Quick resolution of hair problems. Part 2
 Successful capacity is always rewarded. Just like a good haircut, capacity requires a choice and then customize to complete the image, taking into account your face shape, personality, preferences and lifestyle, as well as reward you long, structure, color and form.

The choice of styles is almost endless, but you want to make sure that the look that would shoot the people you meet - it's so adjusts to positive emotions.

The best results achieved by the increasing use of natural hair ; However, applying the build-up to a very direct and silky hair that have a slippery structure, some stylists may prefer to add a synthetic hair.

Remember, capacity must be combined with the skills and nimble fingers stylist for the aesthetics of the image - so do not try to buy the cheapest prices. Generally, the price will depend on what you want and how it is difficult to implement And how much time you spend on professional.

After the build is completed, the hair actually become your own, so they still need protection and care. Fleece is not recommended, and you should pay attention to the rigidity of the products due to the risk of loss of hair extensions and formation of coarse! If you carefully look after them they will last up to three months.

Rinse thoroughly, massaging down the structure of the hair, in any case, on the contrary.

When the towel, do not dry them carefully, you only slightly wet hair.

Do not use air conditioners, oil or serum at the point where the hair extensions are sealed, because these products may loosen buildup. Do not forget to use a conditioner for dry ends. (If the hair extensions short, just do a massage with your fingertips touching the base of the hair.)

First, comb the hair with your fingers, then carefully using a hair brush, comb the hair over the entire length.

Always braid the hair and carefully comb their bedtime.