts, or other useful products every few hours to stabilize blood sugar levels and keep normal metabolism.

Use of the environment: these products are usually packaged in a plastic box or cellophane that require bolshgo number of years to decompose.

Take the traditional housework

 9 "green" steps to weight loss

To burn extra calories when performing household chores around the house, try to do things the old-fashioned way. For example, ispolzuytk conventional manual mower to cut the lawn, or for drying clothes are hung on the rope. These variations motions challenging your body, forcing him to move in completely different ways, activating your metabolism.

Pamper yourself going to the eco-spa

Instead excesses in eating and drinking in celebration of your birthday, anniversary or the beginning of the holiday, treat yourself to an eco-spa. Massage, yoga course, wrap and mineral bath to relax the muscles, help remove toxins and restore the connection between body and mind, which in turn can increase weight loss.

 9 "green" steps to weight loss

Use of the environment: eco-spa respectful to the environment in many different variations - from chemically pure products and ending with energy-saving lighting.

Park your car

 9 "green" steps to weight loss

Your choice of vehicle can burn 500 extra calories a day. The trip by bus or subway will force you to explore on foot (or running), cycling strengthens the calves and glutes, and opt for the stairs instead of the elevator, will improve heart and lung function. In comparison - driving a car does not burn virtually no calories.

Use of the environment: the sooner you turn off the car engine, the less gas and oil get into the air.