Macrobiotic diet: for or against?
 You think, what diet to choose for themselves? How do you macrobiotic? This, at first glance, arcane term comes from two Greek words, "macro" - big and "bio" - life. It is believed that the macrobiotic diet is focused just on that, to make us slim for the benefit of physical and mental health. The bottom line is that you should eat only those foods that are typical for the area where you live, and always in accordance with their natural ripening season. That the people - that was useful. And, of course, do not forget about their individual features and even taste preferences. After all, macrobiotics - it is rather not a diet, but a lifestyle, which aims to finding inner peace and unity with nature.

Of course, before you make a final choice, be sure to check with your doctor. After all, your health care deserves.

Natural - especially

The most important rule of macrobiotic diet is that products must be natural. Of course, we do not encourage you to come to grips with their own garden somewhere on your own balcony, if nowhere else, that you grew only organic fruit and vegetables without fertilizers. One thing for sure you can for sure - look at the composition of purchased products. No flavor enhancers, preservatives, chemical dyes and other "joys" of technological progress. Once and for all forget about the semi-finished products - ready only at times.

According to the macrobiotic diet, to get involved in the liquid is not worth it. Drink in small sips to quench their thirst. And be sure to chew food. Remember that the process of digestion begins in the mouth. Then there will be a feeling of fullness more quickly, assimilate all nutrients, metabolism is normalized, and the mood will be positive. True true. You remember that the digestive system is closely related to the nervous?

Vegetables and fruits

According to the macrobiotic diet to help your harmony, beauty, and, at the same time and composure comes something that grows on the ground. For example, vegetables and root crops, but only grown in "your" area. Feel free to choose only "seasonal option." This can be very useful pumpkin, carrots, cauliflower or regular. In the latter, by the way, contains more protein and nutrients than meat. In general, according to macrobiotic diet, vegetables desirable steamed with minimal heat treatment. By the way, potatoes, beets, tomatoes, and even zucchini - is taboo. According to the diet, it is important to give up those products that bear a distinct charge Yin (activating) or, conversely, Jan (relaxing). It is believed that such food has an impact on our emotional state, which subsequently affects the physical health.

By the way, supporters of a strict macrobiotic diet do not eat fruit, but not all come. If you still want to include in the diet of fruits and berries, opt for "friends" and, of course, take into account the season. For example, pear - is good, but only in summer. In winter, they become "strangers". Tropical fruit - such as kiwis, oranges, bananas - the macrobiotic diet as she know, are not welcome. So, nothing exotic. Well, almost no, at least for a period of diet. By the way, the best, but the only "old" version - cantaloupe and watermelon. They should be eaten separately from other products as a separate meal.

Cereals and grains

Perhaps the most important products in the macrobiotic diet. Choose whole grains, for example, oats, brown rice, wheat, buckwheat, rye. You can do with them whatever you want, for example, add to soups, to bake or cook a variety of very useful porridge. Here, the main rule - to cook without sugar and milk. Yes, yogurt, incidentally, are not welcome, so if you if you prefer granola, should find another alternative to milk products. As for the bread, then in principle you can afford it, but only a rough grinding.

Fresh seafood

Basically, the adherents of macrobiotic diet - vegetarian, but not all. Some consume food of animal origin, or give their preference exclusively seafood. Science has proven that, unlike meat, fish more easily absorbed by the body. In addition, the meat contains hormones, colorants, preservatives, and antibiotic treated animals. And from this, she know the health benefits doubtful.


Once and for all forget about the fragrant mixture of colorful bags. Flavorings and flavor enhancers - is not for us. No matter what power systems you adhere or do not adhere to generally care about their health has not been canceled. Choose only natural parsley, dill, green onion, horseradish. For a taste you can add a little bit of sea or rock salt.

And for dessert?

If you - a sweet tooth, hold on! In macrobiotic diet you have not sweet, and as literally and figuratively. No chocolates, candies and even honey. About sugar, too, can immediately forget. It is no secret that its use is not the best way affects the blood vessels and eventually lead to diseases of the cardiovascular system. But you can with a clear conscience, though occasionally pampered dried fruit, nuts or useful for the female body pumpkin seeds. Only just a little bit, and not every day. As they say, we will stretch the fun.
Of course, the most important rule, no matter how you diet or give their preference - listen to yourself and your feelings. You - individual, remember that! It also happens that even the diet, perfect your friend, you do not like it. Scientists argue a lot about the benefits of a macrobiotic diet. Of course, it is the use of eating foods high in fiber. However, it is believed that long-term compliance with macrobiotic diet may be an acute shortage of certain vitamins and minerals.
Author: Hope Cherepenina