What is a good hairstyle and how to achieve it
 In the movie «Working girl» Melanie Griffith character before an important meeting uttered the phrase that has become a cruise: "The success of a business woman - a good haircut." This took the scissors and itself quickly "cooked" the haircut. Herself doing haircut - this, of course, only as a last resort. Especially as a sign, they say, bad. So we have to go to a salon and a haircut. And how to go, so that was not then excruciatingly painful, but rather emphatically good?

Each woman, in principle, intuitive feel when she did well and wisely, and when not, even in one voice told that "oh, you're so cool! ". But there are some very clear points that you should pay attention to solve, you'll go next to this master or not.

So, a few rules of a good haircut:

• A good haircut   - Is primarily a form that does not disappear after shampooing or after any extreme weather events: rain, wind, snow. That is, of course, as it was when exiting from the passenger compartment will not. But the form disappears. And after another good styling haircut will be exactly the same as was in the first exit from the passenger compartment.

• A good haircut   and without laying a clear outline and neat appearance. No individual hairs protruding edges smooth. If mowing is good only with styling - it's not very competent haircut.

 What is a good hairstyle and how to achieve it
 • Most stylists say that the best styling for a good haircut   - It's just shake his head after washing the hair. Hairstyle should immediately get a good and well-groomed appearance. If it does not, and requires a special extra care - this is not quite practical hairstyle.

• A good haircut   It makes life easier, not complicate it. If you have to spend in the mirror more time in taking care of your head if you are every minute of thinking, and there I have not got out there, if you are looking for a constant mirror to make sure that everything is in order, a haircut can not be called good .

• A good haircut   - It's always in a good mood. If you look at yourself in the mirror and you do not enjoy what you see, you've done something wrong. Pruning can be excellent, competent and master, but you are not talking specifically is not suitable, in general. This is a common mistake made by novice craftsmen who learned doing hairstyle. We must look for the master with the experience and vision of the stylist, who "see" not only the condition of the hair, but also the style, the style of each client.

• A good haircut   - Is the possibility of transformation. That is, it will be possible to modify only by stacking. Using gel - will smooth classic form, and if the fleece or pliers and nail - a variant of the evening ... And so on. By the way, a good master of all variants of transformation have to tell you, and briefly describe how and what to do. Then it will be a haircut, which only give extra color to your image. You can vary the image depending on the situation and mood.

• A good haircut   It grows more slowly. Of course, trimming does not affect hair growth, a good master makes a form that lasts a long time, and the growth of hair is not so noticeable. And even if you do not have time in the next month to run to the salon, a good haircut otrastёt nice and save the form.

 What is a good hairstyle and how to achieve it

How to achieve this?

It many comes only with experience, through trial and error. But sooner or later, every woman knows that what she would say to the master depends on what it will get in the end. Masters - not psychics and telepaths, and can not guess what you want to get a result. Therefore, we must remember a few rules, how to get the master of what you want.
  1. Do not let things take their course. Just checked the master can trust completely and say, "do what you see fit." So take responsibility for the result itself.

  2. Get ready to spend more time on the preliminary "negotiations" than usual. Excessive shyness, and even more indifference is unacceptable. Help the wizard to understand what you want.

  3. If you have the wizard for the first time, the more you need to spend as much time in the preliminary discussions and consultations.

  4. There are no masters, who will not be able to fulfill your wishes. Technology hairstyles, which is owned by the majority of artists, allowing them to do any amount or form. So the main thing here - to understand each other correctly.

  5. Let me start haircut only when you are sure that you understand the master.

  6. Feel free to bring pictures with hairstyles that you plan to do. Let these photos has a master before him. It does not humiliate him and did not detract from his professionalism, do not be afraid.

  7. Think of celebrities who wear similar hairstyles, name surname master. Photos may not always give a complete picture, but images can often say more.

  8. Be sure to tell me, for what case do hairstyle. It is also necessary to know the master. If this casual hairstyle, choose a versatile master averaged option and if you are planning a holiday out, will be made more daring and expressive image with a large volume.

  9. Good attitude of the master - also half the battle. Therefore, although in front of you and a professional, yet help people gathered, not nervous and did not order. Before you - a partner, not a servant.

  10. Always Ask master, if he does not tell you how at home to style your hair and treat hair. These tips from the professionals are often more valuable than the recommendations of the specialized editions of glossy!

And a few more tips on how to improve the result by going to the salon.

You should never go to a salon:

• In a bad mood.   It is an axiom. It is better to postpone the visit for another time, if possible. Or, try as much as possible to relax and forget about the problems before you sit down in a chair.

• On the run.   You need enough time for a good result. In good schools are not masters of the time limit, on the contrary, there is a great rule of thumb is you will deal with as long as you like.

• In a fit of emotion.   Exterior changes will certainly help to make internal changes, but run in the interior with the mood dramatically change everything overnight is not necessary. Better to wait out the rush. And only if the desire to change all that remained - then allow the wizard to do with your head on a bold experiment.

Once, Klara Novikova, in an interview to the question: "Who are you as good shear", told the following story. She was on tour in a very small Russian town and unpresentable, and she really needed to freshen up before the concert, and his masters, it is then still not used to take with him. That went to the local barber shop at your own risk. The result was simply stunning! It was a trendy haircut, with good form, made with taste and style. It "brought" this haircut in Moscow and the first thing went to his master so that she remembered everything thoroughly and next time only do so much. What story? The fact that in each cabin, you can find a good master. And yet that his master should be sought, to be friends with him, and sometimes "educate", showing at times that you want to date. You are changing, growing, and it is better if your master will grow with you.
Author: Julia Gnedina