The truth about hair extensions
 Have you ever thought about hair extensions. Does it not harm your tresses? I began to think about building after an unsuccessful haircut, even more so for the sake of the experiment. Below I will discuss what is new in this trend is observed, as well as reveal the positive and negative sides of building.

A good idea

After a terrible haircut, making capacity, I became the owner of a truly gorgeous curls! It took me a few hours to get used to the new length and vivid sensations. My husband said on Sunday: "You look really happy! "Two weeks later, I visit the salon to stylist straightened my hair and brought growing hair in order. My hair grow and become stronger, it does not harm them, but it helps. Soon, maybe I can become the owner of the natural long curls. Only one thing makes you wonder: the enormous costs, not only at the initial stage, but then - on hair care.

Bad idea

A friend of mine had a negative experience with a stylist, its capacity was unsuccessful. The specialist did weave close to the scalp and touched her with needles, that was very painful. Then, for a few nights terrible pain did not leave her. The cost of building was great, but it has not stopped her to remove the artificial strands and enjoy your hair. This experience makes us think, and even to stop visiting the salon, which is not a measure of confidence.

Most of the hair used in the building comes from the Indian women who donate them as part of the ritual of pilgrimage. Considering his sinless life, they shave the hair becoming blessed. Indian traders are selling the hair for 15 rupees per gram, they are sorted and come to Europe. However, the real profits are salons that charge for the procedure capacity from 200 to 600 pounds, depending on the length and quality.

Hair extensions are glued to your own hair, the quality of the work depends entirely on the specialist, so you need to choose the interior, has established its services.

Alternatives capacity

Experts recommend buying hairpieces if you have thick, but not very long hair. The fact that the hairpiece may be purchased at any pro shop, it stands is not expensive, it does not harm the hair growth.

There are many examples where women wear hairpieces on a daily basis, they look luxurious, and others do not realize that it is artificial strands. Wash with cool water should be using shampoo, then rinse balm or conditioner. The preferred natural drying.

There are various types of locks, hairpieces and hair extensions. Some of them are fixed with the adhesive, the other - with special pins. Length, color and size - it all depends on your choice, but keep in mind that the better option, the more expensive it is.

In general, I will add that the choice to increase hair or not - depends on you, on the condition of your hair and carefully readiness to care for them.
Author: Elena Nenashev