5 minutes a day - exactly as you need to care for themselves
 How often do we justify your tired and unkempt view of time constraints, employment, lack of funds ... And yet, you only have 5 minutes a day to look beautiful.

The beautiful face - a clean skin

Clean your face twice a day is not lazy, especially those women who are plenty of makeup. Here, for example, young moms sitting with the children, or unemployed and housewives can forget about the important rules. If you do not use cosmetics, or apply it to a minimum - it does not mean that in the evening you do not have to clean your face! For you some useful tricks:

• In order not to forget the obligatory rituals, lay beside the bed container cleaning wipes impregnated with lotion. And then you can make the skin clean, when he was in bed, just before bedtime.

 5 minutes a day - exactly as you need to care for themselves

• Use a daily moisturizer with only solar filter (SPF). Then you are not afraid of trouble with skin pigmentation. But age spots or inflammation of the skin from the sun deprived attractive appearance.

• Do not use wax to remove hair on the face. Not because it is inefficient. Just the recovery period from such a procedure takes much more time. After removing the wax strip of hair on the upper lip or under the eyebrows, you expose the skin irritation and large inflammatory hyperpigmentation. With these defects of the skin it is difficult to fight. It is better to use for facial hair only tweezers.

• Always keep a close with a refreshing and blotting cloth. They help to quickly get rid of sebum, do not allow dehydration and thereby prevent the appearance of acne.

 5 minutes a day - exactly as you need to care for themselves

Make-up: a minimum of means, the maximum effect

Employment of women do not want to give up the makeup. They want it to be as fast as possible. Then there's the simple rules of how to create maximum effect with minimum means. And the main reception - is saturated bright lips. You do not have time to make up your eyes and eyebrows even leave without filling, but neat red lips immediately create a vivid and memorable way. Here's how to achieve stable results, which do not have to correct, and just 1 minute:

• Apply to face tinted moisturizer with SPF - it will level the general tone of the face and create protection.

• Use a liquid concealer to cover dark circles under the eyes and pigment spots. Why a liquid product? To the facial skin does not lose moisture throughout the day.

• Take the liner under the lip color lipstick. Circle the contour of the lips and fill the surface of the lip pencil. Apply lipstick, then lightly powder the lips, add a second layer of lipstick.

• Complete make two layers of black mascara.

Hairstyle - just simple styling options

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, try the treatment of hair keratin. This procedure aligns the hair, smooths, making them more docile. As for the hair, it is recommended to choose from:

• Free waves.   Wash your hair at night before bedtime. Apply to clean, damp strands of hair spray density (if your own hair is thin) or a mousse for volume. Divide the hair into two parts in the middle and braid braids. Secure the braid rag. The next morning you wake up with wavy hair. Will apply some texturizing spray and shake the curls.

 5 minutes a day - exactly as you need to care for themselves

• Masking dirty hair.   If you do not have time to wash my hair, scarf or baseball cap - not the only solution. There are many favorite option with a dry shampoo. Apply dry shampoo and comb your hair with a natural bristle brush. Then enough to fix the hair lacquer average fixing and the effect of clean hair last at least 8 hours.

Long dirty hair easier to comb into a ponytail. To do this, put on top of styling gel and comb brush. Secure the hair in the tail, and the tail you can comb and sprinkle with a texturizing spray. The tail can be worn loose, and can be wrapped around the base of the tail in the form of shells.

• Low beam.   This hairstyle will require a little more time than the previous versions. Wash your hair at night. On wet hair, apply a smoothing serum lot and dry in a natural way, without a hair dryer. In the morning, use styling hair and large round brush. After receiving the amount of hair, make light low beam and fix pins and hairspray.

• Universal short haircut.   It is believed that the bean - a great haircut for busy women. However, the bean requires a good installation. It is better to select such a hairstyle that can be styled only by means of the laying means, for example, the volume mousse or lipstick to form the tips.

 5 minutes a day - exactly as you need to care for themselves

The effect of light tan - for health and skin glow

Bronzer - the product must-have for busy women. Firstly, it is multitasking means that you can replace the shadow, blush, Shimmer. Second, self-tanning effect creates fresh and cheerful person. And thirdly, by using bronzer powder you can create a complete and well-groomed image in less than 1 minute:

• Apply on face moisturizer and apply concealer to even out skin tone. And remember, the more in your arsenal of liquid products, the longer your makeup will stay.

• Apply the bronzer powder on the cheeks, forehead, eyelids, nose. It is necessary to apply the bronzer everywhere can fall sunlight.

 5 minutes a day - exactly as you need to care for themselves

• Curl the lashes and apply a waterproof mascara.

• On the lips, apply a peach lip gloss or tinted balm. A drop of this tool can also be used as a highlighter (per well cupid, chin, under the eyebrow, on the protruding point of the cheekbones).
Author: Tamara