Klarifaing: when you need this type of shampoo
 What can a shampoo? Clear hair from dust and dirt, excess sebum, residues of styling products ... Whether all is taken into account?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes your hair feel tired, look dull, burdened, quickly becoming fat, a few hours after the wash, and even right after washing your hair?

Hair accumulate not only visible to us dust, dirt, grease. They are able to absorb hair sprays, mousses and gels, hard water components and heavy metals, chlorine, and chemicals from the basins and even wax and moisturizer contained in cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners. All this can remain on the hair for a long time.

That's for those moments when the hair does not help ordinary shampoo, it created a special product - Shampoo klarifaing   (from the English word Clarifying Shampoo, which literally translates as "clarifying shampoo"). Shampoo klarifaing task - to remove all the harmful accumulation, give your hair a boost to restore the original luster and health. This is a product for deep cleaning. By the way, the benefits of these shampoos can appreciate the owner is very oily hair. For them klarifaing can be a real godsend, because he carefully removes all the sebum from the hair.

How often should we use shampoo klarifaing?

The answer to this question depends on what kind of lifestyle you lead. For the average person klarifaing-shampoo can be used 1-2 times per month . Although there are recommendations:

- If you are using hard water to wash your hair, as well as a lot of styling products, shampoo, use klarifaing possible once a week, and even twice a week .

- If you are diving, and swimming pool on a daily basis, the cleansing shampoo klarifaing shows on a daily basis .

- If you wash your hair soft water, almost not using air conditioners and styling products, enough for you to use klarifaing in a month .

- For colored hair shampoo klarifaing better use not more than once per month . Too frequent exposure to klarifainga dyed hair can lead to rapid loss of color. And do not use klarifaing in the first few weeks after staining, the first reception - no earlier than 4 weeks after staining.

 Klarifaing: when you need this type of shampoo

How to apply klarifaing?

Application of the shampoo, in principle, no different from the use of conventional shampoo. The principle is the same: apply, lather, rinse. However, there are some specific rules. The procedure can be divided into two stages: first treat the scalp, then - do hair.

1. Squeeze the amount of shampoo in the palm, the size of a penny. Apply on the hair roots. Then again, and again, and again. That is, it is best to apply very small portions as a concentrated shampoo. Then massage the scalp and make a gentle massage for 60 seconds. Klarifaing does not give a lot of foam on dirty hair, that's fine. After application and massage should be very careful to rinse the hair.

2. The second stage will require a smaller amount of shampoo. Apply shampoo is again small portions, but now only the hair. Foam will be more. Leave the shampoo on the hair for 2 minutes. At this time you can do, for example, epilation. Then - very, very good to wash your hair. The second step can be repeated, if your hair is in particular need of cleansing (eg, after a long exposure to harmful substances or poor climate).

And another tip for the application. Shampoo klarifaing not its task to moisturize hair, so after its application, it is desirable to use air conditioning.

What Klarifaing shampoos on the market?

When you first hear about these shampoos, you, of course, wondering whether such products are widely sold and who produces them. Almost every line of professional products for hair is in its line klarifaing. The Russian masters of the salons often use klarifaing-shampoo Redken, Paul Mitchell . There klarifaing-shampoos that are carefully dyed hair, and even special shampoos klarifaing for daily use, as well as shampoos for swimmers (they eliminate the accumulation of chlorine).

 Klarifaing: when you need this type of shampoo

In mass-market brands also have klarifaingi. For example, there may be mentioned Herbal Essences Drama Clean Refreshing Shampoo   and Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Fortifying Shampoo Both the shampoo suitable for everyday use (if needed).

 Klarifaing: when you need this type of shampoo

It is worth noting that each product should be chosen according to your hair type, so worth looking for special instructions on the package.

 Klarifaing: when you need this type of shampoo

Shampoo deep clean their hands

Klarifaing you can try at home. The recipe is very simple. Ingredients that will be required:
- Juice of one fresh orange;
- Water;
- 1 tablespoon of honey;
- 5-7 drops of sandalwood oil.

Mix all ingredients and apply the shampoo in the shower. Besides a pleasant aroma and purity creaking hair, you will have a very high gloss.
Author: Julia Shestakova