Beautiful hip at home
 We think that all kinds of SPA-procedures can work wonders. And to be beautiful, without them, just can not do. In fact, even at home with a minimum of cost, we can make a real and SPA-center, and a gym. It would be the desire.

Today, the beauty centers are very popular all kinds of wraps . One of the most effective - wax. It should be a pleasure not less than $ 50 per session. However, you can arrange voskoterapiyu home. This will require only a penny paraffin candles, plain cream, unnecessary thin towel, an old saucepan (so you can throw it away without regret), massage with wheels, large oilcloth wrapping, warm blanket.

  Before the procedure, you can create the atmosphere of a salon in the room: a pleasant rasslayulyayuschuyu incorporate music, light aroma lamp .  Now in a saucepan melt the wax candles .  While mass is melted, put on the legs and thighs cream .  Spread a blanket on the couch and - on top of it - oilcloth .  Then soak a towel prepared liquid wax .  After the wax towel neatly on the oilcloth, wait a bit until the wax cools slightly .  Note that it cools quickly .  Do not miss the moment when a towel with hot wax will be tolerated .  Sit down at him and quickly wrapped in a towel, a warm blanket and oilcloth .  Time of procedure - 20 minutes .  Once you let go of by this kind of cocoon, massage your problem areas with cream .  The next day, repeat the procedure, using the same towel .  It just need to warm up in a water bath .  For maximum effect, spend 5 - 10 sessions .  Such hot wax wraps create a sauna effect .  This helps to eliminate excess fluid from the tissues and reduce the volume of the body . 

  But only one SPA-procedures beautiful hips elastic not achieved. Need for a balanced diet with a minimum of sweet and fat, as well as special exercises.   The most effective exercise for the hips - kicks, squats, lunges, running, jumping, brisk walking. Moreover, static exercises to strengthen the muscles should be combined with the dynamic, burn body fat.
Author: Yulia Egorova