7 most necessary funds for styling
 Knowing what you want to achieve, it is easier to choose and hair. But the vast diversity that we are presented with modern manufacturers can lead to confusion. Even at a regular supermarket shelves styling is enough. What can we say about the specialized boutiques. So what tools are more suitable for what? Our brief educational program will help select the tools that are necessary for your installation.

We used to chose between lacquer normal fixation and strong fixation with lacquer, now varieties styling so many that make purchases in the department with products for hair increasingly difficult. But do not be nervous, which is not to try a new paste with matte effect, intense reconstructor or thermo spray. For the most trendy hairstyles quite the most simple and straightforward means.

1. Mousse.   Or mousse. The main advantage of these funds - it is an opportunity to do volume. The consistency of the mousse may vary, and depends from this result. Mousse will do:

• Curls.   If you need such a perfect spiral shape, like Zhanna Friske, the mousse - the most successful remedy for this. Apply it on the wet strands, and then screw the locks in curlers. Dry hairdryer (alternately warm, then cold), complete styling jet of cold air. Remove the rollers gently while curling is ideal.

• The volume of medium length hair.   Make stacking a la Heidi Klum is a snap if there mousse. I need a blow for the whole day? Take the foam of strong fixing. Just rub it into damp hair, then screw the large-curlers when your hair is dry - remove the curlers. You can comb your hair parted in the middle or back using comb with a few teeth.

 7 most necessary funds for styling

2. Gel fixation.   Such a transparent gel with a pleasant smell, recently it gels have a UF-filter. The gel will do:

• Smooth hair.   For example a perfect smoothness, like Lily Gildeeva, or Ekaterina Andreeva, if you are interested in a smooth updo. Apply gel to damp hair and have to be using a flat brush and a hair dryer. Hair is smooth and even, at the same time, remain movable. Perfect smoothness can be achieved, if your styling gel to straighten additional effect.

• Mobile smoothness.   Like Paris Hilton, for example. She manages to have such a bang thanks to a good gel (the remaining hair is stacked using foam). On the wet strands of bangs, apply a styling gel. Screw on the large curlers (only two or three). When hair is dry, remove the curlers and comb hair flat brush.

 7 most necessary funds for styling

3. Spray irons . This tool is similar in consistency to spray for styling, but its formula specifically has the task to maintain the curls. This spray helps to make:

• Chaotic curls.   Do you have curly hair? Make creative chaos of his curls, it is original and fresh, like Valerie Lansky, for example. It is enough to sprinkle a little dry hair spray for curly hair, divide them into strands and screwed on papilotki. Dry warm hairdryer and playful curls ready.

• Wave.   With this spray is easy to do long wavy hair. Like Sienna Miller look. You just prior to drying sprinkle each strand, screwed finger or papilotku warm and dry hairdryer. After the strands can be once a large comb to comb, but you can not do this - then locks will be also quite neat and natural look.

 7 most necessary funds for styling

4. Styling Spray.   It makes the hair stiffer, so you need when you need to take clear shape. Will do:

• The effect of natural disorder.   To haircut look natural and modern, sometimes just good enough spray for styling. To do this, sprinkle with spray-dried hair. Then screw the strands of thin termobigudi and leave for 15 minutes. Remove the rollers and you're done!

• Opposite strand.   Those who are crazy about the current hairstyles Meg Ryan can relax - it is quite capable to do the most! And only by a simple spray stacking. Wet hair is a little dry the Cold jet dryer. Sprinkle strand spray. Take a medium-sized round brush and start to dry your hair in different directions, forming various strands. By making each new strand, sprinkled at the base of her first spray stacking. Dry warm air, and finish laying cold air jets.

 7 most necessary funds for styling

5. Fluid hair straightening   requires owners of unruly hair. But not only. If your hair is too soft and pushatsya, fluid will also help with the packing. This tool will help to make:

• Precise line.   What do you think, how you can make a square with perfectly clear lines. Like Valerie, for example, or as a fringe Christina Aguilera? The hair must be perfectly smooth. Styling iron is not only required, but also the proper means, namely, the fluid for straightening hair. Even if the hair is smooth for such a placement they need to give extra rigidity. Do this by using the fluid, it will give resistance to humidity and clear form.

• Perfectly smooth volume.   If you want to make packing like Jennifer Connelly, for example, that is sufficient when a smooth surface, then this is perfect tool for straightening strong hold. Rub tool in damp hair at the roots. Dry warm hairdryer using a flat brush. The tips also treat fluid let dry out themselves.

 7 most necessary funds for styling

6. Wax hair.   It happens in a more liquid form of spray wax. Very good substance, which allows secure stacking, retaining the flexibility of the hair. There are waxes that give shine or dullness. But in general, the wax helps to allocate locks, making it clearer, but the soft contours. The wax will do:

• Formation of separate strands.   This may be necessary in many hairstyles and styling. See how it looks on Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes. Make it easy: form a strand by strand with the help of wax. Rub into dry hair with your fingers, and understand how you need to.

• Splayed hair a la naturel.   For example, Jennifer Aniston like. Boxes are minimum. The main thing - to have healthy and thick hair, which do not require additional resources for the volume. For installation only takes a hairdryer to dry your hair using a flat brush. And the final, but important detail: a little bit of wax applied to wet the tips, give hair perfection. If you have a cascading haircut, and you want to make some waves (as Eva Longoria), the ends impregnated with wax, just wrap the finger during drying.

 7 most necessary funds for styling

7. Hairspray . Requires every girl without it is impossible to imagine any one installation. Modern nail polish will do:

• Fixing any hairstyle.   This bottle is really necessary for every purse and every dressing table. Any packing is necessary to finish with lacquer! Varnish of strong fixing suitable for short haircuts and normal fixation - for mobile models and the long hair.

 7 most necessary funds for styling

A few practical tips for styling hair:
  1. The handbag every girl should be some means for the hair, and not just make-up. And what if the bag microscopic? Use probe waxes such can always get if you are a client of a good perfume constant supermarket or boutique.

  2. If there are no funds on hand, as is, for example, some fruit or vegetable - it will help. Orange, lemon and kiwi, for example. A few drops of any fruit you can take a hand and improve hands hair. This is a good antistatic and striker, not glued hair and do not give an unpleasant smell. The sweeter the fruit, the more he will fix her hair.

  3. Choose fixation not by what duration you want the effect of the placement and the type of your hair. For example, the hair is thin and weak, too weak need fixing. Hair a lot and they are strong - strong fixing handle them.

  4. Recently, many styling products are also a variety of additional marks, which help to make the right choice. For example, it became de rigueur to label the product label "means to heat styling." If you meet such a mark on any mousse or gel, be aware that it may be safely used for laying ironing, forceps and very hot dryer.

  5. Many came from the funds of another kind: "Funds from the smoothing effect." This sign warns of a further effect can be expected. If your hair is soft and slightly curly, feel free to use such funds. But do not buy them if you are striving for volume or waviness.

Author: Julia Gnedina