Once again about diets .... and excess weight!
 Excess weight - he seemed a demon:
He is tenacious keeps our bodies in the siege,
And it is seen from the front and rear.
That he was gone, overweight!
(from the song)

You will not notice a strange pattern: despite a truly global war on completeness and obese people suffering from weight problems, not become less. Develop new and innovative methods of dropping weight, anti-cellulite programs, more and more new features and diet experts and enthusiasts, experimenting with his own body - and the number of sufferers, who can not cope with excess pounds, keeps growing. And, alas, much of it make a woman whose slender figure - a question of paramount importance.

And on the other side of the problem - the model on the catwalk, affecting its thinness, a girl who shall communicate himself to exhaustion, we can say, from the staggering blow of the wind. According to statistics, forty thousand French people, mostly young girls and women suffer from anorexia, and these trends are almost all countries of the world.

What kind of beauty and appeal!

Pharmacy shelves lined with jars of different teas and capsules for weight loss advertising will again offer some super-efficient tool for weight loss without altering lifestyle, diet and, in general, without any tension of mind and body: Swallow the tablets - and slimmer. And to pay for a health and weight loss is necessary, often a new set of weight after the drug is discontinued. So what to do: accept the folds of fat and wreathed waist? No, overweight - is not only ugly, it's also a forerunner of most of these diseases and, therefore, it is necessary to get rid of it immediately, and the sooner the better. And the only reliable tool - the restructuring of its relationship to food.

Why are we polneem? Basically, for one reason - we eat when already practically full. Therefore, no pills, no liposuction, no diet will not give long-term effect - treatment should be primarily psychological.   Any diet is perceived by our subconscious as a temporary measure as the deprivation of something very desirable as a temporary experiment to be quickly finish. Reduce and dramatically reduce the amount of food consumed for a certain period is not sufficient for weight loss. It is necessary to change the eating habits of a lifetime.

Studies by American nutritionists have shown that expose themselves to a diet - it's like that on swings: sudden weight loss change with a new set of weight, and these fluctuations are detrimental to human metabolism, health. The struggle for harmony reminiscent of Sisyphean labor: so hard discarded by severe restrictions, mental suffering and willpower kilos quickly come back, you only give yourself at least a small relief.

  Incidentally, in France recently legislatively banned advertising strict diets, recognizing these activities criminal, taken against propaganda diets in Spain, Brazil, Italy .  And in America, in the framework of the reduction of inefficient spending health insurance program, they announced that now will not compensate people their full costs associated with losing weight through diet .  Doctors at King's College London have shown that the fat that accumulates after you once again throw the diet, more dangerous than the original .  If you repeatedly get on a diet and throw it, then you have changed the distribution of fat .  Regained fat is deposited primarily within the abdominal cavity, next to the internal organs, rather than between muscles and skin .  This accumulation of fat is very dangerous - is a direct path to atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes, not to mention the fact that such a figure and looks very much unattractive . 

Ends age diets, more and more people convinced of their ineffectiveness and even dangers, but that, instead of dieting? Sgonke grueling workout on weight? I think, and good are they will not be very significant unless learn to enjoy these activities. There is a method of weight loss associated with taking laxatives and emetics. But this strategy is aimed at the destruction of the body and can not last long - a person lose weight, but will be forced to begin to fight for their health and, in some cases, such a mockery of the body and ends at all badly.

Only a change of diet, nutrition for all life and is the only reliable way to maintain a slim figure for many years. You just need to understand that diet - it is a one way ticket. If we choose a diet - it is good, or at least for a very long time. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a diet that you can follow indefinitely. But it will not already diet, and the change in eating habits.
In losing weight, as well as in any other kind of purposeful activity, it is important to choose the right strategy. Assuming that you need to go hungry and do not eat when I want to, you can immediately assume that nothing good from such a strategy will fail. When you feel hungry, eat naturally. The main thing - do not have when no hunger and there is no trace, just for fun, out of habit, out of inertia. No need to head off in the process of food - should be treated carefully to what you eat, how you eat, why it would be desirable to eat, time to stop and learn how to stop the absorption of excess food already. If you learn that, in fact, simple things, you will not have to torture yourself with hunger, unpleasant procedure to perform "cleansing", give up your favorite dishes. Lose weight should be relaxed, happy.

The path to health and harmony - the ease, joy and self-improvement. It is a dance that is danced freely and naturally, by itself. Speaking of dancing! It is hard to imagine a woman who does not like to dance, and this is - a very effective method to reduce weight, development flexibility, improve the figure. It is not necessary to attend dance class or section (although it would be nice), you can dance anywhere, just turn on the music - and it is difficult to sit still. It is that physical activity, which we do not have enough, and that it brings joy and pleasure, not a heavy duty - just an extra plus!

So: carefully treat diet, stop eating after satisfying hunger, do not expose your body to stress in the form of rigid diets, active lifestyle, dance and enjoy themselves - it is, in my opinion, the best way to save and slender figure, and health !
Author: Olga Travleeva