Quick resolution of hair problems. Part 1
 Hair previously been considered a kind of luxury, created specifically for the red carpet. Thus, the created image of a sexy and glamorous. Currently, there are many ways to build that each person can choose individually, including turning to the professionals. Aumi Mitsushi specialist Patricia Field, believes that modern methods of work for you.

This way of visually lengthens the hair, but it is worth paying attention to the fact that straight hair open face and ears. Some may look ridiculous in the face of disproportionate force or other problems of the area. In this case, you need to choose the right hairstyle.

Aim for natural shades.   If you do not want to show capacity, without damaging the hair, use toning close to the natural shades as the advice of experts. For example, the golden hue to your blond hair or a reddish-brown hue with natural golden-red strands.

Try fancy shades.   For example, if you want the hair to turn lilac, pink or sky-blue, just use overhead strands. This does not cause any harm to your hair and scalp, thus create a vivid impression.

Realize their fondest dreams.   You can become the owner of any length hair, it is now very common. For example, yesterday you had a short bob, now wear long hair.

Liquid hair will become thick.   There are many ways to add volume to thin hair, among them escalating. Very common perming hair - wavy hair appear more voluminous.

Do not forget that the hair should always trim. The main thing - to let the hair to be natural, without disrupting their growth.   And do not aspire to global changes - first of all, decide what you want and never take hasty decisions, so that you do not regret.

Methods for rectification

Natural hair extensions.   This method is preferred Aumi Mitsushi, it is suitable for wavy or straight hair, gives them a silky, and personally selected. You need to own about 20 cm length of hair; Specialists natural weave strands without damaging your own hair. However, some professionals in this field use a special glue, which is not always perfect, it can damage your hair.

Building artificial hair . Building artificial strands is more common, it is less expensive option, but such hair heavier. Also an option is less useful for your hair - when removing such locks cut off your hair.