About shampoos
 Shampoo in everyday thing important and necessary. Without it, it is difficult to imagine how would our hair soft and silky. On the shelves are so many beautiful jars and tubes that promise us the volume, softness, color intensity, gloss, etc. etc.

To understand what was going on - it is difficult, because the name on the labels of three-story absolutely nothing to say the average woman, and the more it is unclear how all this affects our hair.

The main ingredients of shampoos

So, we proceed to decoding.

• Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate / Ammonium Laureth Sulfate / Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.   These substances are contained in every shampoo, their main purpose - to dissolve the dirt.

• Cocamide DEA, MEA, or TEA / Cocamidopropyl Betaine.   Thanks to them, the shampoo foam and easy to apply. Note that the smaller the foaming shampoo, the lower the alkali, and the hair will be healthier.

• Sodium Citrate   produces the desired level of pH, the hair become smooth, shiny and silky.

• Polyquaternium / Quaternium.   These are good ingredients. They are responsible for ensuring that the shampoo can be easily applied to hair. Moreover, polyquaternium / quaternium have moisturizing properties.

• Dimethicone / Cyclomethicone   they soften the scalp and make your hair shine, in addition, because of their hair easy to comb. So if you have damaged or curly hair, try to buy shampoos that contain these ingredients.

• Panthenol   is a form of vitamin B. It helps to nourish the hair with moisture, which adds shine.

• Cetyl / Oleyl / Stearyl Alcohol.   Do not worry, the alcohol does not dry, but quite the contrary. Thanks to these chemical compounds hair easy to comb.

 About shampoos
 • Nut Oils / Shea Butter.   These are natural ingredients that beneficially affect the hair. In general, the presence of extracts of natural oils many times increase the value of shampoo (not the price, but it is worth).

• Ascorbic Acid / Citric Acid.   This is an ordinary vitamin C, which makes hair soft and shiny.

• Octyl Salicylate / PABA.   The presence of these ingredients in the shampoo says that it helps protect hair from UV rays. Most often, these substances can be seen on the labels of shampoos for colored hair. It is thanks to them that the color lasts longer.

Shampoos and myths

Around shampoos, as, indeed, and around many other cosmetics, there are many myths and opinions, which are sometimes far removed from the truth. Therefore, it's time to find out what all the same is true, and that - a fiction.

Proposition 1. The more foam, the cleaner the hair.   It is a common misconception. Foam is formed when the chemicals react with air and water. If, for example, a shampoo that does not contain an alkali, it can be seen that it is virtually non-foaming and, nevertheless, after the hair is clean. Ideally, the amount of foam should be such as to facilitate easy cleaning of the head.

Proposition 2. If you wash your hair every day, it can damage your hair.   This is not quite true. If your hair is oily, then you need every day to remove dirt from them, but your shampoo should be soft and contain moisturizing ingredients. Such as panthenol or shea butter. For those who have dry hair and (or) damaged, it is best to wash your hair every other day. For all hair types, it is important to remember one thing, that the shampoo should be gentle.

3. Approval of hair shampoo and get used to after a while you need to change the brand.   It is a myth generated by advertising the mid 90s. Let's start with the fact that the hair - dead cells, so get used to it can not in principle. So if you like the shampoo that you use, then do not give up on him.

Proposition 4. Adults can wash your hair baby shampoo, as it is surprisingly mild.   In fact, the baby shampoo are not intended to wash away dirt from the hair adult. And if you have used the gel, mousse or lacquer, then you basically can not properly wash your hair. Although some manufacturers on the vials with baby shampoo and write that it is possible to use for adults, if the hair is thin or sensitive scalp.

Proposition 5. Dear shampoos can cure damaged hair.   Myth. Once again, we go back to the fact that the hair - dead cells and revive them fail. Shampoos can only add shine and make hair softer. But for the fact that the hair had a healthy appearance, responsible, primarily, thank you. It plays an important role nutrition and proper care, and the environment.

You should not believe everything they say, and be healthy!
Author: Vera Karabutova