Some secrets of converting the liquid into a thick bundle of hair and bulk mop
 Your hair is soft, thin and brittle? Do not panic! There are tools and techniques to transform a rather watery topknot hairstyle in bulk.

Thin hair: in order to strengthen them, they need to be stimulated.

Some of us dream of having a flat long hair, while others, conversely, idealized bulk mane of hair.

"We need to see the difference between the structure of the hair and the density of the hair," says David Lacasa, a barber at the French Institute of Beauty "Rene Fyurtyure." "A man can have thin hair, but very dense hair (due to a large number of hair), which gives a good amount. On the contrary, a woman can be quite sparse hair, but because of strong, healthy hair structure gives the impression of her head rather "gustovolosoe."

Finally, a woman whose hair is both subtle and rare, can and should act in two directions:

1. influence the structure of the hair, re-compacting and consolidating them (structure)
2. The impact on the increase in volume (grooming).

The diameter of fine hair is much smaller than the diameter of a hair normal - that's what makes thin hair more brittle and weak. Special shampoos, conditioners and other tools rely on the solution to this problem. They penetrate into the center of the hair to strengthen its structure and to impregnate the inside.

For special treatment, you can apply a potent agent for the hair, apply it on hair for fifteen minutes for active components have penetrated into the heart of the hair. The result will be more effective if it is time to wrap head warm towel. To heat the towel, hold it a few minutes on a radiator or in a tumble dryer.

Suitable for this case means:

«Sprax» - spray with pulvelizatora that attaches to the technique of wax technique by spraying L'Oréal Professionnel (13, 10 euros);
Thickening lotion for fine hair from Redken - it is easy to fix the volume hairstyle for unruly hair (13, 25 euros).

Hair without volume: Change the styling methods.

The amount of the flat hairstyles can be increased in a special way combing. This combing, which raises the hair, "inflating" them, that visually increases the volume. One such method - Hair dryer bottom.

There are special shampoos that keep hair, which also helps to get a perfect volume. Hair must be secured necessary funds applied before drying, which is done in order to strengthen the creation of volume. "The trend in research is aimed at today's hair thickening effect, said David Lacasa, but hairdressers are the trend today for a" natural ".

"As for me, I use the new styling that give volume and at the same time keeping it, without turning hair in a" wood "trim. Women should take into account first of all his desires in choosing a product."

One of their good solutions to create volume - bang. It creates the illusion of perfect! Well-laid with a hair dryer with a large round brush, fringe can play a decisive role for the impression of density and volume of your hair.

Detail? To the bang was well-groomed, it is important from time to time cut. Take a pair of scissors, and attach a piece of adhesive tape directly on the fringe, so that the lower end of the adhesive tape came on the future length of the bangs. Then cut very exactly what is under the lower limit of the tape.

Suitable means for this case.

Shampoo with almond milk, which gives the volume and structure-forming, Klorane, means designed for thin and delicate hair, it brings "air" feeling (6, 10 euros);
Bi-spray hairstyle, Jean-Louis David, practical with its dual using one hand - creates hair, the other - it fixes the amount of (5, 95 euros).

Essential oils

Composed of active components of plants, essential oils are part of effective agents that heal flat and soft hair. Good ability to penetrate oils, allowing them to be fully absorbed scalp, without any traces. During the massage or the addition of a neutral shampoo, a few drops of essential oils to help the hair to have more volume.

Small trade secrets to produce excellent essential cocktail:

• Juniper: its maslo perfectly ozdorovlyaet greasy hair.
• Lemon: lemon oil - ideal for oily scalp. Its antiseptic ability to ensure healthy hair.
• Rose: Rose Oil strengthens hair growth and revives hair.


Massage hair - one of the best ways to tone and strengthen the hair. During the massage, the skin is softened hair, it activates blood circulation, and it strengthens the roots of hair and do her hair as a result.

Here is a simple technique of massage heads: actively moving fingertips, go from the neck to the crown, and then from the ears to the head. Massage should consist of a small circular movements and lasts one to two minutes. It can be done while washing with shampoo or a nourishing mask on the hair.