Hair coloring. Part 1: Selection of color
 Almost every woman at least once in life painted hair. Some change their hair color, almost from childhood, others are starting to think about it with the first gray hairs. How to choose the right color and avoid the pitfalls?

Accepted divide people into four types: winter, spring, summer and autumn. Each type of match their colors to suit their image.   Professional hairdressers and stylists are often skeptical of this classification, saying that of every woman can do whatever type, but in this case we speak about changing the whole image, which includes make-up, the primary colors of clothes and even skin tone. We are now considering only the change of hair color, so this "seasonal" classification can be very useful.

By type Winter   are, as a rule, women with light skin and dark eyes. Usually, they also dark hair, although there may be exceptions. The basic principle of the selection of colors for makeup and hair - is the creation of contrast and variety of cool colors. If you have light skin and dark eyes, the hair is painted in a dark color. If the skin on the nature of dark (this can be, but it should be chilly shade), the hair is painted in a very light color.

If you are blond or brown hair, you have very fair skin, it is difficult to illuminate, but burns easily, and bright eyes, then your type - Springtime , The rarest of the four. You fit blond hair cool and neutral shades.

Women with dark skin, light eyes and dark hair are of the type Summer . They will light and dark warm colors.

Dark skin, dark hair and dark eyes - a sign of the type Autumn . So women should choose bright and saturated warm shades.

If you are lost and you can not determine your hair color, then take a few shawls, each of which corresponds to the color scheme of a certain type (but plain): for example, black and white - for winter, gray-blue - for Spring tan - for summer, ocher and orange - to fall. Tie a headscarf to vote in the mirror as you are this or that scale - it will help to orient in determining its type and, therefore, a suitable hair color.

So you've decided on the color - now we have to decide what type of paint you need. There are several degrees of color fastness . For example, Swarzkopf out three.

The first level - a variety of tint means : Shampoos, conditioners, gels, etc. They do not affect the structure of the hair, but simply cover them with a layer of dye. Typically, such agents are washed off completely for 4-8 times shampooing. They are useful when you want to quickly and briefly to adjust your own hair color. However, they act only in the direction of darkening, lighten the color of hair they can not. In addition, these funds have one unpleasant property: they are washed away not only with the shampoo, but with any exposure to water, for example, if you get exposed to rain or decide to take a dip.

The second level - semiproof paint Which pigment is added to the structure of the hair. They also only work towards browning and paint over gray hair. As a rule, the effect of these colors is enough for 1, 5-2 months, but they are more protective of the hair than the resistant paint.

The third level - resistant paint . They first etching the natural pigment of the hair, and in its place put its own. With these colors, you can create any color hair is darker than natural, and lighter. In addition, these funds are fully paint over gray hair. However, we must remember that such paints are to go smoothly on the already colored hair, resulting in different colors can get at the roots and at the tips of the hair.

And finally, I want to mention a little bit tools for hair care . The most common of them - it masks and balms-conditioners. Useful substances mask penetrate the hair structure, nourish them from the inside, strengthen, moisturize and do much more useful things. Air conditioning is aimed primarily at restoring the top layer of hair: they close the hair scales, making the hair smooth and even. When the flakes are closed, they are an obstacle for the penetration of the coloring pigment in the hair structure, however conditioners can not be applied to the paint application. Usually to make a mask for the dyeing of hair, and the air conditioner is used as the final stage after dyeing.
Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina