Curly hair: how to take care and put
 Almost every woman will find something to complain about in myself. In particular to hair: it is too curly or too straight or too thick or too fluffy. But every problem can find a solution.

For most women, who by nature curly hair, it is a real problem. For several reasons:

• Curly hair 99% - dry hair. And in contact with a hairdryer, forceps damaged.

• They react to humidity.

• Incorrect care, women with curly hair are like dandelions.

If you have not learned to cope with their curls, or want to try something new, then read on.

How to care for curly hair

Well-groomed curly hair look simply stunning, but they are more whimsical than direct. So, here are some tips:
  1. Most importantly - as little as possible to dry the hair dryer to prevent damage to the hair.

  2. Try to wash your hair every other day, as curly hair themselves dry. The more you wash, the land becomes the scalp.

  3. To comb your hair, use your fingers instead of a brush. In an extreme case, a comb with wide teeth.

  4. Curly hair needs moisture, so choose shampoos and conditioners that are designed to moisturize the hair. By the way, it is considered one of the best Pantene Pro-V. And at least once a week, use a hair mask. And after the hair is dry, apply a serum for hair, so you do not become like a fluffy ball.

  5. Every 2 weeks to resort to a procedure using hot oil.

  6. Once washed his head, just blot hair with a towel. Do not rub them, or when the hair is dry, you'll look like a dandelion.

  7. To cope with protruding hairs, apply to wet hair gel or mousse.

  8. Before using a hair dryer or tongs, but the hair is required to apply the means to prevent them from being damaged. Generally, in such products include dimethicone and amodimethicone. They form a film on the hair, which protects them.

  9. To be resilient curls, looking at the composition of funds for hair keratin and Beetroot Alcohol. They help make and keep the amount of hair.

How to put curly hair?

 Curly hair: how to take care and put
   Let's start with the volume. Curly hair is difficult to give volume without the threat look like a dandelion. But you can help. Wash your hair and use hair spray. But it should not weigh down the hair, and still have a good level of fixation. Generously sprinkle their hair.

For curly hair had a beautiful view all day, try to touch their smaller hands.

Here are a few ideas on how to put curly hair:
  1. If you want to quickly transform and remove hairs sticking out, sprinkle with hair fixative spray and go on with your fingers. Make a low tail of the front locks, and you look divine.

  2. To make larger curls, apply on dry hair mousse and a little with the help of forceps pull the strands at first, and then tighten up. You should not cheat all the hair on his head.

  3. If the hair looks weak and lack luster, poorly kept shape and bristle, then cook them a cocktail of gel and hair cream which does not require rinsing.

  4. While hair is wet, apply mousse and tie up a headscarf around the top. When the hair is dry to 60 percent, remove the scarf, and you get a soft and beautiful waves.

  5. You can also try after applying mousse to wind the strand on the fingers to create a sexy summer look.

  6. Well, the easiest way - to braid hair in braids. Allow to dry and then untwist.

  7. If the window rain or high humidity, do not try to straighten your hair. You are only wasting your time, and give hair extra load. To blend what is.

  8. The best hairstyle for you - layers. Curly become more expressive.

  9. To curls were not extended and lost expression, after you wash your head, gather the strands into a fist and squeezing rises. At the same time tilt the head back, if you take the strands from the top, left - if the left and right. Do not just keep your head straight.

  10. To curls are larger, you can use or curlers or large nozzle forceps. The procedure is performed in the same way as for all hair types. Strand - a comb - curlers.

Despite the fact that curly hair require special care, they are allowed to create huge amounts of hairstyles. Therefore, it becomes clear why women with straight hair so envious of those who are twisted.
Author: Vera Karabutova