Making the waist
 How to choose a swimsuit to a new beach season? This question bothers many women today. On the one hand, you want a nice tan, substituting a caressing rays of the sun as much as possible an open body. On the other, hidden from prying eyes all unsightly wrinkles and excess fat. So what do you choose - a sexy bikini or swimsuit-Case closed?

Look at yourself without too much severity. Is it bad your tummy? And whether or not ashamed to show it? Stand in front of a large mirror, straighten your back, slightly dissolve in hand shoulders. This regal posture makes us slimmer, according to a good tone the abdominal muscles. Your belly still looks round? But it must be so. So nature intended. On the contrary - absolutely flat as a board, female belly - it is almost a nonsense result or superhuman effort. Fact disappointing, but scientifically proven. Just as women are arranged.

Rounded female belly - it's beautiful.   In men, it is associated with motherhood, - psychologists say. And Genetics added: so ordered hormones. Fat deposits in women accumulate in those parts of the body that are "responsible" for reproduction. Fat on the abdomen - is the protection for the internal organs - the uterus and ovaries. Normally, a slender woman can reach such a layer of 2-3 centimeters.

  However, this does not mean that you can safely trust in Mother Nature. For beauty must fight to maintain and continuously.   To make the waist slimmer and remove excess fat from the abdomen, it is necessary to comply with simple diet and sports .  If your figure corresponds to type "apple", try to limit your intake of animal fats (butter, cream, fat cheese, milk, cheese, meat, sausages), and refined sweets .  It is not necessary to give up carbohydrates as advised many fashionable "green" or "protein" diet .  Moreover, the complete exclusion from the diet of potatoes, bread and cereals deprives the body of vital nutrients that directly affect your well-being and appearance .  Dietitians proved scientifically that do not get fat from carbohydrates .  They only retain fluid in the body (importantly) .  The right carbohydrates (cereals, bread, cereal, fruits and vegetables) charged us with energy .  Failure them in favor of protein products lead to the fact that the body liquid will actively displayed .  Weight thus may be significantly reduced, but not at the expense of the loss of body fat .

  The ideal meal plan for women apples - the second, soft phase of the famous South Beach Diet. The basis of this diet are foods rich in fiber: vegetables, whole grain cereals from water or lean milk, bread, lean meat (skinless chicken, turkey, rabbit, fish), fruits. Salads better flavor virgin olive oil. And for dessert, you can indulge yourself with dried fruits (they have a lot of fiber) and nuts. Moreover, a key product here - fiber. Its regular consumption prevents the deposition of fat around the waist.

  Products champions on the content of useful fiber: bran, cereals, vegetables (especially a lot of fiber in cabbage - broccoli, cabbage, Brussels), beans and berries. As you see, to maintain harmony in the waist is not so bleak. Another nice point diet - you can drink wine. It makes a flat stomach, and waist - thin. That is the conclusion drawn by researchers from New York. The rate of consumption of the royal drink - four to six glasses per week (the amount of glass - not more than 150 ml). It is particularly take care about the quality of the drink - it has to be expensive natural dry wine, red or white - to your taste.

  However, one wine belly pumped up. Without regular exercise and fit of this harmony can not be achieved.   Do not try to pump up the press in the past month - nothing will come of it .  Working through the abdominal muscles - long-term sculptural work .  Within a month, your body will just get used to training, and the first results will appear much later .  But they are worth .  Do not hurry and not too zealous .  Engage your pleasure .  Regularly (preferably every two weeks) change the set of exercises - do not let yourself get bored, and the body to get used to a particular load .  Be sure to include training in aerobic exercise (run, jump rope, pedal the bicycle more you walk) .  It is enough to deal with three times a week, but with a good return .  Shaking the press, do not hurry, feel the muscle, do curling or leg raises slowly and with small amplitude .  Learn to tolerate the burning sensation and pain in the muscles being explored by the press to the limit .  Include training static exercises .  For example, position "boat": abdominal muscles keep your head, shoulders, and feet at a distance of 30 cm from the floor .  Or pose push-ups: an emphasis on the elbows and toes, stomach in .  Hold this position as long as possible and feel the muscle being worked . 

  In general, do not miss the occasion to train the press. On the way to work naryagayte and relax your abdominal muscles. Always try to keep your back straight.   And buy all the separate swimsuit - so the way back - to the buns and chocolates - will be gone.
Author: Julia Stepin