Doing less - look better, or 5 tips for hair care
 Everyone wants to always look like it just came from the hairdresser. We'll show you how to achieve this effect.

1. Apply shampoo only the scalp

"In our time, the daily bustle, you need to save every minute. Apply a little shampoo on the top, pomassazhiruyte, then wash "- advises Louise O'Connor, owner of one of the salons of New York. Water will distribute it through the hair and wash away dirt with rinsing.

2. Using the air conditioner

If you have curly or dry hair, they do not need a lot of balm. So the hair are suitable tools for modeling, which are applied to wet or has already dried hair.

3. Be wary of over-drying

Sometimes it is necessary to wait until the hair dry naturally, because the blow-drying causes unpleasant consequences. Instead, use a hair dryer easy styling mousse, with which you can easily simulate any style.

4. To hair became smooth, eliminate iron

After the shower, apply a balm to the strands, then put on a hat. Wait 15 minutes, then rinse. This is perfect, the hair became smooth and silky, and most importantly - no curl.

5. Keep on hand a chignon

Such an initiative is always welcome because the hairpiece - is the ability to instantly create a hairstyle effortlessly.