Light my mirror, tell me ...
 10 signs that indicate that you should visit the hairdresser

1 sign.   Your hair does not have any volume.

The top always, as if you do not fit it, is like a flat "pancake" hair is to style or, conversely, are only in a position that is adopted during sleep. Mark Harrison - stylist one of New York salons argues that in this case you should visit a professional, it will help your hair to create a unique look.

Zodiac 2.   Your friends with some hints say that you have changed.

Maybe your usual hairstyle lost the chic image, which you have, leaving the salon? Then all easy to fix - just refer to the same barber, haircut, he will return to its former freshness.

Sign 3.   Your hair has become dull, the roots of the industry or steel strands different hue.

Do not worry, Garrison recommends to consult a specialist, because you can play with color as if they burned in the summer sun.

Sign 4.   You do not get compliments about gorgeous curls.

In this case, do not rush to the salon. Stunning wavy strands can be done at home by screwing them on the large curlers. However, if you are having difficulty with laying, then you should still visit his master.

Sign 5.   Your hair has become thin and dry.

In this case, the trip to the salon and, perhaps, to the doctor should not be delayed. This may damage associated with permanent coloring and styling, while hairdresser will offer you a suitable hairstyle and gentle paint. However, this may be due to failures in the body, then the doctor will prescribe treatment.

Zodiac 6.   You have changed the style of dress.

Therefore, you should consider the suitability of real hair new style. "If it is difficult to solve by yourself, the stylist will assess your professional image, will tell you that should change," - explains Harrison.

Sign 7.   Section of the end.

This is important because posechennye tips should be permanently cut. Best of all, reducing the length of leave only healthy hair, but if this is too much for your hair, without the advice of a professional is not enough. He may advise a means to strengthen the hair, such as milk or serum.

8 sign.   Have you always wear a ponytail.

It's time to change! Experiment, it still does not harm anyone, and the wizard will guide you in this idea.

Badge 9.   Every day you spend more than 20 minutes stacking.

Talk to your hairdresser, ask him to make you the option to work with which is easier and simpler.

Sign 10. And finally, if you do not like of your stylist, because he can do everything with your eyes closed, and you're tired of the same image!

Change the interior, or the master! New specialist will bring new ideas!

You want something new, but you do not have time for beauty? Use the spray volume or gels and creative means. Try to create a new self-image!