Fruits - allies harmony, beauty and health!
 Since childhood, we used to take fruits and vegetables most useful food for our body, and probably every one of us remembers how the parents advised us to eat more fruit, and it really is very good advice, because the fruits do not contain cholesterol, high in fiber, vitamins They help to reduce the pressure, reduce the risk of many diseases. Besides all this, there is a perception that fruit promote weight loss. Is it so? Is it possible to lose weight by eating only fruit?

It is possible, even if the calorie fruits such as bananas, dates, raisins, dried apricots you eat in moderation, will not eat strawberries with fat sour cream and fruit desserts fill the top with whipped cream. Everything is very tasty, but does not contribute to the harmony of shapes.

But what fruits and berries are most useful for the preservation of harmony? Obviously, those less calories, the ones that are easily digested by the body, promote digestion and eliminate toxins. By a combination of factors, the top ranks in our top parade will take:

• Grapefruit (35 kcal)

• Pineapple (42)

• Kiwi (60)

• Pear (42-60)

 Fruits - allies harmony, beauty and health!
 Grapefruit - An evergreen tree thermophilic .  Maturing in December, the fruit of grapefruit perfectly retain their value until July .  It is a beautiful and healthy fruit .  In English the word means "grape fruit", but the grapes nothing it does not, it just grows on the branches in clusters like grapes - on 6-18 pieces .  Grapefruit - a hybrid of orange and shaddock .  Especially useful red grapefruit .  It is recommended to use in the diet .  It contains substances that burn fat and activates the liver .  To avoid bitterness, grapefruit spoon to eat, pre-cut fruit in half .  The fact that all of the bitterness is contained in the partitions between segments .  Grapefruit poorly kept .  Over time, it loses its beneficial properties .  Therefore it is necessary to use it within 2-3 days after purchase in the market or in the shop .  Grapefruit is not only burns fat and is good for health, but also is an excellent cosmetic product .  In cosmetics used juice, pulp and peel of the fruit .  Juice is considered the most gentle and effective means for whitening oily and normal skin .  Spots and freckles on the face can be cleaned and grapefruit slices .

 Fruits - allies harmony, beauty and health!
   Pine   - Is a vegetable or fruit - botanists have not yet been established, but that it actively promotes the liberation of extra kilograms doubt .  Pineapple pulp fibrous, juicy and has excellent, refreshing taste .  However, it is not desirable to use pineapple in gastritis and peptic ulcer disease, but for dietary approaches and canned .  Research physicians, nutritionists suggest that the enzyme bromelain, which is part of the pineapple - is true only of the most active fighters against fat .  The secret, however, in that it cleaves only proteins and fats in part, that is consumed together with food .  These processes occur in the gut to reach the subcutaneous Zhirkov enzyme, alas, can not .  However, nutritionists pineapple in favor no doubt .  But do not count on the miracle of instant weight loss with the help of pineapple, especially since a lot of it is quite difficult to eat, but what herbal tea with crushed pieces of dried pineapple beneficial effect on the digestive system - tested on their experiences . 

 Fruits - allies harmony, beauty and health!
 Kiwi   - Chinese Actinidia, yet it is often called the "Chinese gooseberry". This fruit contains a lot of vitamin C per day is enough to eat one kiwi to cover the daily requirement of this vitamin. But a recent study of Norwegian scientists showed that kiwi is able to burn fat blocking the artery, reducing the risk of blood clots. In addition, kiwi fruit contains a lot of magnesium, mineral salts (potassium) and fiber (which promotes the excretion of cholesterol and normalizes digestion). In addition, you can use the miracle fruit, and for cosmetic purposes. This fruit perfectly cleanses the skin and, at the same time, it fills the whole complex of vitamins.

 Fruits - allies harmony, beauty and health!
 Punching bag Despite a relatively high caloric content, it can also help in the struggle for harmony and health, because there are so many insoluble fiber, which normalizes the bowels. Pear promotes the excretion of heavy metals and toxins. The structure consists of pear pulp stony cell, so the fruit is sometimes crackle when raskusyvanii. With the maturation of these cells are softened. Since fructose pear more than glucose (as is well known, fructose does not require for its digestion of insulin in the body), this fruit useful in pancreatic dysfunction. So fresh and dried pears, as well as drinks are included in the diet for obesity and diabetes.

The fruits of pear contain unique essential oils, biologically active substances that can increase the body's defenses, to resist infectious diseases, anti-inflammatory effect, and even fight depression .  Very useful dried pears .  Many believe that dried fruits - sweet and nutritious treat that can damage in the fight against overweight .  This is not entirely true, dried fruits do contain a lot of calories, but, paradoxically, they can help losing weight .  Nutritionists was shown that small quantities of dried act as appetite suppressants .  In addition, they improve the intestinal function and have a restorative effect on the body .  By the way, pear was a favorite delicacy Russian Empress Elizabeth .  She made use of fruits cooked in honey and are considered very useful for digestion .  And indeed, pears contain enzymes that help digest food, only eat them in the morning on an empty stomach should not be -better just an hour after eating .  Once you've eaten pear, do not drink unboiled water, and has a heavy meal and meat .  Pear and useful for outdoor applications: because of tannins, it helps to fight the flesh pigmentation .  The first method: Grate the pear and apply slurry to the face and neck for 30 minutes; second - mix pear juice brewed with chamomile in a ratio of 1: 1, and regularly wipe the face with this mixture .

  Fruit - it is the only product to which the human race is biologically adapted. It is best to eat them for breakfast, apart from everything else. Generally, fruits do not like the neighborhood with other products, it is better not to mix them with anything. It is useful from time to time arrange fasting apple, pear and berry days. Suppose that in your apartment in a prominent place is always a bowl of fruit - it is very important for the formation of good habits - instead of sweets and pastries to snack fruits and berries!
Author: Olga Travleeva