Summer Hairstyles
 In summer, our hair has to already hard, and we do more with enviable regularity dry the hair dryer. Maybe it's time to give them a little rest? If you do not like the look of hair without packing a hairdryer, then try to do one of the following hairstyles.

Kos "herringbone"

To start sprinkle dry hair spray to hair better kept. Now there are means of looking after a formula so that you commit and hair, and the hair nicely done.

Next, divide the hair into two parts. Divide one of the resulting parts again in half. Then the fun. Take a small section from the outer side of the right section and put crosswise on top of it, we repeat the same thing for the left section. The illustration shows how to weave such a large scythe.

 Summer Hairstyles

The same technique for weaving two small.

 Summer Hairstyles

By the way, this scheme allows you to create a huge number of beautiful hairstyles. Once you nabete hand, you can feel free to try the options presented below. It should be noted that you can weave as the tail, and just divide the hair into two parts.

 Summer Hairstyles

Volume tail

Ponytail - one of the most popular hairstyles for the summer season. There are quite a number of options for its creation. We invite you to make a volume ponytail.

Apply to wet hair a little mousse or wax. Allow to dry naturally. Once the hair become dry, zacheshite them in a low ponytail. Take small section of hair and wrap several times around the gum under the tail end of the lock using stealth. Next divide the hair strands to a width of 2, 5 - 3 cm and slightly nacheshite throughout their length. It will be enough to make 2-3 tease traffic at each strand.

 Summer Hairstyles

A beam

When it comes to the beam, many fear that the teacher will look like, well, at best, a ballerina. Therefore, it is possible in this case, use the rule: the less accurately the beam looks better.

Here is one such option. Apply to wet hair any styling products. Give the hair dry and starts the hairstyle. Comb the hair back using your fingers, and do free low ponytail.

Divide the ponytail into 4 strands (possible). Take one strand, twist a few times and wrapped around the eraser end anchoring invisible. Repeat all the same for the other strands. It is advisable to wrap them in a different direction.
To give hair more elegant look, decorate with beautiful hair brooch or barrette.

 Summer Hairstyles

As hair ornaments can advise all possible headbands, ribbons, scarves, beautiful hair clips in the shape of flowers or butterflies (very important this summer). Even the most ordinary beam on a new sparkle, if it is properly decorated.
Author: Vera Karabutova